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The Dark Avengers are the main antagonist during the Dark Reign story arc. In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, they are led by Dell Rusk, rather than Norman Osborn, their leader in the comics.

In-Game MembersEdit

From the teaser at San Diego Comic Con 2013, the members of the Marvel Avengers Alliance version of the Dark Avengers appear to be:


Ares Icon 1
Moonstone Icon 1


Ares Icon
Dark Hawkeye Icon
 Dark Hawkeye
Dark Thor Icon
 Dark Thor
Dark Widow Icon
 Dark Widow
Yelena Belova
Dark Wolverine Icon
 Dark Wolverine
Dell Rusk Portrait Art
Dell Rusk
Leader, Non-combative
Moonstone Icon
Dark Ms. Marvel
Venom Icon
Dark Spider-Man
Vulture Icon
Dark Falcon

Involved CharactersEdit

U-Foes (Dark Fantastic Four)Edit

Ironclad Icon
Hired by Dell Rusk
Vapor Icon
Hired by Dell Rusk
Vector Icon
Hired by Dell Rusk
X-Ray Icon
Hired by Dell Rusk

Hellfire Club SoldiersEdit

Street ThugsEdit

Non-game canonEdit

Iron Patriot Armor Icon
 Iron Patriot Armor
Green Goblin
Dark Captain America, Dark Iron Man

Dark Avengers-RelatedEdit


Name Name Name
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 074
 Cooperative Defense
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 073
 Coordinated Attack
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 036
 Dark Avengers Assemble

Team-Up BonusesEdit

Fear of the Dark Former or current members of Dark Avengers Ares Icon 1Moonstone Icon 1


  • The Dark Avengers were confirmed as the villains of Special Operations 12 at San Diego Comic Con 2013.
  • Ares, the reward hero confirmed for Special Operations 12, was a member of the Dark Avengers in the comics.
  • Dell Rusk, Vulture, and Yelena Belova were not members of the Dark Avengers in the comics.
  • If Moonstone defeated a player during the Dark Reign Spec Ops, it prompted a dialogue that referenced her as "Dark Ms. Marvel."
  • Vulture as "Dark Falcon" was an in-game joke made by Tony Stark.
  • Dialogue in the Daredevil Heroic Battle in Season 2, Chapter 2, Mission 2 refers to Bullseye as "Dark Hawkeye."
  • The first in-game canon reference to Dark Wolverine being Daken was during the Covert Tasks to recruit Moon Knight.
  • Upon being released as a lockbox hero, Moonstone and Ms. Marvel were given a team-up bonus called "Ms. Fake" a reference to Moonstone's role as Dark Ms. Marvel.

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