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    Hello, and welcome to the sixth part of my Fanwork Chapter, Infinite Chaos! Hope you enjoy it... we're coming close to the end!

    Briefing: The final battle against Thanos begins as he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to render Earth's defenses near useless... and he's got support.

    Notes: Premium Mission; Epic Boss Mission

    Location: Urban Core

    Nº of Incursions: Two

    Required Hero (Premium): Gamora


    This mission contains 3 Heroic Battles

    Battle Briefing: Help for Thanos just keep popping up. The Brotherhood of Mutants wants a piece of the Infinity Gauntlet's power to boost their number of members.

    Required Hero: Scarlet Witch

    Team-Ups: Avalanche, Sabretooth

    Wave 1 - Blob, Dragoness

    Wave 2 - Toad, Mystique

    Special Strategies: None.


    •  Chaotic Empowered Iso-…

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    Bishop - New Attack

    September 5, 2014 by HPisBS

    Let's fix Bishop.

    The issues he currently has are pretty obvious: his E-ISO lets you use the Focus Energy on his L6 for free energy. What's more, the advent of multi-functions / "extended rest" makes assigning that non-move to his L6 unnecessary.

    So, the clear solution would seem to be to simply relocate Focus Energy to an extended rest, and create a new attack for his Run and Gun mode's L6. Instantly, there's no more free energy to exploit, and we finally get a change he's needed since the 1st extended rest ability made its debut.

    I see two interesting possibilities:


    Flash Bang

    2 Round Cooldown

    Ranged, Explosion, Tech

    Special Properties
    Delayed Detonation
    • Detonates before the next action is taken.
    • High chance to interrupt if the next act…

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    Got this question numerous times, so decided to make a mini-guide about it.

    Start you message of with:  /me

    Continue your message normally.

    If I wanted to type that you like the new PVP gear, I would write:

    /me likes the new PVP gear.

    It will then turn out like this once I enter it in chat:

    If you still have any questions or troubles regarding doing this, just type them in the comments below.

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    Pre-vp Beta Team Plan

    September 2, 2014 by Lionking20

    Special thanks to ISK for the Image Help

    Hello Everyone!

    This previous Pre-vp, I was able to play into the Vibranium league. However, I ran into a couple of problems. I used Iron Man along with Iron Fist, but, Fist went down really quickly, and Iron Man was extremely weak to Cyclops due to class. This seems like an extensive problem at first, since both heroes are strong, but, how can we fix both probs at one time. Simple, a certain Flora Colossus. Today, I;m going to share with you my Pre-vp Beta team plan: Iron Fist and Guardian Groot.

    Stat Isos: Full Health and Defense. Be the wall. Survive

    Ei8: Since this is Guardian Groot, he can only have 1 ei8. However, it is totally worth it, as his GoG ability makes him much stringer, even if its just…

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    Depowering Iso-8

    August 31, 2014 by Vision0

    I have an idea for a new type of iso-8, Depowering Iso-8. 

    It applies debuffs on enemies without you attacking them for that,and the effects refresh themselves if removed as long as the hero who has it is still alive.

    Here are some of my ideas for isos, please comment your feedback on the ideas and on the concept itself.

    This is made for Iceman.

    • Note: I imagine them looking like E-Isos,but more spikey and bulky.

    All enemies gain Chilled at the start of each round. Cannot be removed as long as Iceman is alive.

