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  • TheNameIWantedWasTaken

    With all the female heroes being released recently (Elsa Bloodstone, Misty Knight, Kamala Khan), I was curious to see just what the gender ratio was at right now.

    As of Nov. 11, 2015, females are:

    26.1% of all Tacticians;

    37.9% of all Blasters;

    26.9% of all Bruisers;

    30.8% of all Scrappers;

    52.0% of all Infiltrators;

    30.0% of all Generalists;

    and 34.5% of heroes, all classes.

    I find this very interesting...Thoughts?

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  • IronFrank

    Good evening, my fellow Agents.

    I bring to you this little blog about some gear you should really have or at least not to lose the chance to get them in your wish list for SantaClaus. The porpuse of this is to have a point of start for new players, a resumé for expert players and to balance the procs and cons of many gear to reach one of these list.

    There are many awesome gears in game that sometimes is hard to know which ones should I get or focus to use on certain strategies, but most of all, which ones are the best at any situation with any team or equipment?

    Here you´ll find 3 types of list, all about must have gears, a list of VIP Gears (LE, PVP, SpecOps, GoldSale, CoverTask). Best Farmable (PVE, ChallengeMode) & Re-work Gears(green-blue new o…

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  • Salvatore.spinelli.54
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  • AgentWolfe

    Group Boss Etiquette

    October 25, 2015 by AgentWolfe

    I'm by no means a MAA expert. I've only fought 4 of the Group Bosses (GB), and I'm definitely not the strongest player on my allies list. But, I have come up with a few rules that I follow and it seems to work. It gives you a lot of Lockboxes (LB), but it helps your friends get a lot of LB too. Trust me, I tried my first time all by myself & it just doesn't work. You need other ppl supporting you, and vice versa.

    First, you probably want some numbers right?

    LB hero: Costs between 80 and 360 LB.

    Personal experience: Costs for me range between 130 and 220 LB.

    Baron Mordo : 50 LB; sofar.

    Enchantress : Collected 481 LB.

    Superior Spider-Man : Collected 497 LB.

    Kang : ... Well, I'd just started.

    With the absolute best luck, you can unlock a hero with 80 LB, w…

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  • Rean411

    random PVP teams

    October 18, 2015 by Rean411

    Like the title says this blog is just for random pvp teams. they can be silly, awesome, OP, meta changing, whatever you want. just make sure to list agent level, your general tier in pvp (silver, gold ,diamond, vibranium, adimantium.) you must include agent suit and gear as well as any E-iso or a-iso on agent and heroes. let me know in the comments how you like the teams I have and if you have any teams of your own. Thanks

    So to start out my first team is

    Tactician empowered agent. generosity E-Iso 4 gear slots. features skeptic for dealing with pesky magic heroes as well as SOA and nul. techno endo skeleton for dealing with bleed and psychic attacks. SOA for mystic and other annoying buffs and debuffs. WBA. ignore defense and hit harder. w…

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  • IronFrank

    Evening, Agents. As a boring and free-time day at office, I decided to make a new entry about, IMVH&HO, the best Supplies/Gifts til moment to help new player or curious Agents to know which are the best ones around.

    In my experience, many of them had prevent great disasters and made easier some epic fights. Against the odds, a well synchronized application of these maybe give the perfect timing into a huge counter-attack and give the flip over OP foes. Even if their use is only on PVE, thinking, hypotetically, about using some of them on PVP may get us on nerves. 

    As important as gear in a battle, and even better than certain heroes skill, a Supply/Gift from our inventory may save the day and bring us the glory in battle. Here is a top 15 of …

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  • Bagatrix

    Heroic Reworks

    October 12, 2015 by Bagatrix

    blog moved to maafanficuniverse wiki

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  • Aldranger

    My Hero Acquisition Log

    October 6, 2015 by Aldranger

    Ooookay. This blog isn't really for other people, and more for just me.

    I made another facebook account exclusively for playing Avengers Alliance, so my main account (already at level 300+) can have more allies. This blog is mainly about which heroes I bought/acquired, when I acquired them, and why, for this new account.

