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  • Xobai


    May 8, 2015 by Xobai

    Playdom cut staff quite seriously in 2014, and we see it in longer lead times for new content.  Even so, they have been able to execute a number of successful innovations since then: the daily mission, level-capped PvP, and the current Age of Ultron event which gives every indication of being an engaging, interesting, resource-draining blockbuster by the time it's all rolled out.  Even so, I find several areas of game development and play only partially-developed.  Here are some of the ideas and game aspects I'd like to see PD develop further:

    Agent Appearance

    "It's not whether you win or lose, but how good you looked" - David Lee Roth

    Indulge my vanity.  I know that the agent is designed to be a human, non-powered SHIELD representative, but …

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  • IronFrank

    Good evening, everybody.

    First time to write/edit something here, hope I am doing it right. Today, I come to you to ask few things about the recent and next Alts from AoU Avengers.

    I´m not a hardcore gamer or a wallet warrior, just a free dedicated and exited player of this awesome game. As a free and not so hardcore, the lack of allies(thinking to ask for some here) and always short on Gold and CP´s, these Alts and Spec Ops have been very cool to play. Good and bad things are always in almost any event PD releases to us and the expectation for more sometimes kills us.

    Thats why I ask to you suggestions about: Wich Avenger should I focus on level up first for his/her coming AoU Alt???

    Proudly I got all of them (Ironman-lvl14, Hulk-lvl12, Capta…

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  • IronFrank

    Good evening, everybody.

    First time to write/edit something here, hope I am doing it right. Today, I come to you to ask few things about the recent and next Alts from AoU Avengers.

    I´m not a hardcore gamer or a wallet warrior, just a free dedicated and exited player of this awesome game. As a free and not so hardcore, the lack of allies(thinking to ask for some here) and always short on Gold and CP´s, these Alts and Spec Ops have been very cool to play. Good and bad things are always in almost any event PD releases to us and the expectation for more sometimes kills us.

    Thats why I ask to you suggestions about: Wich Avenger should I focus on level up first for his/her coming AoU Alt???

    Proudly I got all of them (Ironman-lvl14, Hulk-lvl12, Captain-l…

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  • Sijfer

    This is just a compiled data from multiple suggestions on how they were able to defeat Ultron.

    • Generalized - for Ultron's habit of utilizing multiple job classes.
    • Heroic Age Iron Fist or Future Foundation Invisible Woman (with Circulating Empowered Iso-8) - for those pesky debuffs from Ultron's multiple turns.
    • Magneto (with Quick Empowered Iso-8) - because even though Ultron's made of Vibranium now, it's still metal.
    • Heroes that deal huge amount of damages - such as Iron Man, Havok, Deadpool, etc...

    (Hey! I'm not that great in picking up equipment. So you don't have to use mine. Pick the combination that suits yours.)

    • Agent Gokai Decade (Generalist's Empowered Armor)
      • Nanite Inductive Nailgun
      • Coulson Special
      • Staff of Tepid Storms
      • Skeptic
        • Inspiring Empowered…

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  • Sijfer
    • Guide derived from, specifically from Kingfisher745.
    • "Derived", because I ignored some ISO-8 that were recommended.
    • The purpose of this guide is to help those who have problems accessing the YouTube site.

    • Mainly ISO-8s that give additional HP, ATK, and DEF such as Stalwart ISOs.

    • For this Battle, Recovering E-ISO is highly recommended.

    • Slots 1&3: Any
    • Slots 2&4: Suppressing A-ISO (highest priority for Slot 2), Ionizing A-ISO (highest priority for Slot 4) or any A-ISO that can increase the hit accuracy (Focused Ballistic, Focused Mechanized, or Focused Radiant).

    • Iron Man "WILL START OUT AS A BLASTER". You can't change that.
    • The Hulkbuster resores HP after 3 rounds.
    • Hulk will switch from a Tactitian to a Bruiser in-between the battle.
    • Iron Ma…

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  • Magnus14

    Onslaught, the combination of the conciousness of Prof. X and Magneto got to be in the game some how. Do you guys think it's a good idea?

