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The Daily Reward Screen (Facebook and Version) as of October 14, 2013

  • The Daily Reward Screen (Mobile Version)

The Daily Reward is a feature that was first released as part of Special Operations - Avengers Vs X-Men in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. It was first introduced to the game on September 20, 2012, and previously only appeared when there was an active Special Operation. As of January 7, 2013, it appears during regular play.

For Facebook version, the Daily Reward resets at 10:00 AM UTC. For more information, see Game Features Timezones.

The Daily Reward screen automatically pops up when the game is started. Players are given the option to claim one Daily Reward from the nine boxes when entering the game each day. Selection of the Reward is similar to selecting a Reward in Boss Rewards, and the Daily Reward is randomly predetermined when triggered.

Daily Reward triggers once per day. The player can have an option to respin by paying 5 Gold icon Gold to get another chance to "Try Again" and select another Reward. Daily Reward can still be accessed by clicking "?" Box on left tray of the Missions page.

As of April 2, 2014 Patch NotesCumulative Daily Bonus was added at the bottom of Daily Reward Screen.

Current Daily Rewards (Facebook Version)Edit

September 30, 2016Edit

Daily Reward
Challenge icon large

Five Battles
Energy icon large

Full Energy
Iso-8 Reactive Prismatic

Refined Reactive Chaotic Iso-8
Command point icon

2x Command Point
10 CP

20x Command Point
10 CP

50x Command Point

1 Gold
Gold Sale 1

10 Gold
Butcher's Blade

Butcher's Blade

Current Daily Rewards (Mobile Version)Edit

Daily Reward
Challenge icon large

5x Challenge Points
Energy icon large2

5x Energy
Command point icon

1x Command Point
Iso-8 Chip Prismatic

Random Iso-8
(Iso-8 that appears will depend on the Agent's current Level)

1x Gold
10 CP

20x Command Point
Gold More-iOS

10x Gold
CP More-iOS

50x Command Point
Pyro Technique

Pyro Technique

Previous Daily RewardsEdit

Main Article: Daily Reward/Previous Daily Rewards

Return Daily for More RewardsEdit

Rewards players for logging in and playing every day. Failed to play for a day will return to Day 1. On each consecutive day played, players will earn:

Day Icon Name
Day 1 Silver PVP Reward Icon 1,000 Silver
Day 2 Challenge icon large One Battle
Day 3 Silver PVP Reward Icon 5,000 Silver
Day 4 Shield point-icon 5 S.H.I.E.L.D. Points
Day 5+[1] Command point icon Command Point

  1. After Day 5, the 1 Command Point reward will continue to be awarded for every consecutive day played!

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