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Date of Release: October 17, 2014
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This is the seventh Developer Questions and Answers Threads taken from the Official Playdom Forums.

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Dev Q&A VII - October 2014

Feature requests

Any chance of having some limit options placed in for re-spins?

No plans for that right now.

A collect all feature to get all your rewards with the option to exclude collecting distress calls.

That’s a cool idea that we've considered before, but we need to find the time to do that.

The ability to turn on or off the dialogue in PvE, very annoying when you are farming seeing the story over and over.

We are not likely to implement this, as Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a story-driven game. Even if you’ve read the story before, we believe it is core to the experience. Like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich without the bread!

The ability to remove your ISO's off heroes and agents. We can add and remove EISO's and AISO so this option should be at least available for your gold bought ISO's. After all you sometimes need to change them out for heroic battles.

We do not have plans to add a feature like this.

Remember PvE Team. It is pretty frustrating to have to pick your team again each and every time you have to do a heroic battle or incursion and sometimes even team ups and re-select your heroes.

This is related to us suggesting specific characters for those other battle types (like Heroic Battles). Currently we only have one team, so unfortunately this is not likely to change. Sorry.

Sort in-hero selection much like you have on the team page but one in the PvE environment.

That is something we have talked about before.

Some type of glossary about powers, passives and the like with a full and more detailed explanation of what things do.

That is not something we have plans for and it would take a very long time for a designer to assemble to make sure it is displayed correctly. Plus a long time for the test team to test to make sure they are all there.

Keep position in store. It really becomes a hassle when you are selling something and it resets each time you sell the last of the items.

This is not something we have planned.

Multi Sell. Would be great to have some sort of checkbox or multiple select and sell all option in the store.

This is not something we have planned.

Hero PvP History. It is great that we can see the weapon setup but what is really important when looking at who beat you is what heroes they used to do it.

We have some other great PVP features in the works, but this is not one of them. However it is something we have talked about adding and we are interested in doing it some day if we get time.

Mission Summary. Would be great if this would also show the challenge mode weapons as well.

Challenge Mode is meant to be discovered rather than explained up-front.

PvP Separate Hero Bonus. Have the hero bonus separate all together from the PvE setup. Meaning I wan't to use scrapper QS in PvE but I don't want to have him in my PvP hero bonus that way but as a generalist.

This is not something we have planned, and it would be fairly time-consuming to implement.

Can we please add a "Charged Tectonic A-Iso" and add the ability for all Ground attacks to crit? It was kinda a novel idea back in the day when no ground attacks could crit, but now that Avalanche and Groot can crit with their ground attacks, it would be nice to have this A-Iso

Always a possibility.

Is there any chance Loki could get a moveset that better reflects his potential? Especially given that his boss incarnation is so awesome (even the alternate moveset in the Warriors 3 Heroic), he could use a bit of a boost.

Loki is on our radar for an improvement, but we do not have a timeline for that right now.

Would it be possible to put villains into the Simulator Villain Archive as they are released? None of the new ones have been added since the Simulator was originally released.

We have plans to update the Simulator but it’s not merely a copy and paste job, and it also requires testers dedicated to testing those fights. We specifically don’t want to add villains to the Simulator when they are new in the game so that the first experience players have with them is in the story if possible.

Can we have more Weapon Sets Bundles together with the separated pieces into the store? Sometimes we need, or want, only one or two pieces and it's still a good deal if each piece costs 64 golds.

Some sales will offer single weapons and some will not. President Deadpool has his reasons.

Any plan to update Scarlet Witch's Probability Field ? since then, we have many buffs and debuffs

It could become a major question of balance if we change it to include all of the new buffs and debuffs. It also would be a chore to update this move each time we come up with new buffs/debuffs. It’s one of those surprisingly complex tasks that seems like it should just be copy and paste, but it’s not.

When can we expect new minions?

We refer to minions in the office as “grunts.” Have you seen the Spec Op 21 Hauk’ka grunts? Spec Op 22 will also feature some new grunts.

Now that we have the Guardians on the team, will we be seeing more cosmic characters (both sides)?


Spec Ops Archive - The Villains Archive has been great. Would it even be possible to have something for old Spec Ops so we can revisit the stories and play them. No for rewards of course (but if you want to let that happen we wouldn't hold it against you).

No plans for that right now.