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  • Goldencahill

    With the new Age of Ultron suits coming out and some having very different movesets to their original characters, I figured I would revisit the Avengers and provide my opinions on good A-ISO and E-ISO builds for each one. These builds are specifically for their new suits, the builds for the original suits can be found here. Let's get right to it.

    ]] Hulkbuster is an interesting character to work with. One suit is Bruiser, one is Blaster, and the Hulkbuster option is both no matter which suit you choose. Since he uses both Melee and Ranged abilities, there are a number of options.

    EISO: If you can get his personal from the Epic Boss, Overloading, it would be the best choice since it will allow you to prevent and counter Tech actions, frequent…

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  • WZ Task

    Me And Kang

    April 25, 2015 by WZ Task

    I really like the daily missions.  The game was clearly missing some kind of regular small content update, or task to complete, and dailies just nail that on the head.

    Best of all, free A-ISOs! Free E-ISOs! Exactly what I needed as a prize. Didn't have anywhere near enough of them.  Run the daily a couple times, free gold! A couple more, free CP!  One of the rare times the game has delivered exactly what I want.

    Sometimes the prize is weaker, equipment or consumable items, so run those once to see how it is and that's probably it.  Absolutely no issue with that.  Maybe I'd like a level 300 version of that weapon, and who doesn't need more tacos?  Or hey, turkey legs, those are always good too.

    But the one that really gets me, is the lockbox p…

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  • Xobai

    1.12.2 the Xobai way

    April 24, 2015 by Xobai

    Season 1, Chapter 12, Mission 2 is the most important single mission in MAA.  With two roulettes in two battles - including an epic roulette - it is easily the most efficient place to farm CP.  Once you get there you will run it frequently and repeatedly, so tips on how to run it well are essential.  The faster you can run it, the more CP you can farm.  This blog will focus the main fight, with all 9 enemies, since the Viper epic is much shorter and less difficult to dissect.  For my part, I have gotten to the point that I can often run the main mission, with all 9 enemies, in three rounds or less.  

    My setup:

    I use Bruiser WWII Cap with his personal (Fervent) EISO.  Since WWII Cap and I go way back, I still have him ISO'd with all chaotics.…

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  • Duelmaster3000
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  • Anuub

    This blog entry is a follow-up to a thread I started on the forum in which I wanted to know how much PvP bonus other level 300 agents were getting when they recruited a tactician.  Although PvP bonus is described within the PvP page of this wiki, I've never fully understood how to transform the description provided on that page with how much bonus I actually obtain.  The description indicates that for bronze, silver, and gold elite bonuses you supposedly get 20%, 60%, and 120% of your "base", and you get a 20% bonus per level of the hero.  But what is "base"?  On iOS we don't get any additional PvP bonus after recruiting until level 10.  I've been unable to reliably predict what my PvP bonus is going to be when I recruit or level up a hero…

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  • Truelegden

    Deathlok - My Bets

    April 4, 2015 by Truelegden

    Base Class - Tacticain

    Can alter between Scrapper and Infiltrator.

    Obsolete Tech Immunity

    Bleeding Immunity

    Resistant to Electric Attacks

    Future Knowlegde

    A'plenty o' Tech and Gun attacks.


    Some Hand-to-Hand action?

    All Multi-Function

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  • Carioz

    PVP 20 Report

    April 3, 2015 by Carioz

    So, PVP 20 is going on at this moment. I am a bit late with this report mainy due to  Pillars of Eternity coming out.
    My choices, my playing experiences are influenced by my environment and my background, so they might not be applyable universally.

    I didn't look to closely to the weapon, but the Tactician Safeguard suit looks extremely nice. I am very interested in getting Victor Mancha after the preview from the Spec Ops.

    Vibranium is the minimum goal, but getting to Adamantium should be realistically within my grasp.
    I have no goal to conserve red tokens at all cost this PVP so I will allow myself to spend a few.

