Doctor Doom Revealed!

As a reminder, players can open Impending Lockboxes starting on 12/25. That day we will also start offering them for sale to players who need to round out their comic collection. Lastly, don’t forget that the daily tasks will keep showing up through 1/8/2014.

Because some players experienced issues with the “Collect a Present” Doom task, we have added an extra task that will run from 12/21 - 12/22 for an additional 5 lockboxes (this is in addition to the two tasks those two days).

Doom has agreed to reveal his secrets and show you his abilities.Edit


  • Passive 1: There is only Doom!
    • May not be on the same team as other Heroes
    • Greater than average health
  • Takes 2 actions each round
  • Passive 2: Ring Imperial
    • Damages all enemies each round
    • Applies Cower to all enemies
  • Impending Doom
    • Counts down until the Doom Cannon is ready to fire
    • Removed by using Tech attacks
    • Starts at 12
  • Arcane Infusion
    • Increases the damage of the Doom Cannon
    • Created by using Magic attacks
    • Stacks to 5

1. Technological Superiority (multi-action)

1A. Arc Lightning

  • Tech / Magic attack
  • Causes Impaired
  • Causes Weakened

1B. Trifurcator

  • Tech attack
  • Stealthy
    • Reduces health and stamina by a fraction of current amount
    • Restores stamina to all allies

2. Dark Arts

2A. Magic Bolt

  • Magic attack
  • Ethereal Strike
  • Causes Chaos Shot
    • Creates random damage over time effects

2B. Steal Essence

  • Magic attack
  • Stealthy
  • Causes Drained Essence
    • Reduces all stats
  • Grants Doom Full of Doom
    • Increases all stats
  • Grants Rejuvenation
    • Restores health to all allies

3. Summon Servo-Guard

3A. Summon Servo Minion

  • Tech area attack
  • Summon Attack
  • Causes Staggered
  • Grants Doom Focused Attacks

3B. Summon Servo Basher

  • Tech area attack
  • Summon Attack
  • Causes Stun 40%
  • Grants Doom Enraged

3C. Summon Servo Driller

  • Tech area attack
  • Summon Attack
  • Ground Attack
  • Causes Pummeled
    • Subsequent attacks reduce evasion
  • Grants Doom Close Quarters Combat

4. Doom Cannon Tech area attack

  • Catastrophic
  • Guaranteed Crit
  • Full Round Action
  • Cannot be fired until Impending Doom counts to 0

PvP Season 13Edit

New Hero: Agent VenomEdit

Infiltrator in Agent Venom mode, Bruiser in Venom mode

Flash Thompson Mode

Passive 1:

  • Chance to go into Venom mode when anyone on team gets hit
  • Guaranteed to happen when an ally dies

Passive 2: Symbiotic Relationship (from Venom villain)

  • HOT
  • Panacea Response
  • Ghost Rider res

1. Punch Kick Combo

  • Single Target
  • Wide Open
  • Cornered

2. 1 Gun - pistol

  • Single Target
  • Lock-On
  • Disadvantage

3. 2-4 Guns - symbiote guns

  • AOE
  • Hobbled
  • Pressure Points

4. Hail Mary - grenade throw / web grenade lolz

  • Single Target
  • Deadly Crits
  • Desperation Attack
  • Bleeding Splash Damage
  • Burning Splash Damage

Venom Mode - Higher damage,

Passive 1: Out of Control

  • May not attack your chosen target
  • Chance to return to Flash Thompson mode when attacking
  • Guaranteed when an enemy dies

Passive 2: Symbiotic Relationship

1. Claw

  • Shield Breaker
  • Exploits Shields
  • Paragon Exploiter

2. Bite

  • Self Heal
  • Well Fed
  • Exploits Opportunity

3. Self Buff

  • Causes follow-ups on attacks
  • Lasts through going back to Flash Thompson mode

4. Tentacle Slap Thing

  • Boon Buster
  • Exploits Protect
  • Exploits Attrition
  • Webbed

New Uniform: Original War MachineEdit

  • Tiny Transistors
    • Tiny transistors have miniaturized our weapons technology!
    • Overcharge no longer drains stamina and does not cause Overheated
  • Wild Blue Yonder
    • Calls in a devastating airstrike after 3 rounds

New Uniform: Grey HulkEdit

  • Tactician / Bruiser
  • Fighting Dirty
    • Chance to preemptively apply one and then counter-attack when anyone attacks
      • Blinded
      • Disoriented
      • Weak Point
      • Fumbling
      • Cower
  • Street Smarts
    • No longer gains Hulk Up every turn
    • Gains double Hulk Up from Rage Punch

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