Coming Soon - Can you abolish the "cannot announce release dates" rule? We promise to be good and not hold it against you if there is a slight delay

Haha, nice try!

Taco Item - We all want a taco item after eating shawarmas for two+ years!!

So does President Deadpool.

Adamantium Placing Fix - Can people be reward for actually playing the entire PVP tournament instead of just the last few days? Many people actually enjoy the PVP but are exhausted by the "last day rush". Playing the entire tournament and staying in Adamantium for a set number of hours/days and then losing it in the final hour makes a player feel really depressed. I know there are some fixed to possibly help with this issue coming but a lot of people feel all their time and work is wasted cause of the final day.

With the pre-season PVP tournaments we have been implementing features to try and make PVP feel better for most players.

Any plan to incorporate a Bonus Bar-style system to Boss Roulettes (increasing the chance to get a particular weapon, especially in Spec Ops whenever another prize is attained) in the near future?

Sorry, no. Emoticon_sad.png

Is open the possibility in the future for the alternatives suits Horsemen of Apocalypse for : Wolverine(Death), Hulk(War) and Gambit(Death)? maybe just for general purchasing or another Apocalypse spec ops theme?

Anything is possible.

Will every hero who gets a Worthy alt be locked out of the rest of the Season?

Most likely. There may be a special case, but our plan is to lock them out of the rest of the season for story reasons.

Are other areas of the Marvel universe going to be seen in upcoming chapters/seasons? (Wakanda was the latest one and its quite beautiful.)

Since Wakanda we’ve now shown you the Savage Lands. We will continue to talk and see if it makes sense to add other locations depending on the stories we are telling.

Is there any plans in making the Villains Archive more like Heroic Battles? So we can "remove" the Agent of the battle and/or fight more than one enemy and "make our own imaginary stories"?

We have several ideas for the Simulator but none are currently in development. We think the Simulator is a great feature and what’s available right now is only part of what we would like to offer to players.

How about giving players the option of buying PARTS of old sets (at bigger prices) in case they already have certain pieces?

No plans for that right now.

On the "Select a Character" screen, any chance of a "Needs XP" filter? Filtering by class or sorting by level (highest to lowest) would also be useful.

No plans for that right now.

Now that the Asgardian Tankard only works on Warriors 3 members (bloody triple-Tact teams, ruining things for everyone), can Aseir's Finest/Competence please have some form of effect on Generalist Agents? I run the 2-Year suit, so Competence is currently useless to my Agent…

No plans for that right now.

Any heroes you're considering a re-factor or a boost?

Always. There’s a secret list!

Will there ever be character restricted A-Isos available on the store?

No plans for that right now but we can obviously support it and have talked about it.

The Simulator is a great feature, but after you completed it once, it loses its appeal. Would you consider implementing a second reward to be received when replaying it, like X amount of silver or SHIELD points?

We have several ideas for the Simulator and ideas like this are on the list for consideration.

Has there been any talk about buffing the blaster class or just toning down the tactician class? I only ask because at my level the blaster class is basically non-existent in pvp.

There are many ways to debuff tacticians, i.e. Exhausted. On the flip side, blaster’s can easily be augmented to be even more powerful.

I know this question has been asked before but have you guys been warming up to the idea of letting us fight our defense teams?

No plans for that right now.

any chance for recruiting past lockbox character (such as Magneto) using CPs? there are many people who missed the SO, especially the new player, there will be tons of lockboxes for them to buy

Expired lockboxes have been known to go on sale from time to time. We do not plan on releasing these characters for CP.

any plans for future double classed heroes? (such as the warrior three)

Ka-zar has arrived!

We've been looking at the same generic agents in generic color-coded jumpsuits for 2 years now. Do you have any plans to allow us to further customize the appearance of the agent?

New hairstyles were just released. We may have more tricks up our sleeves.

Are you guys ever going to fix Heimdall's passive (Far Sight)? This has been an issue since he was released last October. It's what's preventing him being truly useful.


Are you guys working on some extra source to get silver? Expanding the Flight Deck? More Jet Levels? With 2 training rooms and heroes up to 14 (so far), silver reserves are dropping quickly for most players.

Make sure you fight Group Bosses, gather Daily Pre-Season PVP silver rewards, in addition to us increasing the silver for neighbor visits for Agents over 100.