    I do still believe that a good offensive team is the key for me to achieve the rating I need for the prizes I aim for. If I stumble…

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  • Bagatrix


    Monica Rambeau

    Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan)


    White Tiger (Ava Ayala)

    Winter Soldier (100% sure he's coming on Cap 3)



    Xavin (from the Runaways. It'd be neat to have all the powers of the F4 in one)

    Kaine (he could be an addition to the webbed/bleeder team, or they could go somewhere like Angela with his Mark of Kaine. Plus if they give him the stealth suit he could be a scrapper/infiltrator)

    Miles Morales (again, could be Peter Parker MK2 or they could give him an evasion passive like Invisible Woman's and exploit his venom strikes)


    Falcon: I'd like him to get the classic red costume, or his new Captain America costume

    Winter Soldier: if Falcon can't be Cap, I'd like him to be

    Vision, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch: …

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  • Sijfer

    There're 3 stages here... I'll summarize them by these stages.

    But first! Some Notes!

    • You might want to equip a particular E-ISO for this one... specifically the Recovering Empowered Iso-8, cuz you'll be recharging a lot here...
    • Also, you can put any A-ISO on... I only put A-ISOs that gives Focused Attack to increase hit accuracy, but you can put in anything you want.
    • You'll also notice that Molly's Lv9 "Let's Play Catch!" is locked. There's a reason for that, but I won't worry about that.

    This stage is when the Punisher always uses his weakest moves because of Kid Gloves.

    Make sure to use Molly's Lv6 "Raspberry", but try not to use Lv6 "Temper Tantrum". If it's the only move you can use this stage, just ignore it and rest for some Stamina (and He…

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  • ScratchNSniff

    Am I done?

    March 26, 2015 by ScratchNSniff

    I think I'm done. The game has become more of an obligation than a hobby. After acquiring all the released characters, leveling them to at least level 10 (except for Angela and Destroyer), and finishing in Adamantium for the last three pvp seasons...I'm done.

    I wish you all the best and if I decide to come back, I look forward to the changes that occur in the interim. Until then, happy avenging!


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  • Sijfer

    Check each grunt fights for fights that includes Molly in them, prioritize them. This will ensure that you can enter battle when you deploy Molly.

    The same goes for the next Missions involving Karolina.

    Currently, the Special Operations Deploys have been modified so that they'll be automatically completed once the required Runaways member were deployed. (see Runaways Patch Notes)

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  • Rozky

    Since Disney bought Marvel Comics we have seen some amazing things, most notably the Movies from the MCU and also, luckily, this game. But Disney hasn't treated nicely all of our favorite characters. Unfortunately, Sony and Fox hold the movie rights for the characters from the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, causing what in the eyes of many fans seems to be a dirty war behind the screen between Marvel and those studios. Things like the death of Wolverine, the cancelation of the Fantastic Four comic, no more new X-Men characters, books cancelations, etc, etc. This trend even makes some people believe that Marvel wants to give the Inhumans the spot the X-books holded for a lot of years. But, has this afected in any way our beloved game?…

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  • Zovice

    I am not was it a glitch or something, but I kind of deserve it for forgeting it and did for three times.

    The situtation was like this. I was fighting Mephisto with two Subcinctuses.

    We knew that Mephisto only flee when we defeated him, but his vitality will regenerate a little before he flee.

    With this battle, Mephisto also uses a skill called "Binding Contract". Which he will take the life from the Subcinctus to heal himself, so Mephisto will not flee until all the Subcinctuses was defeated first.

    As the battle went, the Subcinctuses use the "Temptation", which have a counter attack of "Hell Hath No Fury" (the strongest counter I know of. If you can't defeat it one shot, better left it for that turn.) So only target left was Mephisto. During…

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  • Cyrus Annihilator

    An archive to assist on my "ranking" posts

    • Villains ranking
    • Heroes ranking

    Gear Based on Char type
    "Bully" Hunter Enemy
    "Lucky Shot" Domino Hero
    "Snikt" Wolverine Hero
    A Pound of Cure Beast Hero
    Acceleration Shield Kang Villain (Playable)
    Adhesive X Launcher Baron Zemo Villain
    Advanced Idea M.O.D.O.K. Villain
    Algrim's Rage Kurse Villain
    Apocalypse's Subjugator Apocalypse Villain
    Arc Reactor Charge Iron Man Hero
    Asgardian Gauntlet Destroyer Villain (Playable)
    Baltag's Blaster Kang Villain (Playable)
    Bifurcator Mr. Fantastic Hero
    Binding Contract Mephisto Villain
    Blade of the Corruptor Auspex Enemy
    Blade of the Guardian/Gear Hercules Hero
    Bleak Harvest/Gear Grim Reaper Villain
    Blind Justice** Daredevil Hero
    Blind Rage/Gear Daredevil Hero
    BMKG-Rifle 3007 Rocket Ra…

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  • Jethrousmc

    chapter 8 is live

    March 13, 2015 by Jethrousmc

    that is all... enjoy!

