Icon Ability Type
Baron Strucker Icon
 Baron Strucker
Satan Claw Electric Ranged
BR-Beta Icon
Charged Fists Electric Melee
Dark Thor Icon
 Dark Thor
Arcing Smash Melee Electric
Summon Lightning Ranged Electric Energy
Unleash Storm Ranged Electric Energy
Dark Widow Icon
 Dark Widow
Dark Widow's Bite Ranged Gun Electric
Dr. Doom Icon
 Dr. Doom
Arc Lightning Ranged Magic Electric Energy
Hammer Icon
Dark Storm Ranged Electric Energy
Hydra Officer Icon
 Hydra Officer
Stun Baton Melee Electric
Hydra Soldier Icon
 Hydra Soldier
Stun Baton Melee Electric
Hydra Vanguard Icon
 Hydra Vanguard
Stun Baton Melee Electric
Ronan Icon
Crackling Shock Electric Energy Ranged

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