Powers - Slashing (2)Edit

Powers - Slashing (2)
Daily Mission - Arnim Zola
Mastery Stars Score
Star icon 10,500
Star icon Star icon 163,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon 326,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 652,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 1,304,000

"We need some specific abilities for this mission. Complete the mission using heroes with a similar set of abilities."
— Mission Info

"Powers - Slashing Weapon users only!
Missions are restricted to heroes with similar powers.
Only heroes with slashing attacks may participate in today's Daily Mission.
— Rule Details


Medium: x2
High: x2

Low Threat Map Icon Low Threats: NONE
(1 point each)
Medium Threat Map Icon Medium Threats: NONE
(2 points each)
High Threat Map Icon High Threats: NONE
(3 points each)
BR-Delta Icon BR-Delta Bruisericon
Passive: None
IN-Delta Icon IN-Delta Infiltratoricon
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 030
SC-Beta Icon SC-Gamma Scrappericon
Passive: None
SC-Delta Icon SC-Delta Scrappericon
Passive: None
Hydra Officer Icon Hydra Officer Infiltratoricon
Passive: None
Hydra Ballista Icon Hydra Ballista Bruisericon
Passive: None
Hydra Pyro Icon Hydra Pyro Blastericon
Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 003
Hydra Burner Icon Hydra Burner Blastericon
Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 003


Roulette RewardsEdit

Date Items
March 21, 2015 5 random Gear, 3 Supplies, 1 random Isotope-8 Crystal

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