PVP Season 18Edit


Diamond Reward: T-Bolt GloveEdit

  • Melee, Energy, Tech
  • Passives
    • Man to Man
      • Protects allies from melee attacks
    • Countermove
      • Reduces damage received from counter-attacks by 50% for all allies
  • One Enemy
    • Subdue
      • Melee attacks do 40% less damage and cannot crit
      • Counts as Impaired
      • Cancelled by Impaired or Restrain
    • Combo Setup
      • The next unarmed attack against this target deals extra damage
  • Self
    • Absorb Energy
      • Drains Health and Stamina from attackers when attacked by non-psychic, melee attacks

Vibranium Reward: Bruiser's Safeguard SuitEdit

  • Flexing
    • Immune to Neutralized
  • Bruiser Safeguard
    • Reduces damage received by 25%
    • Protects against single-target and area attacks
    • Chance to apply Cower with single-target attacks

Adamantium Reward: Nova (New Hero)Edit

  • Bio: Sam Alexander grew up thinking that his dad was a drunk and a liar; it turns out only the first was true. Awakened one night by a green assassin and a talking raccoon, Sam learned that his dad's tales of being a space adventurer were all true and that he had gone missing! With evil on the move, Rocket and Gamora quickly trained Sam to be the universe's last remaining Nova!
  • Action 2: Charged Flyby
    • Unlocked at Level 2
    • Melee, Unarmed
    • Targets One Enemy
    • 1 Round Cooldown
    • Special Properties
      • Quick Action
        • Grants an immediate free turn after using
        • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • One Enemy
      • Opportunist
        • Has a chance to cause Cornered, Exhausted, Impaired, Neutralized, Off-Balance, Staggered or Winded
  • Action 3: Nova Punches
    • Unlocked at Level 6
    • Melee, Unarmed
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Special Properties
      • Deadly Crits
        • Deals extra damage on critical hits
      • In Control
        • Gains Catastrophic if Nova has Nova Force Control
      • Overkill Mastery
        • Gains Paragon Exploiter, Exploit Opportunity, and Intimidated if Nova has Nova Force Mastery
  • Action 4: Finger Laser
    • Unlocked at Level 9
    • Ranged, Energy
    • Attacks One Enemy
    • Special Properties
      • High Crits
        • Increased chance of critical hits
      • Controlled Aim
        • Gains Guaranteed Hit and Stealthy if Nova has Nova Force Control
      • Masterful Blow
        • Gains Fatal Blow and Ignore Defense if Nova has Nova Force Mastery

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