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  • Daredevil-Billy Club Billy Club and Daredevil-Snap Kick Snap Kick - Deals 1.7x damage on critical hits.

Daredevil Icon 3 Daredevil Man Without Fear

  • Daredevil-Billy Club Imperious Indictment - Deals 1.7x damage on critical hits.
  • Daredevil-Manrikigusari Pass The Bar has 2.0x crit multiplier.
  • Daredevil-Snap Kick Violent Verdict has 1.7x crit multiplier.
  • Daredevil-Onus Probandi Onus Probandi has 1.75x crit multiplier.


  • Daredevil and Thane are the only heroes that don't belong to any organization in game.
  • Daredevil's Original Uniform Announcement does a joke about his uniforms colors, referring them as Mustard (Original) and Ketchup (Classic).
  • Daredevil appeared as a Mini-boss in Special Operations 15: Mission 1 (Villains Side).
  • Daredevil is the second hero to have an Alternate Uniform that is in a completely different stance than the default uniform, and 3rd Uniform in All. The First Alt is Avengers Hulk and Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk



  • Daredevil-Onus Probandi Onus Probandi
    • means Burden of Proof in Latin.

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