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  • Sijfer

    It has been 2 days already and the MAA Facebook Page has given two broken links already... here's how to fix them...

    This is only a guide to FIX a possible Dead Link, it won't give you Free Infinite "Somethings". After you get the reward, it will be considered "used-up".
    1. Click the link
    Yup, I know, it will give you a set of numbers such as 5d4e9566-a5b8-46fd-99e7-e62c30fa24f9 from the link, but trust me on this one, it'll become handy (and it's legit). Make sure to copy the numbers only, no "http://" on the left and/or no "/" on the right
    These set of numbers will be the '
    2. Check the Date
    The date follows the format with no spaces. For some who are from the Eurasian part, the date would/should be minus 1 day.
    For t…
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  • Sijfer
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  • Ben882

    Worthy Speculations

    March 4, 2015 by Ben882

    An educated guess requires to understand how the list of worthy was made. If one is to read and believe the interviews released :

    - the 8 were decided nearly 2 years ago.

    - their designs fit the original designs of the worthy.

    - they first made a short list of heros they wanted to make worthy and then attributed the actual worthy the best they could.

    It implies that whatever the worthy breaks isnt guaranteed to be related to the power set of the hero. So the breaker of soul doesnt have to be a magician or a psychic, It would be likely to be so only at the pre condition of such hero having been short listed beforehand.

    How the shortlist was made is unknown but it's likely to have taken into account the popularity.

    Other hints are heros who have n…

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  • Carioz

    PVP 19 Report

    February 27, 2015 by Carioz

    PVP 19 has started, everyone had guessed Angela as the PVP hero, but the Destroyer as ha Lockbox Hero was quite a surprise.
    My choices, my playing experiences are influenced by my environment and my background, so they might not be applyable universally.

    They are all pretty good up to and including Hugin's Eye (which is getting some pretty encouraging pre-reviews). I have some prejudice against the Blaster Safeguard Suit on the ground of it changing the agent to Blaster. I have mixed feelings for Angela as a comics character as I cannot decouple her from the '90s fest that was McFarlane's Spawn. On the other hand some friends are telling me that they are liking her being used by Gaiman on the recent Guardians run.
    I'll have no opinion on how …

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  • Dark M clowN

    "As always, believe at your own risk."
    Last Checked:
    4:10 AM, Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 (PST)
    1.1 Premium Consumables
    Three Battles

    Large Energy
    *Note: You're seeing it right, two entries of Quantum Elixir

    "Runed Metal"
    Remember the lockbox that gives out a tons of ?
    The Runed Metal in this lockbox have the same odd as Manvantara.

    2.1 Opening 1 by 1
    Item Percentage
    Comic Book 7%
    Other stuff (see Table 2.3 or 2.5) 93%
    2.2 Opening 10 at once
    1 Toolbox will 100% gives Comic Book Cover
    9 Toolboxes will gives other stuff (see Table 2.3 or 2.5)

    2.3 Other Stuff (Weight Based)
    Item Weight
    See Table 2.4 3
    Non-Reactive ISO-8 39
    Reactive ISO-8 20
    Premium Consumables 20
    Deploy Drop Gear 10
    PVP Resource: 1.5
    PVP Resource: 1.5
    PVP Resource: 1.5
    Total 100

    Item Weight
    20x Unstable Iso-…

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  • Sijfer

    ◎ Note in fighting Ymir

    February 19, 2015 by Sijfer

    Bring Energy-type weapons and Allies.

