Teamwork - West Coast Avengers (4)Edit

Teamwork - West Coast Avengers (4)
Daily Mission - Man-Ape
Mastery Stars Score
Star icon 9,000
Star icon Star icon 138,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon 276,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 552,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 1,104,000

"Teamwork is the name of the game for this mission. Complete the mission using a group of heroes known for their team affiliation."
— Mission Info

"Teamwork - West Coast Avengers only!
Missions are restricted to a particular Team.
Only West Coast Avengers may participate in today's Daily Mission.
Hawkeye, War Machine, Mockingbird, Tigra, Wasp, Hank Pym, Vision, Wonder Man, Moon Knight
— Rule Details


Medium: x2
High: x2

Low Threat Map Icon Low Threats: NONE
(1 point each)
Medium Threat Map Icon Medium Threats: NONE
(2 points each)
High Threat Map Icon High Threats: NONE
(3 points each)
Artillery Icon Artillery Bruisericon
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 048
Hunter Icon Hunter Tacticianicon
Passive: None
Warrior Icon Warrior Scrappericon
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 015


  • Agent is prohibited in this Daily Mission.
  • Even though Iron Man, Quicksilver and Thing don't have Best Coast Team-Up Bonus, they are available for selection when choosing teams.
Best Coast Heroes who are members of the West Coast Avengers Hank Pym Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Vision Icon 1War Machine Icon 1Wasp Icon 1Wonder Man Icon 1

Roulette RewardsEdit

Table 1: Roulette Rewards
Reward Weight
3x Supplies (Table 1.1) 20.0
3x Supplies (Table 1.1) 19.0
3x Supplies (Table 1.1) 19.0
6x Supplies (Table 1.1) 9.0
6x Supplies (Table 1.1) 9.0
6x Supplies (Table 1.1) 9.0
12x Supplies (Table 1.1) 5.0
12x Supplies (Table 1.1) 5.0
12x Supplies (Table 1.1) 5.0
Total 100.0
Table 1.1: Supplies
Reward Weight
Anniversary Cake 1.0
Brined Turkey 1.0
Candy Apple 1.0
Chocolate Bunny 1.0
Christmas Cookies 1.0
Cookies and Milk 1.0
Glazed Ham 1.0
Jelly Beans 1.0
Shawarma 1.0
Taco 1.0
Taffy 1.0
Turkey Leg 1.0
Total 12.0

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