Shield Effects mostly absorb incoming damage. Shield strength is based on character's max health. It may take damage even a character dodges attacks.

They can be ignored by attacks with
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 042
 Ignore Defense,
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 076
 Psychic Attack, and
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 076
 Psychic Energy Attack.

Damage dealt to characters' shields is affected by the character's Defense stat.


Effect Stack Type Target Duration Strenght Source
Large Kinetic Shield Shield One Ally 3 30% Psylocke
Small Kinetic Shield Shield One Ally 3 15% Psylocke
Magnetic Field Shield All Allies -- 22% Magneto
Custom Magnetic Field Generator
Magnetic Field Generator
Force Field Shield All Allies 3 25% Invisible Woman
Stonewall -- Self 1 25% Thing
Deflector Shield Shield Self 3 40%

Iron Man

Magic Shield Shield Random 2 50% Scarlet Witch
Repelling Force Field Reactive Shield Self 2 10% Rescue
Reconstruction Matrix Shield All Allies 2 25% Rescue
Cone of Silence Reactive Shield Self 2 15% Cable
Shield of the Seraphim Shield One Ally 2 50% Dr. Strange
Temporal Shield Shield All Allies Infinity 10% Temporal Shielding
Rayshield 1 Shield Self 2 15% Rayshield Generator
Rayshield 3 Shield Self 2 30% Rayshield Generator
Rayshield 2 Shield Self 2 22% Rayshield Generator
Brave Protector Shield One Ally 2 50% Golden Shield
Shield Shield All Allies 2 15% Force Field Generator
Fourth Field Reactive Shield Random -- 10% Future Foundation Invisible Woman
Energized Shield Shield Self 4 40% Iron Man Mk V Armor
Norton Shield/Effect Shield One Ally 4 25% Norton Shield
Nanite Electromagnetic Shield Shield Self 3 20% Nanite Inductive Nailgun
Light of the Seraphim Reactive Shield Random 2 20% Modern Dr. Strange
Shield Shield Self 2 15% The Pawn
Construct Matrix Shield All Allies 2 20% Construct Matrix
Mirror Field Shield One Ally -- 30% Mirror Field Generator
Magic Shield Shield Self 2 50% Hex Wand
Deflector Shield Reactive Shield Self 2 20% Iron Man Mk 42 Armor
Iron Patriot
Shield Shield ? 2 25% Savant's Spear
Deflector Shield Shield Self 3 20% Deflector Fist
Wind Wall Reactive Shield All Allies -- 10% Storm

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