    Refreshes every round. |Partof = Depowering Iso-8 Effects |tooltip = All enemies gain Chilled at the start of each round. Cannot be removed as long as Iceman is alive. Refreshes every round.}} }}

    This is made for Hawkeye,i am doing…

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    Just a quick list of some non-american heroes I want to see

    United Kingdom:

    • Albion
    • Dark Angel
    • Death's Head
    • Death's Head II
    • Death Metal
    • Death Wreck
    • Killpower
    • Motormouth
    • Ultra Marine


    • Banshee
    • Siryn


    • Silver Samurai
    • Honey Lemon
    • Bayomax
    • Yu Komori


    • Sabra


    • Darkstar
    • Crimson Dynamo (LB hero)
    • Ursa Major


    • Vindicator
    • Guardian
    • Puck
    • Aurora
    • Northstar
    • Shaman
    • Sasquatch
    • Snowbird
    • Box
    • Maverick


    • Magma



    • Kristoff Vernard


    • Namor
    • Namorita

    Savage Land:

    • Ka-Zar
    • Zabu


    • Crystal
    • Gorgon
    • Triton
    • Lockjaw


    • Silver Sable
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    Lockbox Predictions

    August 30, 2014 by Eganthevile1

    These are the next batch of villains I whole heartedly believe will become lockbox heroes:

    1. Winter Soldier: If Bucky Barnes does not get made into a hero, then someone at PD is high.
    2. Hybrid: Only in game villain who was never a villain in the comics, nuff said.
    3. Mystique: Kinda obvious, for usually self-serving reasons she has been a hero multiple times.
    4. Blob: Like Mystique, hard to write Fred Dukes off completely, Freedom Force comes to mind.
    5. Toad: Wolvie's Janitor LOL
    6. Baron Zemo (as Citizen V): I kind of expect Zemo will appear in his "heroic" alter-ego now that Fixer has been confirmed as a LB hero.
    7. Green Goblin: Now I fully expect him and the next two to be under some sort of Government death threat to cooperate much like in the comics, and muc…
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    Based on this news i hope it helps move things along to tie blade into MAA at least it would make sense and give the devs a story to tie it in with

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    Don't mean to knock mobile/ios players but im sure theres alot of facebook players. im not one to support segregation or anything but can't there be a separate forum/page for mobile players and have a facebook player page? Just seems like the game is at very different stages for these different platforms. I parouse the wiki to see what people are posting but im finding myself sifting through a lot more mobile app postings than facebook.

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    Star Lord Alt

    August 27, 2014 by Jethrousmc

    Blaster and Tact...a bit surprised they didnt allow the option of original class. Looks alright wonder if it is evergreen

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    New Suits

    August 27, 2014 by Starkyloki

    Film's costume designs:

    the amazing Spider-Man 3

    The Avengers age of ultron

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    More Fanon Heroes :D

    August 27, 2014 by OmniWill
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    Ruzzian R.

    Handsome Modok

    August 26, 2014 by Ruzzian R.
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    Doesn't everyone wish he would get a buff? Besides Loki, this is one of the lamest Lockbox heroes to ever cost people gold, and he was great until PD nerfed him very recently. Since they wouldn't buff damage on his L1 cuz it could be too OP, why can Gamora do the same with her L9? Most people just wanted a bit more damage, but I think a revamp like this would make Thane at the top of everyone's wishlist. Enjoy!

    Thane -  Blaster

    Health:  3/5

    Stamina: 3/5

    Attack: 4/5

    Defence: 2/5

    Accuracy: 3/5

    Evasion: 2/5


    • Self-Preservation -  Starts combat with Preservation.
    • Living Death -  Chance to trap attackers in Amber, applying Amber to them.

    L1 - Sealing Touch (Add a damage buff of about 40%)

    • Amber
    • Fatal Blow

    L2 - Life and Death

    • Desperation Attack
    • Brutal S…

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    Brock Lee

    Why is our player base dropping? Here are some thoughts.

    Some percentage of Android devices are lost, stolen, reset, or destroyed every day. The way PD has designed this game, that should equal the "baseline" expected player base loss on a daily basis.

    Two things work to counteract that loss

    1. Some people have discovered (likely due to this forum, but possibly on their own) that it is the Android ID value that identifies your game AND taken measures to back it up AND are willing/able to root a new device and restore that value to it counteract that rate.
    2. Some players (I am assuming a very low percentage, partly due to the next reason) that previously made significant progress and suffer device / account loss will be willing to start over.