Will the rewards for Deploys and Incursions stay the same? Players in higher levels could use a slightly tweaked set of rewards.

We are looking into this.

Will Deadpool get a "President" alt?

Here’s the thing. Deadpool isn’t really a “professional” President. He doesn’t really wear a “suit” like you’d expect. *cowers in fear*

Will be some special A-Iso for debuffs, heals and maybe self-action. Like debuff(drain stamina), heal (increased crit, amount of heal instead dmg)

No plans for that right now, but it’s a good idea.

Is there a chance of a trading system between allies? At least for eisos, aisos and energy.

That is unlikely to be something we ever do. Sorry.

A lot of the alternate uniforms are only for collection or heroic battles, and most of them quickly become outdated, is there a plan of making them give an extra pvp bonus?

This is something we have considered.

Now the main question, the one that is making me lose my sleep: Is Bob really dead?

I’d ask him, but he’s not talking. Maybe he’s sleeping?

Can we get more Heroic Battles rivalries like a Hulk vs Thing match, I ask because I enjoy Hulk vs Thing fights?


Ever thought of making pair or team deploys (X-23/Wolverine; Cable/Deadpool/Domino...) with a better rewards such as CP?

It is something we have considered several times. It is a possibility in the future.

Plans to change the game loading screen? Every enemy there is now on our side. Add Thanos, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Malekith; Red Skull, Mephisto…

This is not likely something we will change.

You have famous teams with game unique members (I.E. the Horsemen, the Worthy). Any more of these planned for the future (Maybe a special version of X-Factor, or some Mighty?)

You’ll have to wait and see!

Would it be possible to get certain costumes as restricted heroes? I.E., the Hulk Buster armor is one of Iron Man's alts, but it would be majorly different than the one he's wearing now, so maybe when that armor is in use, Iron Man would be locked? Or bringing in Toxin and make Anti-Venom unplayable for any match?

We have the ability to give costumes completely different power sets (see Mark 42 armor and Iron Patriot). In theory we would do things like this with that existing system.

Can we expect other PVP Tournament Gear (Focal Plasma Cannon, Savant's Spear, ...) being available in Incursions?

Anything is possible.

I'm fully aware the game is used as a cross-media release platform, i.e., if Marvel wants to promote a film or a new comic series, they'll turn to you guys. That said, I still think this game favours new (post-2000's) characters and looks over the old ones. Is there a chance we might start seeing Bronze Age (1970-1985) characters and alts?

I feel we have a pretty significant Bronze Age roster, and we will continue to add to it. Our art director demands it!

Also on that, will we get some classic stories as SOs?

Possibly, but nothing to announce right now.

Any chance we can get a button to view the recruitment dialogue of a hero any time we want after we recruit that hero?

We’ve talked about something like that before, but we do not have any plans to add it right now.

Hawkeye- any plans to make his arrows a Multi-Function choice with an Iso?

No plans for that right now.

Are there any plans to create a new/redesigned in-mission hero select screen, so we don't have to scroll through 17 pages to choose our heroes? Now that we're nearing 100 heroes the pages of 6 seem outdated

No current plans but we’ve discussed it.

Can the specific percentage be placed in tooltips? (for items with “chance”)

Unfortunately President Deadpool does not allow this. We even tried a taco bribe.

I find myself constantly swapping a & e-Iso back and forth between heroes alts (HAIF bruiser & scrapper). How about a "swap all" button to move these items back and forth. The second e-iso slot on originals uniforms can be ignored. The only hero this wouldn't work with is Angel's a-Iso.

No plans for that right now.

Will Strike Teams be returning, and if they are, will they be used more frequently (e.g. in the main storyline), or will they be exclusive to Spec Ops?

I can’t tell you that... YES THEY WILL BE RETURNING! Exclusive to Spec Ops.

when you do a search for weapons, how about you can search not only name, but also effects (psychic, tech, counter attack etc.)

We’ve definitely talked about it. We need to find time to develop that feature.

could we get one more bonus, called Canadian Invasion or Canadian Crushers. for those that were born in, or came from Canada? like DeadPool, Wolverine, X-23, etc. like you have for the British Invasion.

President Deadpool does not want players to bring his allegiance into question. He feels such a bonus could confuse people!

