Story: Season 1 Mission Epic BossesEdit

Chapter 2 Mission 3 - ElektraEdit

Elektra Defeated
Location: Chapter 2 - Mission 3
Deploy Requirements: Scrapper and Black Cat
Team-Up: Daredevil
Epic Drop: Grecian Sai or Custom Grecian Sai.
Waves: 1
Strategy: Elektra is supported by 2 Scrappers and will counter-attack all attacks with Internal Bleeding effect. But don't let this stop you from bringing your best scrapper or bruiser.
Total Energy Cost: 90 Energy if both the Boss and the Mini Boss are defeated together.

Chapter 3 Mission 5 - Dr. DoomEdit

Dr. Doom Defeated
Location: Chapter 3 - Mission 5
Deploy Requirements: Blaster, Tactician, Black Widow and Spider-Man
Team-Up: Hawkeye
Epic Drop: The Doombringer.
Waves: 1
  • Wave 1: Dr. Doom, Dr. Doom and Dr. Doom
Strategy: Instead of Dr. Doom himself, players will be facing three Doombots. All Doombots are Blasters and can share health by draining the health of another Doombot to heal itself. It is best advised to focus on one Doombot before moving on to the next Doombot. Repeat until all the Doombots are defeated.
Total Energy Cost: 80 Energy if both the Boss and the Mini Boss are defeated together.

Chapter 4 Mission 4 - MagnetoEdit

Magneto Defeated
Location: Chapter 4 - Mission 4
Deploy Requirements: Scrapper and Storm
Team-Up: Invisible Woman
Epic Drop: Magnetic Field Generator or Custom Magnetic Field Generator - this Epic Item is touted as being one of the best items in the game so it's very much worth farming this mission to get this item (the xp is decent too).
Waves: 1
  • Wave 1: Magneto
Strategy: Magneto's attacks leaves the target with a positive or negative charge. Magneto also uses a Positron Shield (positive charge) or an Electron Shield (negative charge). Attacks with the same charge will bounce off, while attacks with the opposite charge of the shield will pass right through. It is best to use a hero or items that penetrate shield such as War Machine's Blade Punch or Black Panther's Anti-Metal Claws as then players won't have to worry about the charge. Or use a hero with Shield Breaker ability. After Shield Breaker applied Magneto tries to replenish shield but fails. After then all you have to do is hit him hard as you can.
Total Energy Cost: 70 Energy if both the Boss and the Mini Boss are defeated together.

Chapter 5 Mission 3 - LokiEdit

Loki Defeated
Location: Chapter 5 - Mission 3
Deploy Requirements: Scrapper, Blaster and Wolverine
Team-Up: Thing
Epic Drop: Norn Stone or Custom Norn Stone.
Waves: 3
  • Wave 1: Loki
  • Wave 2: Loki, Loki and Loki
  • Wave 3: Loki
  • Wave 1: Loki has a debuff that will heal him instead of damage him when you attack him while those effects are active.
  • Wave 2: Loki has two decoys; the real Loki has a green symbol instead of a red one. Attack that Loki over and over (even with attacks that don't deal damage such as a Laser Spotter) and you will trigger Harmful Discovery, which will deal damage to all three Loki. If you attack the wrong Loki, you will heal him instead of damaging him.
  • Wave 3: Loki, same as Wave 1.
Total Energy Cost: 100 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 6 Mission 3 - Doctor OctopusEdit

Doctor Octopus Defeated
Location: Chapter 6 - Mission 3
Deploy Requirements: Scrapper, Bruiser and Luke Cage
Team-Up: Spider-Woman
Epic Drop: Electrostatic Arm or Custom Electrostatic Arm.
Waves: 1
  • Wave 1: Doctor Octopus
Strategy: Doctor Octopus is pretty easy for an Epic Boss. The only unusual thing is that he transfers a "hot potato" ISO virus at you once in a while and boosts his companions. The virus can be sent back by attacking so it's pretty simple to get rid of. Just make sure that you transfer it right before it expires as it inflicts a lot of damage and gives a lot of status effects.
Total Energy Cost: 100 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 7 Mission 3 - Green GoblinEdit