    Where it might help is give new players an idea of who to recruit first when they're new, and the order they recruit heroes. Remember though, that you can buy any hero you want in any order you want. It's your sort of fun. I'm trying to acquire heroes balancing fun and future planning.

    As of the start of this blog, my new account is at level 21; leveling up quick is fun for me and right now I can level up in PvP 24. Lots of t…

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  • Truelegden

    Heroes Released

    September 27, 2015 by Truelegden

    Released Heroes
    Event/Year 2012


    CT -
    Lockbox -
    General Release

    TOTAL - 44 -

    Released Heroes
    Event/Year 2013




    90 CPs

    TOTAL - 39 -

    Released Heroes
    Event/Year 2014




    90 CPs

    TOTAL - 28 -

    Released Heroes
    Event/Year 2015


    CT -

    90 CPs

    TOTAL - 29 -
    • TBR stands for To Be Released
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  • Sijfer

    ◎ Incursion

    September 24, 2015 by Sijfer

    As we well know, Incursions is an event where two distinct parallel universes collides with each other, resulting to the destruction of both universes if one of the other "Earth" is not destroyed. Although, the game's Incursion is different from the comic book Incursion, in the sense that the Universes represent the Players' User IDs.

    • Each Player control a different Universe (PKB would be Earth-PKB, DarkClown would be Earth-DMC, and so on...)
    • Whiners (forgive the term) represent the Universes that know about the Incursion, but panics instead of looking for their own solutions, which could result to that Universes' destruction
    • Players who quit represent the destroyed Universes
      • Quit because they don't like the game represent the Universes that w…
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  • 4robmos


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  • Cs89
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  • Cs89

    My Season 2 Progress

    September 1, 2015 by Cs89

    Hello everyone!

    I have played this Facebook game almost 2 years ago and I done the major main quests of each Season 2 Missions. As you see at the picture, it displays the heroes that I have to buy for all the 9 Chapters.

    I would like to ask, which heroes should I buy for the Season 2 Chapters?

    Which Chapter worth to do to for the alternate hero uniforms?

    Any advice and suggestions will be appreciated.

    Edit:I am sorry that I violated a rule being attached to the image uploading.

    Here is the url to the pic if anyone interested still:

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  • Schroder911

    I have iOS mobile version of this wonderful game.  I have been stocking up on everything, but waiting and waiting for the continuation of this version while the FB version keeps trucking along.  I'm getting disheartened by the idea that iOS and Android might follow the way of the Windows phone and get discontinued.

    Anybody have any thoughts on the matter?

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  • Antman1234


    August 20, 2015 by Antman1234

    For your first day of starting the game you should recuit iron man, black widow, and Hawkeye. After that get pvp and your hero. Then save up for black cat for your first epic boss. Then started to collect command points for premium missions and epic bosses.

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  • Sijfer
    This is only a list for beginners to guide them if ever they encounter the S.H.I.E.L.D. Alert even though everyone else can play normally.
    Sometimes also works if the player only receives a black screen instead of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Alert or an endless loading screen.
    This list is still in progress.
    Feel free to send your disapproval, comments and/or suggestions in my message wall.

    No YouTube, no Wikipedia, no Twitter, no Torrents, no Bots! Just your browser, Facebook, and the game... and only THE GAME!!!

    Sometimes, it's just a memory issue. Check if you have less than 5GB space left. If 5GB free space isn't fixing it, continue freeing up to 10GB. If it's still there, proceed to the next suggestion below.

    Check if your CPU Auto-Updates and In…

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  • Christopher.mitchell.165685

    BLOG!! ..... That's about it. I can't think of anything to say. T_T

    Well, I can say that I'm a HUGE fan of the game, but I only jumped on in right around the time of that Special Ops where Falcon was up for grabs. But since then, I haven't stopped playing this game. Having the time of my life. 