    Even co…

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    August 25, 2014 by DusanMAA
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    I think the majority of people know that Thing is not very good. He is really a slightly changed version of Colossus, his L6 and Colossus's L9 are the same, they both protect, and have passives cutting debuffs down and reducing crits.. I am going to revamp both to make them more unique. Let's start with Thing.

    Thing - Bruiser

    Health: 4/5

    Stamina: 3/5

    Attack: 3/5

    Defence: 5/5

    Accuracy: 2/5

    Evasion: 3/5


    • Interlocking Stones - Very high crit resistance. Immune to Bleeding, Burning and Chilled. Chance to reduce damage when hit.

    L1 - Clobberin' Time

    • Exploits Staggered
    • Staggered (Added)
    • Shaken - Actions take 20% more Stamina. (Added)

    L2 - Stonewall

    • Stonewall (Melee attacks against Thing apply Staggered and Pain)
    • Fortified (Added)

    L3 - Fault Line

    • Collapsing…

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    I think we all can agree, Black Cat is a hero in need of help if I ever saw one. She has NO passive, not even a temporary passive which every other hero has. As such, here is my revamp for Black Cat. It makes her more playable, giving her the unique ability to lower and raise chances on actions. This comes with a refractor for Unlucky, which is super lame in my opinion. 

    Black Cat - Infiltrator

    Health: 1/5

    Stamina: 4/5

    Attack: 1/5

    Defence: 3/5

    Accuracy: 5/5

    Evasion: 5/5


    • Unlucky Aura -  All enemy actions with chances to apply debuffs or follow up have the chance reduced by 20% (Minimum 1%). Unlucky reduces Accuracy and Evasion.

    L1 - Cat Scratch

    • Bleeding
    • Ravaged
    • Cracked Armor -  Reduces defence by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. (Added)

    L2 -  Unlucky…

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    I know some people say Sif is good as she is, since she is only 23 CP, but I disagree. Luke Cage was refractored to be one of the greatest heroes in the game. Why can't it be Sif's turn? I'm keeping her stats the same, but revamping her moves and passives.

    Sif - Scrapper

    Health: 4/5

    Stamina: 3/5

    Attack: 3/5

    Defence: 4/5

    Accuracy: 3/5

    Evasion: 1/5


    • Asgardian - Immune to Burning, Chilled, Poisoned and Radiation.
    • Dimension Cleaving Sword -  Chance to teleport away from attacks (20% chance).
    • For Asgard! - Attacks gain Desperation when an ally is defeated.

    L1 - Thrust

    • Bleeding
    • Tenderized  (Added instead of on L2)
    • Exposed (Added)

    L2 - Leaping Slash

    • Deadly Crits
    • Exploits Tenderized
    • Hemmorrhaging Attack (Added)

    L3 -  Inspire Courage

    • Quick Action
    • Fortified
    • Focuse…

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    Hello, and welcome to the fifth part of my new Fanwork Chapter, Infinite Chaos! Hope you enjoy it!

    Briefing: Only two of the Infinity Gems are still with us, the Time Gem and the Mind Gem, and those Servo Guards seem determined to lower that number. But... who is running them?

    Location: Empire State Building

    Nº of Incursions: One

    Low (2): Hacked Servoguard (Bruiser), Hacked Servoguard (Scrapper)

    Medium (5): Wave 1 - Hacked Servoguard (Blaster), Hacked Servoguard (Scrapper), Hacked Servoguard (Blaster) ; Wave 2 - Hacked Servoguard (Bruiser), Hacked Servoguard (Bruiser)

    High (3): Wave 1 , 2 and 3 (all waves are equal) - Hacked Servoguard (Blaster), Hacked Servoguard (Bruiser), Hacked Servoguard (Scrapper)

    Battle Briefing: Skadi and Skirn are taking …

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    August 23, 2014 by Starkyloki