    Ally Recommendation: Human Torch or Sunfire

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  • Dark M clowN

    "As always, believe at your own risk."
    Last Checked:
    3:56 AM, Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 (PST)

    "Mission 1 & 2 deploys only"

    1.1 Deploy
    Item Weight
    5x Unstable Iso-8 15
    Premium Consumables 7.2
    Consumables 20
    Non-Reactive ISO-8 40
    Deploy Drop Gear 2.4
    Total 100

    1.2 Deploy (Classes)
    Item Weight
    5x Unstable Iso-8 15
    Premium Consumables 7.2
    Consumables 34
    Non-Reactive ISO-8 19
    Deploy Drop Gear 2.4
    Total 100

    1.3 Deploy (Heroes)
    Item Weight
    20x Unstable Iso-8 3
    10x Unstable Iso-8 25
    Premium Consumables 9.6
    Consumables 7.5
    Reactive Iso-8 7.5
    Deploy Drop Gear 3.2
    Total 87

    1.4 SO24 M1
    Item Weight
    20x Unstable Iso-8 5
    One Simulation 10
    Deploy Drop Gear 5
    Reactive ISO-8 15
    Premium Consumables 10
    Total 100

    1.5 SO24 M2
    Item Weight
    20x Unstable Iso-8 5
    One Simulation 10

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  • Beergod

    So with the new SPec Op dropping today I thought I would write a little blog about how to handle it. Lock boxes aside and not reading the list task list I'm doing this blind. I have 50 allies and am level 300 with all heroes at lvl 14 if you are not here,  resaults may vary. i am doing this in the way that uses the least energy and u-isos, I also try to use teams that will get me the biggest mission scores to save on trips through. Anti-Venom/Hybrid, Agent Venom/Anti-Venom, Quicksilver/Scarlet Which, Hawkeye/Black Widow are all good ones to go with. So lets begin...

    Start by doing a ten to 20 min deploy, do not collect until task 3

    task 1 Defeat 4 Sauruses-  This is easy just start the mission and do a medium and a hard or 2 mediums at most …

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  • Carioz

    Pre-PVP 19 Report

    February 15, 2015 by Carioz

    The current lull in the game prompted me to write an After Action Report for Pre-PVP 19. I did not gather hard data for it as I wasn't expecting to report strictly but I wanted to share my experiences nonetheless.

    My choices, my playing experiences are influenced by my environment and my background, so they might not be applyable universally.

    My goal for PVP is Vibranium, but if I can take Adamantium with reasonable effort, I usually go for it. Since this was a Pre-PVP with less valuable prize, wider bracket ranges and arguably less participants, I aimed for Adamantium.

    I value PVP Energy Tokens (Reds) for standard PVP, so I didn't want to use them during pre-PVP.

    Finally, since a roulette was offered with this Tourney, I had the goal of winni…

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  • Carioz


    February 15, 2015 by Carioz

    This blog post is a summary of the environment I play in and the actions I took in the game. It will be usefull to establish the baseline my observations come from: obviously the metagame observed and the choices possible for a beginner player are different from those a veteran spartan faces.

    I've been a Facebook Marvel Avengers alliance user since at least 2 April 2012, as I remember Playdom applying the patch which added "Lead the Charge" (always go first) to Cpt. America.

    I have played PVE pretty casually until SpecOps 5 (I was still able to complete SpecOps 1 through 4, but five starring them or farming gear was out of the question), without focusing on keeping my heroes well leveled or farming gear, Silver, SP or CP.

    From SpecOps 5 onwar…

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  • TheRavenHeart

    Lockbox heroes can arguably be some of the most frustrating characters in the game to try to recruit. Since they can't be bought with Command Points, we have to rely on task completion to hope to get them for free. Otherwise, you'll end up spending Gold to finish out the collections required to recruit them. I'm not going to be focusing on statistical probabilities of duplicate covers here; plenty of others on this wiki have done that. What I will do is advise you on how to get the most Lockboxes that you can.

    Typically, there have been three methods of obtaining Lockboxes.

