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December 7, 2012 Patch Notes

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2012/12/07 Forum Patch NotesEdit

New Gear - Blade of the Corruptor

  • Customized
  • Melee Single Target
  • Stealthy - Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
  • Exploits Protect - Deals extra damage against targets that are Protecting
  • Boon Buster - Deals increased damage against targets with Strengthened, Fortified, Focused, Agile, Shield, or Regen effects.


New Hero - Tigra Edit

  • All new 90 CP Character
  • Infiltrator
  • Razor Claws
    • Single Target Slashing Melee
    • Deadly Crits
    • Causes Bleeding on the target
    • Causes Shred to targets immune to Bleeding
    • Grants Tigra Sharpened Claws
      • The next attack that hits is guaranteed to be a critical hit
  • Swipe
    • Single Target Slashing Melee
    • Quick Action
    • Hemorrhaging Attack
      • Causes all applications of Bleeding to Trigger
  • Tiger’s Fury
    • 1 Hit - Single Target
    • Tiger’s Fury
      • Increase Attack and Defense
      • This effect increases when attacked
      • Stacks up to two times
    • Causes Staggered
  • Frenzy
    • 4 Hit - AOE Attack
    • Feral Instincts
      • Grants a follow-up attack to single target attacks if the target is Bleeding
    • Causes Bleeding
    • Causes Shred to targets immune to Bleeding

Cable Revealed! Edit

  • Blaster
  • Passive: Cone of Silence
    • Has a chance to spawn a Shield around Cable before an attack
    • Like Modern Dr. Strange for Cable only
  • Passive: Mental Resilience
    • Chance to block Psychic attacks
    • Cable does not have a recharge ability
    • Instead of Recharge, the fifth button allows Cable to switch between T-O Control mode and T-O Overdrive mode
    • Must be below 40% to go into T-O Overdrive mode
    • Must be above 70% to go into T-O Control mode
    • Does not consume Cable's turn
  • T-O Control Mode
    • Basic mode, Cable has access to his futuristic arsenal
    • Automatically switches to T-O Overdrive mode if Stamina falls below 15%
    • 1. Plasma Rifle
      • Single Target Energy Ranged Gun
      • True strike
        • Ignores most Avoidance effects
    • 2. Bodyslide
      • Area Energy Ranged Gun
      • Causes Distraction on enemies
      • Grants Mirror Images to Cable
    • 3. Askani Arts
      • Single Target Unarmed Melee
      • Migraine
        • The next attack does reduced damage
      • Off-Balance
        • Removes and prevents counter-attack effects
    • 4. Temporal Shift
      • 2 round cooldown
      • Quick Action
        • Grants an extra turn to one ally
  • T-O Overdrive Mode
    • Cable gains access to four new moves but cannot access his normal moves
    • While in T-O Overdrive mode, all moves restore Stamina instead of costing it
    • Automatically switches to T-O Control mode if Stamina hits 100%
    • Cable loses health constantly while in T-O Overdrive mode
    • 1. Psionic Spikes
      • Single Target Psychic
      • Exploits Migraine
    • 2. Telekinetic Slam
      • Area Ranged
      • Stealthy
      • 60% chance to Stun
    • 3. Techno-Organic Rampage
      • Single Target Melee
      • Causes Pressure Points on target
        • Has a chance to cause Weakened, Exposed, Dizzy, and Slowed
      • Grants Power Contained to Cable
        • Cable's non-Psychic attacks deal increased damage and ignore defense
    • 4. Force of Will
      • Psychic attack
      • Mind Control
        • Causes target to sometimes protect enemies from their teammates' attacks

Combat Edit

Status Effects

  • Shred
    • Shred is applied to targets that are immune to Bleeding
    • Reduces Defense
    • Counts as Bleeding for the purposes of attacks that affect Bleeding targets
      • For instance, an attack that Exploits Bleeding will do extra damage
      • This enables Tigra’s moves to function against robots
    • This effect can be applied 3 times
  • Bleeding
    • Bleeding has been redesigned
    • Bleeding deals damage once per round
    • Bleeding also deals damage whenever a character performs an offensive action
    • Bleeding now only stacks up to 3 times

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Hercules will no longer Protect Catastrophic attacks with Gift of Battle
  • Emma Frost’s War Diamond will now correctly cause Stun 60% of the time
  • The Arc Lightning ability of Storm’s Elemental Mastery will now only cause Static Charge on all enemies if the initial Lightning attack hits
  • Emma Frost will no longer counter with Psychic Tap if the target already has Mental Anguish
  • The Hoarfrost Mace now grants Sacrificial Strength instead of Super Heroic to the Agent’s team when the death effect triggers
    • Sacrificial Strength increases damage done by 50%
  • The Hoarfrost Mace will now correctly prevent the agent from dying only once
  • Third Charm (from Cane of Odin and Staff of Odin) will not increase someone’s health if they are below 25%.
  • Third Charm is no longer removed by getting extra turns
  • Ghost Rider’s Infernal Contract passive ability will now correctly fire 50% of the time in all cases
  • Widow’s Scorn damage increased slightly
  • Goblin Glider now only does double damage on a crit to bring it in line with other Deadly Crit actions. Its base damage has been adjusted accordingly
  • The Power of Four will now correctly kill the agent in all cases
  • Bane is now correctly tagged as a debuff
  • Cursed Mirror is now correctly tagged as a debuff
  • Magnetic Field is now correctly tagged as a buff
  • Blade of the Guardian now will never counter Stealthy attacks
  • The Knight now will never counter Stealthy attacks
  • Quicksilver’s Quickness now will never counter Stealthy attacks
  • Svalinn Defender now will never protect or counter Stealthy attacks
  • Infiltrators no longer gain Combat Reflexes after being using or being targeted with Subtle actions


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