Will there be another "special" LB Hero? By "special" I mean like Dr Doom. He wasn't released with a SO or PVP Tournament, but with just tasks. And will there be any heroes that can't cooperate with the others, like Doom?

Well there is probably going to be something like that with REDACTED

Will there be any new game mechanics brought into the game any times soon?

Yes. We are always considering new mechanics to keep the game fresh.

New Avengers has clearly inspired the game's plot with regards to the incursions, my question is will we see other elements from that comic like Black Swan, Mapmakers or Black Priests make an appearance in Marvel Avengers Alliance?

We can’t spoil stuff like this about the story. Some fans would be really sad!

Will we see another villain or maybe even a hero from another reality like Sugar Man?

Anything is possible.

Lady Octopus and Armless Tiger Man were used in that flyer of Season 2 only for promotional purposes, right?

Yes. Sadly. We love those characters.

do you guys have any plans to release an MAA exclusive Heroes and Villains?

No plans for that right now.


How do you decide which heroes get Assemble!, and which ones get Newly Assembled? (And there are even 2 heroes that have both...)

Different designers have viewed those bonuses differently so it really just depends on who is building the character in the game. Generally speaking we go with “Assemble!” if they are more well-known as an Avenger BEFORE “New Avengers Vol. 1” and “Newly Assembled!” if they are more well-known as an Avengers after that. Of course there are exceptions because it’s comics after-all!

Why did you decide to put Star-Lord in his movie costume instead of his modern costume like everyone else? It completely messes up the team dynamic... Once we get Star-Lord's alt, we will want to use it instead of his movie alt, and he will no longer feel like part of the team.

It is largely due to the movie tie-in that the Spec Op had. It was more important that Peter matched Ronan and Nebula.

When A-isos were first released, there was talk that previously released E-isos that worked like A-isos (only affected one power) would be retooled and replaced with A-isos. How is the progress on this coming? Black Panther is done. Still to do , by my reckon, are Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, Iron Fist, Black Cat, Mr. Fantastic and Spider Woman.

We intend to do this for some of those others, but not necessarily all of them. We are addressing these on a case-by-case basis depending on if we feel they need to be redone.

How is the translation process handled?

What translation? The game is written in the Universal Language. All kidding aside, the process is complex, but the most basic way to explain it is - we don’t start translation until we finish the English script. Due to the QA process English may not be “locked down” until just a few days before we launch. We’ve said in the past that we don’t want to hold content back, so we generally will launch the patch and then patch the translation in when it’s done (usually 1-3 days later). Translation is a priority for us, but it can’t happen until we’re sure the English won’t change.

When making a movie themed SO, how is the relationship with Marvel? They ask you to do it? You submit a story based on trailers? They send you an early copy of the movie and/or details about the plot?

We generally don’t ask for plot details because we don’t want to spoil the story for all of the fans that want to see the movie. So Alex will write his own story based on the characters and their relationships. So generally we only get early glimpses at the costumes. But as big Marvel fans ourselves, this is awesome. Trust me. As Agent M would say “seekrits.”

For you, Covert Ops are a way to introduce more obscure characters? Or are the releases random? Moon Knight in my opinion could have been a SO Hero for example.

For different characters the reasons are different. Moon Knight would have been a great Spec Op but we had other Spec Op plans and wanted to get him in the game ASAP, so we fit him into the Covert system. The hero selections themselves are not random - these are priority heroes we want to fit into the game. Covert Tasks (Ops) gives us a means to do that with a bit more story than a standard store release. We love story here.

Development of new characters/items/weapons - Now with 100 heroes about to be in the game and over 500 unique weapons and even more items... is it hard to keep things fresh and think of new ides for passive, buffs, etc.?

We have a talented design team with more ideas than they can get into the game at once. However, one challenge is working within the constraints of a particular hero’s powerset (or lack thereof).

What is the future for Thor? can Marvel force to PD to change the currently [gender] of Thor in game? There will be added other new hero Thor(female) of He will just get a female alternate suit (weird)?

We do not have any plans to add the female Thor to MAA, though anything is possible in the future. We do, however, have other Asgardian tales we would like to tell.

How do you choose each character's AI? Is there a set of variables they need to achieve in order to use some moves?