    • Spec Ops
    • PvP
    • Covert Task

    My main focus is going to be on Spec Op Lockboxes because this are the ones that there is the most variance between players on how many they manage …

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  • Duelmaster3000

    PvP dreamteam

    February 1, 2015 by Duelmaster3000

    In the PvPs, there're many creative team combinations that grant the victory. But for me, personally these are the PvP team-ups I use to triumph together with their E-ISO and A-ISO insertions

    This team is based into an offensive and tactical combat way, granting an advantage in both attack/defense sides

    Captain America ISO:

    The First Avenger - helps Cap ensure his tactical actions by moving first

    Concussed - while tanking with Shield Guard, Cap neutralizes opposing Melee power

    Thor ISO:

    Thunder God + Worthy - By using Inspire Bravery, he gets 2 stacks of MoM and applies Static Charge, dealing extra damage for his now electrical attacks

    This team also mixes attack and defense like the one described above, but is a bit more offensive due to Wolveri…

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  • IronspeedKnight

    MAA's Dark Ages

    February 1, 2015 by IronspeedKnight

    Everyone has them at one point. It's that period of MAA when the game loses enjoyment and becomes a straight chore. I personally get them during a lack of major content.

    It's the time when leave your energy bar full and unused for days collecting dust. For mobile users it's a regular thing, but for the far more spoiled by comparison Facebook users it's quite rough.

    Or if the case continues long enough, the player will take a short break from the game. Just ponder about this: If a game you're playing becomes more of a chore than enjoyment, what's the real purpose of playing it anymore?

    In the comments below, type about a MAA dark age you had in the past.

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  • Alpermaltepe

    Best season 2 weapons

    January 31, 2015 by Alpermaltepe

    there is many cool season 2 drops can useful here is a list (you can comment cool weapons)

    de liste commando carbine 1.5 off balnce makes it cool againist combo braker

    vickesr machine gun-restred vickers machine gun chapter 1.6 just wait few turns and bang many attacks in a row restored is a one target and catastrophic

    depletor - depletor mk2 2.5 useful cuz of damage reduction mk 2 reducas damage by %50 but you lose a turn

    chaosshot smg 2.6 makes debuffs and exploits them

    revolt 5 2.6 6 attacks in a row 

    staff of askeplos 2.4.4 a useful heal

    2.4.6 high capaticy incentreor unit adrenaline is a usefull buff

    pshyhic amplier its powerfull cuz %60 change of a buff and energize and a quick action

    sharpshooter patch 6.3 becouse every a quick action with 2…

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  • Docbobm

    In the end, we value all currency in the game in gold, so that is how we will measure things.

    Since 1 gold buys 2 CP then:

    1 CP = 0.5 gold

    Silver is a little harder to value and may vary from country to country. I am going to use American numbers here as that is where I live. Your mileage may vary.

    In the game I can get 20 gold for $5 or 268,000 silver for $5 so we will assume that 20 gold = 268,000 silver for the sake of argument. If this is true 4 gold = $1 and 53600 = $1. Lastly 1 gold = 25 cents and 25 cents = 13400 silver. So:

    1 gold = 13400 silver.

    For every 13400 silver, we get we have 1 gold, otherwise measure it in fractions of gold.

    You are welcome to provide your exchange rates for your country in the notes.

    Couple of different ways …

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  • Truelegden

    note - under construction

    You're probably spekable about this team, but this has worked very well for me in the previous seasons.


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  • Truelegden

    This Team has proven itself a multitudes of times. I believe this team ranks among the top ten PvP Teams. 

    What Makes this a great team? Almost Everything.

    The essential Passives are

    • Black Knight's Blood Curse
      • Chance to perform a follow-up attack when an ally attacks a bleeding target.
      • Chance to counter when a Bleeding enemy attacks an ally.
      • Ally's Slashing Attacks apply Bleeding.
      • Shield of Night is replaced by Cursed Blade.
    • Union Jack's Allied Forces
      • Chance to do a follow-up attack when an ally does a counter-attack or a follow-up attack.

    Those 2 Passives go so well together.