    I'm not very good at editing

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    A hero pretty requested some and not so for others. Personally, I would like that he's in the game. So, I've made a moveset for him

    Read and tell me if you like it :)







    Atlantean: • Immune to Ice and Water Debuffs
    • Take reduce damage from Water, Ice and Fire attacks
    • Very high crit resistance
    • Gains additional abilities when close to water
    • Gains Atlantean Force and Buildup when hitted by a Water Attack
    Atlantean Force:(2 Rounds) • Increase the damege of water attacks by 15%
    • Reduce damage taken by 10%
    • Stack up to 3 times

    Advantageous Combat:(3 rounds) • Namor will move the fight to a more suitable battlefield

    (After 3 rounds the Combat Background will change to another with water, like a beach or a …

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    Hello, and welcome to the fourth part of my Fanwork Chapter, Infinite Chaos! Hope you enjoy it!

    Briefing: The U-Foes escaped prison, and along with many other escapees, are trying to breach the Baxter Building. We cannot afford to lose another Infinity Gem...

    Location: NY Public Library

    Nº of Incursions: One

    Low (3): Yardbird, Ravager

    Medium (3): Wave 1 - Hooligan, Jailbird ; Wave 2 - Troublemaker

    High (2): Wave 2 - Felon, Hooligan, Felon ; Wave 2 - Troublemaker, Jailbird, Hooligan

    Battle Briefing: Guess who also got out of jail: Bullseye. He and some Hand members that also escaped prison are headed towards Baxter Building. Daredevil and Elektra are the most qualified to take Bullseye out.

    Required Hero: Daredevil

    Team-Up: Elektra

    Wave 1 - Hand Spy,…

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    Spec Ops 1:

    Recruit Mockingbird

    Epic boss not required.

    Spec Ops 2:

    Recruit Emma Frost

    Colossus, Scarlet Witch, and Phoenix required

    Spec Ops 3:

    Recruit Magik

    Gambit, Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Black Panther required

    Spec Ops 4:

    Recruit Ghost Rider

    Daredevil, Gambit, Hercules, and Quicksilver required

    Spec Ops 5:

    Recruit Valkyrie

    Beast, Kitty Pryde, Storm, and Wolverine required

    Spec Ops 6:

    Recruit Havok

    Beast, Deadpool, and Tigra required

    Spec Ops 7:

    Recruit Hank Pym

    Cable, Spider-Man, and Wasp required

    Spec Ops 8:

    Recruit Vision

    Black Knight, Captain Britain, and Psylocke required

    Spec Ops 9:

    Recruit Rescue

    Punisher, Union Jack, and War Machine required

    Spec Ops 10:

    Recruit Wonder Man

    Black Cat, Thundra, and X-23 required

    Spec Ops 11:

    Recruit Daimon Hellstrom

    Fantomex, I…

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    This is sort of a follow-up to my Empowered ISO-8 blog, because I wanted to see how Empowered ISO-8 would turn out before I did Augmented. Every hero will get one or two and I will update every few heroes.

    If you prefer Empowered, click here.


    Black Bolt - Vibrating A-ISO - Whisper applies Seismic Feedback to the team.

    Black Knight - Accursed A-ISO - Shield of Knight applies Ravaged, and grants a 60% chance for a follow up with Ebony Blade.

    Black Panther - Silent A-ISO - Wakandan Arts becomes Stealthy.

    Captain America -  Bashing A-ISO - Shield Bash applies Off-Balance and Winded.

    Constrictor - Distressed A-ISO - Distress Call is no longer Single Use, but gains a three round cooldown.

    Cyclops - Wise A-ISO -  Exploit Weakness applies Fumbl…

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    August 21, 2014 by Earthsong

    I'm glad to see that Medusa has finally made an appearance in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. However, I am a little disappointed with regards to her skill set, as it is rather lackluster. With that said, I have come up with my own version of her skillset (using the developers' design as a template, of course). I think that she would be a more capable fighter with my improvements. 

