Icon Name
Damocles Target Painter Damocles Target Painter
Dark Edge Dark Edge
Dark Mace Dark Mace
Darkness Darkness
Das Boot Das Boot
Deathly Freeze Ray Deathly Freeze Ray
Decade Decade
Deflector Fist Deflector Fist
De Lisle Commando Carbine De Lisle Commando Carbine
Demon Talon Demon Talon
Demonic Dagger Demonic Dagger
Dense Electro-Tech Hammer Dense Electro-Tech Hammer
Density Phase Array Density Phase Array
Destruction Destruction
Devolver Devolver
Displacer Displacer
Disruption Field Array Disruption Field Array
Distant Foreboding Device Distant Foreboding Device
Dragon's Foot Dragon's Foot
Eclipse Eclipse
Electro-Tech Hammer Electro-Tech Hammer
Emerald Prism Emerald Prism
Encephalizer Encephalizer
Enchanted Crowbar Enchanted Crowbar
Energy Band Energy Band
Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle
Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle A2 Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle A2
Enigma .45 Enigma .45
Famine's Post Famine's Post
Famine's Toll Famine's Toll
Fantastic Patch Fantastic Patch
Faulteater Faulteater
Faultseeker Faultseeker
Femme Fatalons Femme Fatalons
Ferric Blade Ferric Blade
Ferric Shield Ferric Shield
Fist of the Colossus Fist of the Colossus
Flaming Post Flaming Post
Flare Launcher Flare Launcher
Flashing Eye Flashing Eye
Flashy Gun Flashy Gun
Focal Plasma Cannon Focal Plasma Cannon
Frigga's Hope Frigga's Hope
Frostbound Hatchet Frostbound Hatchet
Frozen Hell Frozen Hell
Fury Fury
Future Blaster Future Blaster
Gamma Hammer Gamma Hammer
Gauntlets of Orthrus Gauntlets of Orthrus
Gaze of Ra Gaze of Ra
Girl's Best Friend Girl's Best Friend
Goblin Mask Goblin Mask
Goblin Visage Goblin Visage
Glas Tann Glas Tann
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher
Grief Grief
Grim Mace Grim Mace
Guardian Insignia Guardian Insignia
Guardian of Attilan Guardian of Attilan
Guided Repeater Guided Repeater
Hammering Nail Hammering Nail
Hammer Pistol Hammer Pistol
Hand of Despair Hand of Despair
Hard Nox Hard Nox
Hardened Wakandan Rungu Hardened Wakandan Rungu
Heir of Hell Heir of Hell
Hex Wand Hex Wand
Hoarfrost Mace Hoarfrost Mace
Hobnail Hobnail
Holographic Shield Holographic Shield
Horn of Wisdom Horn of Wisdom
Hotshot Hotshot
Huldran's Call Huldran's Call
Huldran's Bold Call Huldran's Bold Call
Huldran's Powerful Call Huldran's Powerful Call
Ice Sickle Ice Sickle
Inferior Webber Inferior Webber
Infernal Axe Infernal Axe
Infernal Blade Infernal Blade
Infernal Trident Infernal Trident
Infiltrator Amplifier Infiltrator Amplifier
Infiltrator Augmenter Infiltrator Augmenter
Infinite Inoculation Infinite Inoculation
Inhibitor Dart Gun Inhibitor Dart Gun
Ionic Blaster Ionic Blaster
Ionic Cannon Ionic Cannon
Ionic Devourer Ionic Devourer
Ionic Hammer Ionic Hammer
Ionic Siphon Ionic Siphon
Ionic Sledge Ionic Sledge
Ironstar Ironstar
Iso Loaded Scattergun Iso Loaded Scattergun
Iso-Saur Whisperer Iso-Saur Whisperer
Item 47 Item 47
Key of the Nile Key of the Nile
Kuzuri Kuzuri
Laprov Laprov
Laprov! Laprov!
Lasercutter Lasercutter
Laufey's Knife Laufey's Knife
Laufey's Needle Laufey's Needle
Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Lewis Automatic Machine Gun
Lightning Needle Lightning Needle
Lightning Rod Lightning Rod
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike
Loki's Sceptre Loki's Sceptre
M1911 Patriot M1911 Patriot
Marksman's Scouter Marksman's Scouter
Masterkey Masterkey
Maddening Mace Maddening Mace
Maggia "Triggerman" Maggia "Triggerman"
Maggia Captain's Fist Maggia Captain's Fist
Maggia Targeting Device Maggia Targeting Device
Mark of the Brotherhood Mark of the Brotherhood
Marksman Patch Marksman Patch
Marksman's Spotter Marksman's Spotter
Mass Acceleration Shield Mass Acceleration Shield
Mahayuga Mahayuga
Manvantara Manvantara
Master's Sword Master's Sword
Memento Mori Memento Mori
Mercurial Mercurial
Mental Manipulator Mental Manipulator
Might of Attilan Might of Attilan
Mimic Mimic
Mindbreaker Mindbreaker
Mindkiller Mindkiller
Mine Launcher Mine Launcher
Molten Demonic Dagger Molten Demonic Dagger
Monstrosity Monstrosity
Multishot Injector Multishot Injector
Mutant's End Mutant's End
Mystic Mystic
Nanite Inductive Nailgun Nanite Inductive Nailgun
Nano-Aid Nano-Aid
Nascent Glaive Nascent Glaive
Needle Driver Needle Driver
Net-Caster Net-Caster
Netheranium Trident Netheranium Trident
Neuropurge Neuropurge
Neurotrope Neurotrope
Nuclear Fuel Rod Nuclear Fuel Rod
Odin's Cane Odin's Cane
Odin's Staff Odin's Staff
Omni-Fury Omni-Fury
Oni Breaker Oni Breaker
Oracle Oracle
Overloader Overloader
P.E.W. "Quell II" P.E.W. "Quell II"
P.E.W. "Raze II" P.E.W. "Raze II"
Personal Combat Boost Personal Combat Boost
Phoenix Flare Phoenix Flare
Phoenix Pinion Phoenix Pinion
Phoenix Talon Phoenix Talon
Plasma Sword Plasma Sword
Plasma Beam Handgun Plasma Beam Handgun
Pneumatic Pnailer Pneumatic Pnailer
Power Cell Power Cell
Power Cell Mk II Power Cell Mk II
Power Cell Mk III Power Cell Mk III
Primitive Spear Primitive Spear
Protector of Attilan Protector of Attilan
Proximate Foreboding Device Proximate Foreboding Device
Prototype Psychic Amplifier Prototype Psychic Amplifier
Psionic Rifle Psionic Rifle
Psionic Disintegration Rifle Psionic Disintegration Rifle
Psychic Amplifier Psychic Amplifier
Psychic Band Psychic Band
Psychic Sacrificer Staff Psychic Sacrificer Staff
Pym-Grown Needle Pym-Grown Needle

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