    • Union Jack's Actions
      • Union Jack's level 2, 6 and 9 actions are Slashing.
      • Union Jack's level 9 applies Flanked.
      • Union Jack's moveset is based on preemptive counters.
    • Black Knight's …

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  • Sijfer

    Note: still incomplete due to limited (personal) time of analysis

    • Avatar 1: Black Dwarf (65 XP)
      • Enemies: Proxima Midnight + Black Dwarf
    • Avatar 2: Supergiant (0 XP)
      • Enemies: Black Dwarf + Supergiant
    • Avatar 3: Nebula (0 XP)
      • Enemies: Supergiant + Nebula
    • Avatar 4: Corvus Glaive (65 XP)
      • Enemies: Nebula + Corvus Glaive
    • Avatar 5: Proxima Midnight (130 XP)
      • Enemies: Corvus Glaive + Proxima Midnight


    • Defeat Avatars 1, 2, and 3 (130 XP)
      • Enemies: Ronan + Avatar 5 Combination
    • Defeat Avatars 1, 2, and 4 (65 XP)
      • Enemies: Ronan + Nebula + Proxima Midnight
    • Defeat Avatars 1, 2, and 5 (65 XP)
      • Enemies: Ronan + Avatar 4 Combination
    • Defeat Avatars 1, 3, and 4 (65 XP)
      • Enemies: Ronan + Supergiant + Proxima Midnight
    • Defeat Avatars 1, 3, and 5 (65 XP)
      • Enemies: Ronan + Supergiant…

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  • AgentHammersmith
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  • Agent Prometeo


    January 23, 2015 by Agent Prometeo
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  • Marhawkman

    God War

    January 19, 2015 by Marhawkman

    Defeat Skadi(a blaster), Nul(bruiser), Skirn(scrapper), and a few of the Circle of 8 cultists. The cultists are actually above average in terms of enemies too. Especially the Bugeishas since they have an AoE that causes bleeding, AND their passive lets them dodge attacks from anyone inflicted with bleeding. That gets annoying fast.

    Ares, Heimdall, Hercules, Loki, Sif, Thor, Valkyrie

    Why not the Warriors Three? I have no idea. it'd add a bit more variety. But at present they are not available.

    Only 7 options here. 4 characters who are always bruisers, and 2 who could be bruisers depending on their costume.

    Ares - 200cp - Bruiser, very useful, especially if you have his A-Iso to give enemies disadvantage.

    Heimdall - 200cp - bruiser, quite go…

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  • Marhawkman

    Analysis of E-Iso Galas

    January 17, 2015 by Marhawkman

    Summary: I have collected data from multiple runs of the Daily missions that reward E-Isos. A copy of the data is here: User blog:Marhawkman/Daily E-Iso Logs This blog is an analysis of the collected data. All tallies are correct as of the time of this writing.

    Observation: Each of the recorded galas has certain specific things in it. One character E-iso, one E-Iso for each class, and an E-Iso that is neither.

    Now to break it down by slot:

    • Generalist slot: Inspiring(seen 29 times/acquired 2), Cleansing(seen 44 times/1), I've gotten an item from this slot 3 times.
    • Blaster slot: Explosive(27/1), Persisting(24/2), Unavoidable(23/2), so I've gotten this 5 times.
    • Bruiser slot: Hardened(26/0), Vengeful(23/0), Viscous(25/2), 2 total
    • Scrapper slot: A…
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  • Marhawkman

    Daily E-Iso Logs

    January 17, 2015 by Marhawkman

    This is the data I have recorded of the various daily mission runs I've done that have E-Iso galas. The last item in the row is the item I actually got.

    • 15a: Rogue(hb), Bruised(sca, 10g), Distant(40cp), Explosive(bla, 20g), Inspiring(gen, 10g), Protective(tac, 10g), Reflexive(inf, 20g), Vengeful(bru, 20g) - Protective(tac, 10g)
    • 15b: Spiral(hb), Blurred(inf, 10g), Bruised(sca, 10g), Explosive(bla, 20g), Hardened(bru, 5g), Inspiring(gen, 10g), Protective(tac, 10g), Sheltered(20cp) - inspiring(gen, 10g)
    • 15c: War Machine(hb), Aggressive(scr, 5g), Blurred(inf, 10g), Close(40cp), Inspiring(gen, 10g), Persisting(bla, 5g), Protective(tac, 10g), Vengeful(bru, 20g) - junk
    • 15d: Cylops(30G), Cleansing(gen, 20g), Lingering(inf, 5g), Purging(scr, …
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  • Goldencahill

    Anyone playing this game for a while knows that Gear Sets are released with every Special Ops, with synergy between the four pieces providing a good Agent setup to anyone who can get all of them.