    Me personally, I'm a talented Artist, conceptualist, drafter, storyboard artist, cooking apprentice, and I'm looking for employment. Apart from that, that's about it. I can be impatient sometimes, disillusioned, anxious, even a little overly emotional; but I'm really friendly, and I like making friends and talking to people. I tend to say the wrong things whenver I get nervous, but I try my best not to say the wrong thing in a conversation and not be …

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  • Truelegden

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  • IronFrank

    Fancy Swords on M:AA

    August 6, 2015 by IronFrank

    Hello Agents, just to pass time and to know the likes of many of you, as simple as the title says.

    Wich Swords are the best ones for you in two cathegories:

    1.- The best good looking.

    2.- And the most useful on battle. (With other set pieces or by itself, PVE & PVP opinions).

    I´ve seen very nice ones along the game, sadly I dont got them all, and specially many of the best looking get out of my range to get, f.e. Vorpal Blade, very good looking and actually a very good one for battles.

    You may name 1 or 2 per category to let space for explanations. But by looking I list the next ones:

    • No mercy.- Exactly, love the handle.
    • Relenteless Rappier .- Heavy hitter.
    • Kuzuri .- To short but too beautiful, before nerf it was awesome.
    • Vampiric Sword .- Extra turns…
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  • Agent Wildrider

    Heroes are the most important part of MAA, but with over a hundred heroes, it can be tough for new players to know who they should get. This blog will try to help new players make their descions. Heroes are listed in descending order of how you should get them.

    Before we continue, Spec Ops Deploys are always more important than any of the heroes in this blog. GET THE DEPLOYS BEFORE THE HEROS HERE

    All the 15 CP Heroes For those who don't know, (I highly doubt that you don't know) the 15CP heroes are Cyclops, Iron Fist, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. As for why they are essential, all of them are cheap and rather good heroes.

    Cyclops is a good tactican who can deal decent damage and his Lvl 6 works really well with most heroes. Plus,…

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  • Sijfer
    NOTE: This is only a strategy guide for beginners in fighting the Boss Bastion in the Daily Missions. Please go to the Daily Missions page fore more details. This Blog Page is still under construction.

    enemy2 name = Bastion enemy2 link = Bastion/Boss enemy2 icon = Bastion enemy2 class = Generalist enemy2 effect = enemy3 name = Tesla Nimrod enemy3 icon = Tesla Nimrod enemy3 class = Blaster enemy3 effect =


    Bastion is a Boss enemy on several Daily Missions

    • All Heroes (9)

    • Spider-Man Associated (3)
    • Mutants (1)

    • Blasters (2)

    Tesla Nimrod --> Prime Sentinel --> Bastion

    The Prime Sentinel and Bastion starts a being Generalists, but they change to their Class based on the opponents who attacks them. Attacking these two with Generalists won't change their Cl…

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  • Bobby1999 13

    Update just forced me to refresh and surprise, surprise!!!, dont go hard on me english is not my thing.

    • Expires August 8
    • Tactician: 34 CP
    • Generalist: 48 CP
    • Be An Avenger: AOU Avengers have a chance to interrupt and counter Ranged attacks

    Sadly, IMO, Heroic Age Hawkeye still looks better though especially with Nocked and Loaded. Kinda wished the AOU suit retained the Loaded Quiver passive. But still, the outfit and AOU passive is nice against Ranged foes so thanks for that. I mean it DOES interrupt Ranged attacks. Got both anyway. Hahaha. It could have been better though.

    Still, I dont know if to buy the tactician alt. or the generalist alt., and with whom to use

    him, of course i will wait to see comments on the class chossing part first, then tes…

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  • Witnessme

    Hola! Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our THIRD annual battle is coming up in a couple of weeks...and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate! Admins, I encourage you to rally your contributors to vote on one particular fantastical food before submitting your selection.
    Click HERE to submit a food from your community.
    The top 64 foods will be entered in Round 1, which launches on July 29.
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  • J.Stormfeather

    Hi Everyone,

    I have collected the required heroes for all of the previous SpecOps. I have also highlighted heroes that were required more than once with bold.

    The Following Heroes have been required more than once:

    Gambit / Beast / Scarlet Witch / Hercules / Psylocke / Wasp / Spider-Man / Black Cat / Colossus / Punisher / Red Hulk / Phoenix / Tigra / Hercules

    The following heroes have been required more than twice:

    Wasp / Hercules

    I will keep this list updated as new SpecOps roll out in the future.

