Name Ability Type
Iceman Icon 1
Iceman-Breaking the Ice Breaking the Ice Buff
Invisible Woman Icon 1
Invisible Woman-Force Field Force Field Buff
Iron Fist Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-Healing Chi Healing Chi Buff Heal
Iron Fist-Heart of Shou-Lao (Classic) Heart of Shou-Lao Buff
Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-Praying Lotus Praying Lotus Buff Heal
Iron Man Icon 1
Iron Man-Deflector Shield Deflector Shield Buff
Juggernaut Icon 1
Juggernaut-Surge of Cyttorak Surge of Cyttorak Buff
Ka-Zar Icon 1
Ka-Zar-Primal Roar Primal Roar Buff
Kamala Khan Icon 1
Kamala Khan-Disembiggen Defense Disembiggen Defense Buff
Kamala Khan-Lockjaw's Lookout Lockjaw's Lookout Buff
Kang Icon 1
Kang-Chrono Shield Chrono Shield Buff Tech
Karolina Dean Icon 1
Karolina Dean-Prismatic Shield Prismatic Shield Buff
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 1 Be Prepared Buff
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 2 Be Prepared Buff
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 3 Be Prepared Buff
Kraven the Hunter-A Hunter's Thirst A Hunter's Thirst Buff Heal
Lizard Icon 1
Lizard-Conduct Experiment Conduct Experiment Buff
Luke Cage Icon 1
Luke Cage-Bodyguard Bodyguard Buff
Magneto Icon 1
Magneto-Magnetic Field Magnetic Field Buff
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Take It Slow Take It Slow Tech Buff
Mockingbird Icon 2
Mockingbird-Call the Seas Call the Seas Magic Debuff Buff
Mockingbird-Preserver Preserver Magic Buff
Molly Hayes Icon 1
Molly Hayes-Raspberry Raspberry Buff
Molly Hayes-Temper Tantrum Temper Tantrum Buff
Moonstone Icon 1
Moonstone-Gravity Syndrome Gravity Syndrome Debuff Buff
Moonstone-Big Bang Singularity Buff
Morbius Icon 1
Morbius-Experimentation Experimentation Buff
Ms. Marvel Icon 1
Ms. Marvel-Absorb Energy Absorb Energy Buff
Nico Minoru Icon 1
Nico Minoru-Kick Ass! Kick Ass! Buff Magic
Nico Minoru-Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice Buff Magic
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Defense Array Defense Array Buff Tech
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Hologram Array Hologram Array Buff Tech
Phoenix Icon 1
Phoenix-Mind Link Mind Link Buff
Psylocke Icon 1
Psylocke-Mental Coordination Mental Coordination Buff
Psylocke-Kinetic Shield Kinetic Shield Buff
Punisher Icon 1
Punisher-Smoke Grenade Smoke Grenade Buff

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