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Spider-Man FB Artwork 3

Future Foundation Spider-Man

Raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May after his parents died, young Peter Parker was a shy but funny boy unexpectedly transformed by the bite of a radioactive spider. He learned a hard lesson when his indifference caused Uncle Ben's death, and since then has been a dedicated fighter for what's right. And what's funny.

Class:Scrappericon Cost: 66 Command point icon

Class:Infiltratoricon Cost: 50 Command point icon

Effect Icon 105 Green Tingling Sensation (4 turns)
• Permanently increases Evasion when attacked
Effect Icon 105 Green Share the Future
• Grants Tingling Sensation to all teammates
Effect Icon 048 Green Great Responsibility
• Has a chance to protect ally from an incoming attack
• Can even protect allies from Area of Effect attacks
Effect Icon 098 Green Future Countdown
• Grants Future Countdown with two Future Foundation members
• Permanently increases attack and accuracy by 35% by round 4

" Hey, I was hoping I wouldn't be the last one asked to dance. "
" Point me at the bad guys and let's go! "

- Spider-Man


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