Wildcard - Street Level (2)Edit

Wildcard - Street Level (2)
Daily Mission - Skadi
Mastery Stars Score
Star icon 8,000
Star icon Star icon 108,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon 216,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 432,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 864,000

"Anything might be necessary on this mission. Complete the mission with the characters required."
— Mission Info

"Wildcards - Street Level heroes only!
Missions are restricted to certain heroes.
Only heroes with the Street Level Team up bonus may participate in today's Daily Mission.
Check the Bio tab in the Team page for a list of Street Level heroes.
— Rule Details



Street Level Heroes who fight in the street Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1Ant-Man Icon 1Anti-Venom Icon 1Beetle Icon 1Black Cat Icon 1Boomerang Icon 1Cloak and Dagger Icon 1Colleen Wing Icon 1Daredevil Icon 1Death Locket Icon 1Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1Falcon Icon 1Hellcat Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1Hybrid Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 1Jessica Jones Icon 1Kamala Khan Icon 1Kate Bishop Icon 1Luke Cage Icon 1Misty Knight Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Sandman Icon 1Shocker Icon 1Silk Icon 1Songbird Icon 1Spider-Girl Icon 1Spider-Gwen Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1Spider-Man Noir Icon 1Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1White Tiger Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1

Roulette RewardsEdit

Date Items
April 5, 2015 6 random Lockboxes, 2 Supplies, 1 random Isotope-8 crystal

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