    Special Operations 01 - Don't Say A Word...

    Hero Unlock: Mockingbird

    5 Star all missions / No deploy requirement

    Special Operations 02 - Long Live The Queen

    Hero Unlock: Emma Frost

    Colossus / Phoenix / Scarlet Witch

    Special Operations 03 - Avengers VS X-Me…

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  • Goldencahill

    Everyone knows that Gear Sets can be some of the most powerful agent setups in the game. Their synergy often allows them to give the agent a particular sytle, almost like a hero using moves in a certain order for a certain effect, and less like the Agent simply with random pieces of gear picked up along the way. However, there is a flaw with sets, and that is their difficulty to obtain. Most of the earlier sets now cost players high gold amounts, and the newer ones require extensive _ farming to complete in time. As I mess around with my PVE and PVP teams, I realize that using any gear in the game you can create a custom 'set' that works just like a set would, without any of the hastle. Without further ado, here is a compilation of custom …

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  • Mrlmm0605

    SDCC Announcements

    July 11, 2015 by Mrlmm0605

    Each of these comes straight from the panel with Justin Woods and AgentM from the Marvel Booth at SDCC.

    -The following heroes are announced

       -Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon)

       -Spider-Girl (May Parker)



       -Spider Man 2099

    -The next Worthy will likely be Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans

    -Spider-Ham is fairly low on the production list, 'somewhere below Howard the Duck and Slapstick'

    -No alternate uniforms were directly announced, but more are on the way

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  • BlazeWu

    This is meant to be a public collection of my personal iso-8 builds that differ significantly from the standard PKB build or is not featured in the other 3 main iso-8 blogs.
    I prefer to report the final iso-8ed stats as it gives a better perceptive to how the hero is finally built than how much you're adding (what PKB & Shade99 did).

    War Machine/Iron Patriot is a very fast attacker which quickly becomes a burden once Overcharge/Full Overcharge is used and the last barrage is over. Hence, I personally use an extreme build for him to make sure he gain more in kills than losing in turns. Note this is less compatible with the Orginal War Machine alt which has some emphasis on survival
    3 Powerful, 4 Violent and 1 Steady:
    9298 HP, 2601 Atk, 1830 Acc


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  • Hikelodeon


    WARNING: not english speaker blog, be nice :)

    Right now the Relentless Rapier is quited bugged, it has an INSANE damage and it is following up >60% of my other heroes attack, and I was thinking , " Man, my agent can win any fight almost on his own... you know what? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! i will try to win fights on PVP with my agent + 2 bad heroes( at least heroes that are out of the current meta). I will try some teams bymyself and i will also accept sugestions :)

    (The e-iso is the Relentless/Empowered Iso-8 )

    I will fight 3 practice fight with every team, and i will always pick the one in the middle, like this:

    Enough explanation, let's do it XD

    SHATTERSTAR(L11) + WASP(L11+ Irritating Empowered Iso-8)

    two bruiser to get enraged, …

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  • Sijfer

    NOTE: This is only a list guide of Heroes that can be used in this type of Daily Mission. For more information, please visit the Daily Missions and Team-Up Bonuses pages.

    The Agent is allowed to participate in this type of mission.

    List of Heroes that are Eggheads

    Hero Available Class Note
    Tactician (Recruit)
    each (Infiltrator and Tactitian Horseman of Apocalypse alt)


    Isn't listed on the Eggheads Team-Up Bonus List, but is allowed to participate
    Blaster (alternates into Tactician and Infiltrator upon reaching Lv6) Toolbox

    Tactician (Recruit)
    each (Scrapper World War and Avengers Alts)
    each (Bruiser World War, Avengers and Age of Ultron Alts)
    (Tactitian Age of Ultron Alt)

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  • Sijfer

    NOTE: This is only a list guide of Heroes that can be used in this type of Daily Mission. For more information, please visit the Daily Missions and Magic (Type) pages.

    The Agent is allowed to participate in this type of mission.

