Hercules Dialogue 1

Bruisericon HERCULES

Cost : 90 Command point icon

Effects :
Effect Icon 017 Green Likes It Rough
Effect Icon 027 Green Son of Zeus

As the illegitimate son of Zeus, Hercules is one of the strongest heroes in the world. Unlike his fellow demigod Thor, Hercules makes no secret of his love for wine, women, and battle. Having bested countless monsters, gods, and villains, the Prince of Power now seeks anyone who can give him a challenge... or a drink.

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Deadpool Dialogue 1

Scrappericon DEADPOOL

Cost : Win PVP Adamantium League

Effects :

Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 089
Healing Factor Thingie
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 027

Is this an interrogation? I bet you want me to tell you that I am a wise-cracking mercenary with a regenerative healing factor - basically a better version of Wolverine. Or you want me to say I have a keen sense of fashion and a gorgeous face. Well I'm not going to! This 'Merc With a Mouth' is keeping his mouth shut this time!

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