It depends on the character. If it is a general grunt, they tend to choose random moves and random targets. If it is a villain, it can be a simple ai framework to generally go for class bonus advantages, or we can step through each action for a series of scripted actions for flair and dramatic effect. Hero AI is more complicated, looking for variables that benefit their actions and take advantage of their class bonuses. Multi-class heroes are usually by far the most complicated especially if their class changes based on actions and not as a counter like Mockingbird.

Would there be any chances on mirror matches or fights among allies?

It is something we have considered but do not currently have in development.

Would there be any plans on giving us a higher control over our character's AI on PvP? I know AI is hard to program, and it's hard to please everyone, so why not use the feature that let us alter each skill independently (A-Isos) to implement some store A-Isos that will let us give starting cooldowns or additional cooldown to our heroes abilities? Would you consider it?

That would be a very complex system to program for us to give the players control of the AI, and unfortunately it would likely delay other releases. Unfortunately we do not plan to do this, as cool as it would be.

What process goes into developing a new debuff or buff and making sure that the new mechanic doesn't break the metagame?

Between everyone on the design team we have an encyclopedic knowledge of the existing buffs and debuffs in the game. We think about the existing buffs and debuffs this would work with and think through the permutations of how that would affect the meta. Sometimes we introduce buffs/debuffs SPECIFICALLY to disrupt the meta as well.

How the LB heroes are chosen? Do you use her/his story from the comicbook or it depends on her/his character?

We write most of the stories based on the overall character from the comics, but they are all pretty unique. The heroes (or villains in most cases) are chosen based on their tendency to work with heroic characters in the comics, as well as with some input from Marvel.

If the All-New Ms. Marvel and the All-New Ghost Rider were to be released in the game, how would they be named? By their real names or just Ms.Marvel/Ghost Rider?

That’s a good question. I’d have to think about that one for a bit. Maybe we’d do that comic trope where they call them “Ghost Rider II” or in this case “Ghost Rider IV”. I don’t really have a good answer here, but we’d figure something out. However, neither of these characters in planned for MAA right now.

In MAA's universe, is Magik still with the Phoenix Force? If yes, how can this be explained?

It left her after Spec Op 3: Avengers vs. X-Men. The costume is still available as a token of the story from that Spec Op.

Will the game have more diversity, like some first openly gay character or a canadian shaman?

Characters are chosen mostly based on the stories we want to tell, so there is no reason why more diverse characters can’t show up.

If you were to release an original character, can you made him/her a transgender? I think Marvel is lacking this kind of minority.

We do not currently have any plans to create an original Marvel character.

How are Group Bosses chosen? Is it more designwise or storywise?

Much like lockboxes, there are different ways they come about. Some are “This guy is a huge threat, he can’t be anything less than a Group Boss!” Others are more “We really want to release this lockbox villain with this story, and there’s a good villain that qualifies as a Group Boss.”

My question is, how do you guys choose these obscure characters? Is there a minimum quantity of comics he/she has to appear to be considered viable in the game? Shanna has appear in ~400 comics, if the character has appeared in less, like 100-200, is he viable in game? Like the villain Nekra, that only appeared in about 100 comics, or Alexander (Phobos) that only appeared in ~80 comics, is there any chance for 'em?

There is a chance to have any Marvel character be added to the game if they match the stories we have planned.

Have you already planned all the "events" in the chapters? Like, who'll be team-up, who'll get a Heroic Battle, who'll be killed by Circle of 8 from Ch. 7 up to 12? Is it already predefined, or is it chosen while you are making the chapter?


When or How do you make Heroic Battles? I mean, you decide while developing the chapter or you have already all HB decided?

We pre-determined all of that quite some time ago for all 12 chapters. However, based on changes to our release schedule we have changed some of the heroic battles to feature additional heroes.

Is there a policy of creating Lockboxes for villains that have already been introduced into MAA (Thane being the lone exception)? Fixer doesn't seem like a high-priority character.

We generally try to do this because their art is already in the game so we do not have to wait for new art to be made and our art team can work ahead on the next release instead of work on two characters for the current release. This, in turn, means we can launch content more often.


What is the description of the Goliath team-up supposed to be? It is currently "l10n cscore_goliath_details".

“Bonus for bringing two heroes who used the Goliath persona.” It will be fixed in a later patch.

In the Rulk Vs Hulk Heroic Battle, why can't you choose to fight as Hulk? I wanna punch Ross in the face.

