Deadpool Icon 1
Hey Agent, Deadpool here. So check this out, I got you this totally sweet new armor. It's all shiny and bullet-stoppy and it will totally flatter your figure.

But here's the thing: I need you to go on a quest for me before I give it to you.

You love quests, doncha? It's why you play this game, right? Yeah, you frickin' live for quests! I thought so.

I've got some really killer prank call material, but our heroic friends are always ignoring my calls. You know what they can't ignore? Distress Calls! It's like their job to answer those things.

So, go out and collect a few for me, and the armor is yours. What a deal, right?


Deadpool Icon 1
Hey great! You're back! Coming right up, one set of snazzy-pants armor, as promised. Here, I'll help zip you up... there we go.

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