Start Edit

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Hello there, Agent! It's that time of the year again, and I got you an All-New shiny armor.

That's how they do it nowadays. All-New! Totally different!

Now stop your drooling, Agent. I'm the only one allowed to be drooling here. In fact, I'm starving!

Shawarma isn't enough, and I need my tex-mex fix!

Personally, I would prefer chimichangas, my absolute favorite food ever, ever, ever, in the whole wide world, buuuut I guess I'll have to settle for taco's!

Agent! Get me tacos! Lots of tacos! All-New and spicy tacos!

Complete Edit

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Huzzah! You're back! I might've died from starvation, if it wasn't for my healing factor. Anyway, here's your All-New suit!

I made sure it came with extra deep pockets, so you can stash your weapons in style. Seriously, where've you been putting them all?

Now excuse me, I have a fever, and the only prescription is more tacos!

After the research Edit

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Man, am i stuffed! ...Got anymore?

Oh, and before I forget, I got a nifty code in one of my pockets to give out for a free comic.

I know it's in here somewhere.

Just a second.

You can keep clicking, but I ain't going to speed this up.

It might be in my back pocket.

So many pockets...

This is like trying to find my car keys.

You know you could've just clicked the GET CODE button to skip this.

This is just to keep you from clicking past it you know.

Ah, here it is. Let me just dust this off.

So you're going to go "" and input the code: SECRETWARS this will get you AVENGERS (2012) #35 for free!

Such an amazing value! Free, just like those tacos. Mmmmm, tacos.

Suddenly, I am starving again. I am going to eat some more tacos. Oh, did you skip through all that again? Alright, here it is one more time.

go to "" and input the code: SECRETWARS this will get you AVENGERS (2012) #35 for free! Happy reading!

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