    List of Heroes that uses Magic

    Hero Available Class Note



    Tactician (Recruit)
    (Modern Blaster Alt)
    (Modern Tactician Alt)

    Isn't listed on the Mission Description List, but is allowed to participate
    Infiltrator (Recruit)
    each (New Mutants Blaster and Infiltrator Alts)


    Infiltrator (Recruit)
    Season 2: Chapter 5 - Spot Treatment (Transian Blaster and Infiltrator Alts)

    Heroes with at least 1 Magic-related move

    Hero Available Class …

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  • IronspeedKnight

    Empty Abyss

    June 26, 2015 by IronspeedKnight

    You read that title right? Sums up how the the blog section in this wiki has been looking for the past few months. Can't really blame it. Back when it was popular it was plagued with an overload if fan fiction.

    Now (aside from the occasional guide), there really isn't any use for them. You can just use the threads.

    So what are your opinions on the nature of blogs? Do you think they should make a comeback or are threads far superior.....or do you simply don't care to begin with and only read this because you were bored.

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  • TheNameIWantedWasTaken

    This is how I imagine the game is like for a devoted gold-buying player.  Enjoy.

    M:AA Is Love, M:AA is Life. I was only 19 years old I loved M:AA so much, I had all the heroes unlocked and trained to level 14I pray to Playdom every night before bed thanking them for the life I've been given. M:AA is love I say, M:AA is life "Real" gamers overhear me and call me mean namesI knew they were just jealous of my devotion for M:AA I called them scrubs They doxxed me and banned me from their forumsIm crying now, and my feelings hurt I collapse on my keyboard and its really cold A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me Its M:AAI am so happy It whispers into my ear, "Gold sale!"It grabs me with its powerful cyber hands and puts me on …

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  • Leojsaad


    June 6, 2015 by Leojsaad

    Jurassic: Chase Stein

    Leech Off: Rogue

    Savagery: Ka-Zar, Shanna

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  • Screwdriver81

    There are many buffs and debuffs and also many possibilities to exploit them. So i'll try to make a list, just for myself and everyone you wants to have a short look at it.

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  • Anuub

    Well, it's been awhile since the last Special Ops, and I seem to be getting a little better at Special Ops with each new one.

    I've learned a few new things this Special Ops.  The first thing that I've learned is that now that I am level 300 with some heroes capable of one-hit-knock-out epic-overkill of enemies, it no longer makes sense to try to conserve U-Iso by only doing some of the deploys.  I now do all deploys and battles to maximally inflate my mission score on the first run through each mission to try to get three or four stars.  It's a much bigger U-Iso savings to not need to do extra runs of missions to complete 2-star or 3-star tasks.

    I do not do more battles than what is required for my current task.  Because it turns out that the …

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  • Marhawkman

    The tooltip for Linked Minds reads: Chance to generate any class ability when hitting, or hit by, Generalists. But that's rather vague. So I'm going to explain how it really works.

    Linked minds procs each time an Ultron Sentry attacks or is attacked by a hero, including counter attacks. When not attacking a generalist it only creates a class ability if it's a counter class, for example a blaster attacking a bruiser. When attacking a generalist it does a random roll for each class power. Also each sentry present will separately do the roll simultaneously each time it triggers.

    This random roll may give it 0 class powers or it may give it all 5. It does a random probability for each class separately. The odds, per class, are 25%.

    For an …

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  • Alexjr26


    May 28, 2015 by Alexjr26
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  • Havokguy

    Soo, I recently recruited Emma Frost, and I decided to make a blog dedicated to her. She's quite the beast, but keep in mind that my Emma is only level 6, and I'm still working on her.

    Emma is a character who has been nerfed and un-nerfed alot of times, but she has quite severe attacks, as well as an evergreen Phoenix Five costume which allows her to randomly increase all stats to allies in the middle of the round. Sounds neat, huh?

    Even though she is a 200 cp hero, and her uniforms cost 52 cp for infilitrator and 40 cp for tactician, she's well worth it.

    I just fought a battle using her, in level 5 default costume, and destroyed and obliterated the enemy team consisted of AoU uniformed Iron Man and Captain America. How?

