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Dark Wolverine Dialogue

Dark Wolverine

Special Operations - Dark Reign: Mission 3 - Gathering Darkness

Boss - Dark Wolverine


God of War. You got a head-start in the tough-guy department, but I bet I can catch up. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon

Ares Icon 1
Ah, the puppy thinks his teeth are all grown in.

Don't need teeth when I have claws. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon

Wolverine Icon 1
Claws? I got those, too.

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
Wolverine, stand down! This is--

Wolverine Icon 1
This is my fight, is what it is. Back off, Ares.


Your time is over, old man. Now where's Ares? See if he calls me a puppy again. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon


I don't care about Rusk. I don't care about anyone. I care about another chance to settle the only score that matters. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon

Chapter 6 - When Opportunity Knocks: Mission 3 - Dark Complications

Mini Boss - Dark Wolverine

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Iron Fist:
Iron Fist Icon 1
I know the Hellfire Club is a perfect place for a homicidal nut to go incognito, but Emma Frost sent me to kick you out. Sorry.

You will be sorry when I leave your guts on the floor. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon


Looks like you need to learn a little more from your imaginary dragon friend. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon


I'd bet on my claws over your fist every time. Dark Wolverine:
Dark Wolverine Icon

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