We wanted to give Red Hulk his time to shine, and we don’t currently have an option that lets you pick between two sides of a heroic battle. As awesome as that would be, we don’t plan to add something like that.

Awhile back, it was hinted that we should hang onto our Junk items. Will the reasons for these hints be made clear? I don't want to hold onto items unnecessarily when I could be selling them for the Silver…

Feel free to sell them. This feature has been put on hold so that we could focus on releasing more content.

Is there any specific reason the Hercules vs Thor Heroic Battle in Season 2 Chapter 1 doesn't drop an Empowered ISO for Thor? Seems like every other hero vs hero Heroic Battles drops an EISO for each

No specific reason. We may try to address this in a later patch.

What heroes have been affected by the hard cap to counters and follow-ups and in what manner? Why did you choose only those heroes and not everyone else?

Many heroes and effects have been affected across the board. We decided to hard cap counters because combats were progressively becoming a non-active event for players. Basically, when some counters or follow-ups trigger, it practically plays out the entire battle as if it was on auto-play. This makes combats too easy and less fun to play.

Is there a reason why protector buff are not QA? We have Tact Cap, RHulk, Rescue and Hercules that can gain their protect abilities as a QA with external help (A-Isos/E-Isos), and none of them have proved to be gamebreaking. Why other protector characters need to waste a turn to cast their protection? Would you consider changing them into a QA like you did with Luke Cage refactor?

It is hard to keep up with older characters when new characters need to be released. However that’s one of the reasons we created Empowered Iso-8s and Augmented Iso-8s as a way to touch older characters occasionally and add improvements to them when we can. We have strive to maintain a balance across all characters, but there are characters that are not as powerful as others which we try to recognize and add to a future refactor.

what happened to Mandarin? where is he now? saving some giant pandas?

The Mandarin’s plans take a very long time to unfold. I have a suspicion you’ll be seeing him again in the future.

How many alts can a hero have?

As many that will fit in their closet.

Why was the silver you get from Group Boss capped?

To balance the economy.

Avengers Hulk is the only alt with a different sprite pose than his base costume, is there any reason for that?

We did that one before we started following a rule to keep the poses the same. This is something we do to make it easier on the artists that work on the new costumes, who may be different artists than the ones that did the original costume.

Fandral- why does he cause Depower? Wouldn't this be better a better fit for, say, Rogue? Maybe swap something else out from her abilities so she doesn't get OP. It'd be a good fit on Loki, too, perhaps some other Magic users.

We strive to make each character interesting in their own way. Fandral was built as the support character for the Warriors Three, reusing Depower that was initially developed for Spiral. That said, Depower is a general enough status that we would be inclined to use it again. Depower is also very powerful, so we try to balance where we use it.

Do all players get the same class to fight? Like, if I get a Blaster class group boss, would my ally John Doe get a Blaster as well, or could he get any class at random?

It is random.

This is not the old "dead horse" question about proc rate which have been stated they are the same for the AI (I do believe they are) as they are for the players. However what I was wondering and has come up is there other things that affect this? Such as if your bonus is higher than the other player or lower does this affect it? Is there any variable combination in PvP that affects the proc rate?

Nope, just a random roll.

In a previous Dev Q&A, you said that there are no "hidden features" to a patch, just stuff that accidentally got left off the Patch Notes. In a recent patch (late July), a significant number of items had their damage values adjusted, in a quantity that seemed hard to miss. Assuming this was intentional, are processes being put into place to ensure that a changes of that magnitude (quantity-wise) do not get left off the patch notes again?

Many weapons in the game had their damage values increased or decreased because of an error in our damage formulas. This was completely unintentional, and we sought to quickly correct this before the next PvP season had begun. We corrected the issue, but to compensate those that purchased any premium items at the time for their displayed value, we had to adjust their stats so they maintained roughly the same damage values.

The Future - You guys aren't leaving us any time soon, right? Never leave!!!

We aren’t going anywhere any time soon. New content will be announced once we finish launching all of the content we announced at San Diego Comic Con. If everyone keeps playing the game we’ll have to keep making it!

I like to get infos about what will come next to the game. But i also want something unexpected to come to the game. Log-in and see something never mentioned before.

That does happen from time-to-time.

Thanks for the addictive game, my wife dislikes you

You’re welcome and tell her we’re sorry!

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