    Her level 1. After the…

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  • Bagatrix

    So, these are the heroes + Alts + E/A-Isos I have:

    LVL 14

    Captain America w/ tact CSR and gen AoU alts unlocked + E-Iso and A-Iso

    Tact P5 Cyclops

    Blaster Modern Strange w/ Siphoning E-Iso and Phasing A-Iso

    Inf Swashcrawler w/ E-Iso

    Spider-Man w/ both E-Iso and A-Iso + Inf FF bought

    Blaster Modern Thor + E-Iso and both A-Iso

    Inf Famine w/ E-Iso + modern alt unlocked

    Magik w/ E-Iso and A-Iso + alt unlocked

    Valkyrie w/ A-Iso

    Havok w/ A-Iso

    Bruiser War w/ E-Iso

    Black Knight

    Vision w/ Flaring A-Iso

    LVL 13

    Iron Man w/ both MK 43 unlocked, Veronica unlocked + both E-Iso

    Tact Heroic Hawkeye w/ Nocking E-Iso

    Inv Woman

    Iron Fist w/ A-Iso

    Black Panther

    Scrap Blue Quicksilver

    Omega Sentinel w/ E-Iso



    Bruiser Death




    LVL 12

    Tact Grey Widow

    Bruiser P…

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  • Liqflames
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  • Potkettleblack

    Haven't written one of these in a while, but the most recent patch has caused enough consternation that I thought I'd write a blog post that I had intended to write a couple years ago. In fact, I thought I had written in, but searching through the archive, I can't find it. 

    At any rate, one of the main problems of setting up defensive PVP is understanding what your agent and your toons will do. There are two sides to that understanding, agent and toons. I once had the idea of breaking down toon "logic," but it proved to be too large a task, back when there were about 45 heroes (aka a long time ago in a galaxy far away). Rather than write an encyclopedia of rules for heroes involving weeks of code diving (maybe we can setup a group task at s…

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  • Xobai


    May 8, 2015 by Xobai

    Playdom cut staff quite seriously in 2014, and we see it in longer lead times for new content.  Even so, they have been able to execute a number of successful innovations since then: the daily mission, level-capped PvP, and the current Age of Ultron event which gives every indication of being an engaging, interesting, resource-draining blockbuster by the time it's all rolled out.  Even so, I find several areas of game development and play only partially-developed.  Here are some of the ideas and game aspects I'd like to see PD develop further:

    Agent Appearance

    "It's not whether you win or lose, but how good you looked" - David Lee Roth

    Indulge my vanity.  I know that the agent is designed to be a human, non-powered SHIELD representative, but …

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  • IronFrank

    Good evening, everybody.

    First time to write/edit something here, hope I am doing it right. Today, I come to you to ask few things about the recent and next Alts from AoU Avengers.

    I´m not a hardcore gamer or a wallet warrior, just a free dedicated and exited player of this awesome game. As a free and not so hardcore, the lack of allies(thinking to ask for some here) and always short on Gold and CP´s, these Alts and Spec Ops have been very cool to play. Good and bad things are always in almost any event PD releases to us and the expectation for more sometimes kills us.

    Thats why I ask to you suggestions about: Wich Avenger should I focus on level up first for his/her coming AoU Alt???

    Proudly I got all of them (Ironman-lvl14, Hulk-lvl12, Capta…

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  • IronFrank

    Good evening, everybody.

    First time to write/edit something here, hope I am doing it right. Today, I come to you to ask few things about the recent and next Alts from AoU Avengers.

    I´m not a hardcore gamer or a wallet warrior, just a free dedicated and exited player of this awesome game. As a free and not so hardcore, the lack of allies(thinking to ask for some here) and always short on Gold and CP´s, these Alts and Spec Ops have been very cool to play. Good and bad things are always in almost any event PD releases to us and the expectation for more sometimes kills us.

    Thats why I ask to you suggestions about: Wich Avenger should I focus on level up first for his/her coming AoU Alt???

    Proudly I got all of them (Ironman-lvl14, Hulk-lvl12, Captain-l…

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  • Sijfer

    This is just a compiled data from multiple suggestions on how they were able to defeat Ultron.

