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  • Command Points are used to unlock heroes.

Command Points are a type of currency in Marvel: Avengers Alliance and are one of the rarest resources in-game. They are used to recruit new heroes, unlock most Alternate Uniforms for the player's existing heroes, to purchase Empowered Isotope-8, and Augmented Isotope-8

Command Points can be acquired by receiving:

Command Points can also be obtained from certain links provided in the game's Facebook App Page, which can be accessed from the wiki's free items page for Facebook players.

Gold Exchange

Gold can also be exchanged for Command points. This can be found by pressing/clicking the "+" button beside the players' current amount of Command Points. The exchange rate is 2 Command Points per gold spent.

1 Gold icon   for  2 Command point icon 10 Gold icon   for  20 Command point icon 25 Gold icon   for  50 Command point icon


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