Exoskeletal Battletank
Gender: Unknown
Carries Metal? Yes
Organization: Hydra Marvel XP Hydra

Class: Bruisericon Bruiser
Health: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02  4
Stamina: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01  5
Attack: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02  3
Defense: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01  5
Accuracy: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02  3
Evasion: Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02  1
Takes 2 actions every round.

Power Armor

The latest in stolen Stark Industries technology mixed with the vile destruction of Hydra. The Hydra Power Armor makes a rock concert's laser light show look like a child's play.
First Marvel: Avengers Alliance Appearance: Chapter 9 - The Syndicate: Mission 4 - Weird Science
First Comic Appearance: None
Story Appearances
Season 1: Exoskeletal Battletank Icon Chapter 9 - Mission 4, Chapter 10 - Mission 3
Season 2: Unknown
Special Operations Appearances
Missions: Exoskeletal Battletank Icon Spec Ops 8 - Mission 1, Spec Ops 8 - Mission 2, Spec Ops 9 - Mission 2
Other Appearances
Daily Missions: Power Armor Icon Wildcard - Average Joes, Wildcard - Mutants (2)
Simulator: Power Armor Icon Rocket Raccoon Set


Action Type Target # of Hits Effect
0 % - 100 % Pressure Debuff Gear self - Effect Icon 020 Red % Pressure
As pressure increases, power is reduced.
High pressures will breach containment.
Pressure increases when attacking this target.
Pressure decreases when attacks.
Failed Experiment Energy Ranged Gear enemy 1
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 010
Large HADRON Collider Energy Ranged Gear all enemies 1
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 006
 Iso-8 Corruption
Meltdown Energy Ranged Gear all 1 Only used when Exoskeleton Battletank reached 100% Pressure.
Particle Accelerator Energy Ranged Gear enemy 1
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 003
Vent Pressure Heal Gear self - Heals[1]
Decreases Pressure by 10%.

  1. Heals but does not show the healing text.

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