    There have been a few styles of gear set over the years this game has existed. 

    The first is a set revolving around a certain debuff or buff, with some applying and others exploiting or consuming for more power. It can be used without the complete set, as long as you have a way to apply you can have 2 or 3 pieces instead of 4. This includes: The Chess Set (Rook Ammo), Cosmic Set (Cosmic Energy), 40th Century Man (Timestream Displacement), Data Set (Combat Data), Vindication Set (High and Low Capacity Charges), Sticky Situation Set (Webbed), and Gala…

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  • PNOT50

    iOS Symbiosis Spec Ops Notes

    January 17, 2015 by PNOT50

    The Facebook tasks and iOS tasks differ a little so I'm keeping track here. Facebook version tasks can be found here:Special Operations - Symbiosis

    The daily roulette has three old lockboxes, one UISO slot (1000), the Web Axe, an Antiserum Bomb, 10 gold, 20CP (I think), and as usual a crappy old ISO.

    The weapon set can be viewed here:Sticky Situation Set

    Sandman lockboxes can be won from deploys.
    My lockbox progress: 180 boxes, 8 covers

    Task 1 Defeat 5 test subjects
    Task 2 Collect 10 UISO
    Task 3 Defeat Anti-Venom (mini-boss)
    Task 4 Defeat Vulture (mini-boss)
    Task 5 Defeat Scream (boss)
    Task 6 Research Antiserum Bomb
    Task 7 Spawn and defeat Hybrid on your own map (note: The EA-GA method STILL works in iOS just fine)
    This is where you need to start bei…

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  • Master of Mysteries

    Next PVP hero

    January 16, 2015 by Master of Mysteries
    1. look a the pictures I will post It's only speculation but I want "Hela" the Queen of Nifhleim (land of death)
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  • Marhawkman


    January 14, 2015 by Marhawkman

    The boss, Green Goblin is a scrapper, and the rest of the enemies? Well, they're the Goblin Serum variant of Test Subjects. So the fights leading up to the boss can have any class of enemy but generalist. Thus a versatile team is useful.

    This mission has a pretty low number of characters you can use.

    Agent Venom; 135cp infiltrator who changes to bruiser at random

    • General: Somewhat unreliable character who shouldn't be used in fights with enemy blasters.
    • Avoid using with: none
    • Synergizes with: his infiltrator form has a potent ranged attack set that could work well with other ranged characters.

    Black Widow; free as infiltrator, 45, or 35 cp for tac alts

    • General: good character for debuffing enemies, especially since the "Goblin Serum" buff IS r…

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  • ScratchNSniff

    Howdy Avengers,

    After commenting on a recent discussion, I thought I would start a blog to tackle everyone's favorite mission, Ouroboros, a.k.a. Season 1, Chapter 12, Mission 2. Normally I run whichever heroes I need to level in the open spot, but I wanted to reach out to the community for alternatives and track the results. To make it as inclusive as possible, I will run it with my agent clad in his shimmering Generalist Birthday Suit. I will try to use weapons that are either gold/chapter mastery or easily acquired. I also will use Scrapper Captain Steve Rogers, unless that proves too frustrating for newer players. Cap's alts make a huge difference in strategy, but I find Scrapper Capt. Steve works well with almost every hero.

    I will do my…

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  • IronspeedKnight

    If you played this game for over a year, you know that silver have had a massive drought. Even if you never bought the second training room, you know you're spending more than you gain weekly.

    Flight decks are ok, but they still don't quite offer enough. Having two spec ops without any group bosses doesn't make anything easier.

    I personally used to have over 10,000,000 silver. Now, I'm constantly selling my supplies just to have enough to set out for California...

    Do you think the game needs a new, reliable major source of silver? Type your thoughts and ideas below.

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