    • Generalized - for Ultron's habit of utilizing multiple job classes.
    • Heroic Age Iron Fist or Future Foundation Invisible Woman (with Circulating Empowered Iso-8) - for those pesky debuffs from Ultron's multiple turns.
    • Magneto (with Quick Empowered Iso-8) - because even though Ultron's made of Vibranium now, it's still metal.
    • Heroes that deal huge amount of damages - such as Iron Man, Havok, Deadpool, etc...

    (Hey! I'm not that great in picking up equipment. So you don't have to use mine. Pick the combination that suits yours.)

    • Agent Gokai Decade (Generalist's Empowered Armor)
      • Nanite Inductive Nailgun
      • Coulson Special
      • Staff of Tepid Storms
      • Skeptic
        • Inspiring Empowered…

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  • Sijfer

    Related Spec Ops has ended

    • Guide derived from, specifically from Kingfisher745.
    • "Derived", because I ignored some ISO-8 that were recommended.
    • The purpose of this guide is to help those who have problems accessing the YouTube site.

    • Mainly ISO-8s that give additional HP, ATK, and DEF such as Stalwart ISOs.

    • For this Battle, Recovering E-ISO is highly recommended.

    • Slots 1&3: Any
    • Slots 2&4: Suppressing A-ISO (highest priority for Slot 2), Ionizing A-ISO (highest priority for Slot 4) or any A-ISO that can increase the hit accuracy (Focused Ballistic, Focused Mechanized, or Focused Radiant).

    • Iron Man "WILL BE A BLASTER" in this Fight. You can't change that.
    • Iron Man WILL start out using Hulkbuster.
    • The Hulkbuster resores HP after 3 rounds.
    • Hulk w…

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  • Magnus14

    Onslaught, the combination of the conciousness of Prof. X and Magneto got to be in the game some how. Do you guys think it's a good idea?

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  • Goldencahill

    With the new Age of Ultron suits coming out and some having very different movesets to their original characters, I figured I would revisit the Avengers and provide my opinions on good A-ISO and E-ISO builds for each one. These builds are specifically for their new suits, the builds for the original suits can be found here. Let's get right to it.

    ]] Hulkbuster is an interesting character to work with. One suit is Bruiser, one is Blaster, and the Hulkbuster option is both no matter which suit you choose. Since he uses both Melee and Ranged abilities, there are a number of options.

    EISO: If you can get his personal from the Epic Boss, Overloading, it would be the best choice since it will allow you to prevent and counter Tech actions, frequent…

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  • WZ Task

    Me And Kang

    April 25, 2015 by WZ Task

    I really like the daily missions.  The game was clearly missing some kind of regular small content update, or task to complete, and dailies just nail that on the head.

    Best of all, free A-ISOs! Free E-ISOs! Exactly what I needed as a prize. Didn't have anywhere near enough of them.  Run the daily a couple times, free gold! A couple more, free CP!  One of the rare times the game has delivered exactly what I want.

    Sometimes the prize is weaker, equipment or consumable items, so run those once to see how it is and that's probably it.  Absolutely no issue with that.  Maybe I'd like a level 300 version of that weapon, and who doesn't need more tacos?  Or hey, turkey legs, those are always good too.

    But the one that really gets me, is the lockbox p…

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  • Xobai

    1.12.2 the Xobai way

    April 24, 2015 by Xobai

    Season 1, Chapter 12, Mission 2 is the most important single mission in MAA.  With two roulettes in two battles - including an epic roulette - it is easily the most efficient place to farm CP.  Once you get there you will run it frequently and repeatedly, so tips on how to run it well are essential.  The faster you can run it, the more CP you can farm.  This blog will focus the main fight, with all 9 enemies, since the Viper epic is much shorter and less difficult to dissect.  For my part, I have gotten to the point that I can often run the main mission, with all 9 enemies, in three rounds or less.  

    My setup:

    I use Bruiser WWII Cap with his personal (Fervent) EISO.  Since WWII Cap and I go way back, I still have him ISO'd with all chaotics.…

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