Green Goblin Defeated
Location: Chapter 7 - Mission 3
Deploy Requirements: Scrapper, Tactician and Spider-Man
Team-Up: Black Cat
Epic Drop: Goblin Glider or Custom Goblin Glider
Waves: 1
  • Wave 1: Green Goblin
Strategy: Green Goblin is on his own and is a Scrapper. A solid Bruiser team should do the trick.
Total Energy Cost: 100 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 8 Mission 5 - The HoodEdit

The Hood Defeated
Location: Chapter 8 - Mission 5
Deploy Requirements: Tactician, Blaster, and Hawkeye
Team-Up: Spider-Woman
Epic Drop: Possessed Pistol or Custom Possessed Pistol
Waves: 3
Strategy: There will be three waves with The Hood as a recurring leader. Most of these opponents are immune to stun;
  • Wave 1: The Hood (Infiltrator), supported by Hydro-Man (Bruiser) and the Crimson Cowl (Infiltrator)
  • Wave 2: The Hood (Infiltrator), supported by Madame Masque and Constrictor, whom are both Tacticians
  • Wave 3: The Hood (Infiltrator), supported by Jack O'Lantern (Blaster) and the Grey Gargoyle (Scrapper). They have very nasty debuffs especially Jack O'Lantern.
Focus on targeting each boss individually and taking them out quickly and you should be able to prevail. Bring one scrapper and damage the Hood a bit, he will vanish if his health is reduced, returning again on the next wave (even if you manage to kill him on one wave, he will still come back on the next one).
Total Energy Cost: 90 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 9 Mission 4 - M.O.D.O.K.Edit

M.O.D.O.K. Defeated
Location: Chapter 9 - Mission 4
Deploy Requirements: Tactician, Invisible Woman, Rogue and Thing
Team-Up: She-Hulk
Epic Drop: Only For Killing or Custom Only For Killing
Waves: 1
  • Wave 1: M.O.D.O.K.
Strategy: He is a blaster and he is alone, bringing multiple tacticians will speed up the battle and give you an edge
Total Energy Cost: 110 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 10 Mission 4 - DormammuEdit

Dormammu Defeated
Location: Chapter 10 - Mission 4
Deploy Requirements: Spider-Woman, Blaster, and Scrapper
Team-Up: Thor
Epic Drop: Touch of Flame and Shadow or Custom Touch of Flame and Shadow
Waves: 3
Strategy: Dormammu is a Generalist with the Passive Ability Relentless, so trying to stun is useless. Just take your most powerful weapons for your Agent and your most powerful hero to fight him.
You may bring heroes that use psychic attacks because there are no Mindless Ones present in this battle. To defeat Dormammu, use classes that counter each other because Dormammu can change class.
Total Energy Cost: 100 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 11 Mission 3 - Baron ZemoEdit

Baron Zemo Defeated
Location: Chapter 11 - Mission 3
Deploy Requirements: PhoenixBruiserInfiltratror and any Hero
Team-Up: Nightcrawler
Epic Drop: Sword of the Barony or Custom Sword of the Barony.
Waves: 3
Strategy: None
Total Energy Cost: 100 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

Chapter 12 Mission 2 - ViperEdit

Viper Defeated
Location: Chapter 12 - Mission 2
Deploy Requirements: Kitty Pryde
Team-Up: Captain America
Epic Drop: Spitting Viper or Custom Spitting Viper.
Waves: 2
  • Wave 1: Power Armor, Viper and Power Armor
  • Wave 2: Viper
Strategy: Wave 1:Take out the power armor first (tip:best if you bring out heroes immune to poison & bleeding)
Wave 2:just attack viper with all your might
Total Energy Cost:  20 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together.

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