    First off, her Passive abilities...

    Crowning Glory: Self, Passive Buff

    • 20% chance to reduce the damage of incoming attacks
    • 50% chance to reduce the damage of incoming attacks if the enemy is Tied Up
    • Applies Subdue after an enemy with Tied Up uses a Melee attack
    • Applies Restrain after an enemy with Tied Up uses a Ranged attack
    • Only one enemy at a time can be Tied Up

    Tied Up: …

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    Hello, and welcome to the third part of my Fanwork chapter, Infinite Chaos! Hope you enjoy it! If you feel like it,  leave some feedback in the comments. It would really help!

    Briefing: There are lots of people looking for the Infinity Gems. Baron Mordo is opening portals near Sanctum Sanctorum, and demons keep pouring out faster than Dr. Strange can close them. We need to contain this, and fast.

    Location: Sanctum Sanctorum

    Nº of Incursions: One

    Note: This is the Epic Boss mission

    Low (1): Bellator, Domina

    Medium (4): Wave 1 -  Cusptero, Praefectus, Cusptero ; Wave 2 - Incascia, Meretrix

    High (3): Wave 1 - Auspex, Sicuspcis, Tetrabrach ; Wave 2 - Subcinctus, Verignis

    Required Heroes: Medusa, Black Bolt

    Team-Up: Thane

    Battle Briefing: Medusa and Black Bolt…

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    My Sprite Edits

    August 20, 2014 by Vision0

    Spider Venom(first edit ever)

    Sif as a Worthy:

    Red She Hulk:

    Secret Avengers Valkyrie:

    Terminathor(Ragnarok upgrade) :

    Moonstone Uniform:

    Symbiote Fantomex:

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    This is a page about the best 3 heroes for each cp range (command point), this is put together by a group of people from around the world who play MMA, and we have this conclusion





    90-CP 1.Captain America 2.Rogue 3.Union Jack

    135-CP 1.Deadpool 2.Psylocke 3.Agent Venom

    200-CP 1.Hank Pym 2.Ghost Rider 3.Emma Frost

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    Medusa now for gen rec

    August 19, 2014 by Jethrousmc


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    Hello, and welcome to the 2nd part of my new Fanwork Chapter, Infinite Chaos! Hope you enjoy it! Please leave some feedback on the comments below.

    Briefing: With one of the Infinity Gems already lost to HYDRA, S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to act quickly in order to prevent another gem from being taken. But why is A.I.M. trying to acquire the second gem instead of HYDRA?

    Location: Avengers Mansion

    Nº of Incursions: One

    Low (2): Bioethicist, Administrator, Bioethicist

    Medium (4): Wave 1 - Fire Chief, Fire Chief ; Wave 2 - Director

    High (3): Wave 1 - Scientist, Director, Fire Chief ; Wave 2 - Fire Chief, Director ; Wave 3 - Director

    Required Heroes: Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue

    Battle Briefing: An A.I.M. attack isn't an A.I.M. attack if  certain people don't show u…

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    Hello! Welcome to the first part of my new Fanwork chapter, called Infinite Chaos. I hope you enjoy it, and please drop some feedback on the comments. Thanks for reading!

    Briefing: HYDRA moves several soldiers to Wakanda, appearently looking for something. Let's find out what it is before they can get to it.

    Location: Riverside City

    Nº of Incursions: One

    Low (3): Wave 1 - Hydra Burner, Hydra Soldier

    Medium (2): Wave 1 - Hydra Judicator, Hydra Judicator; Wave 2 - Hydra Rampart, Hydra Rampart

    High (3): Wave 1 - Hydra Vanguard, Hydra Judicator, Hydra Vanguard; Wave 2 - Hydra Rampart, Hydra Rampart

    Required Heroes: Spider-Woman, Wonder Man

    Battle Briefing: Arnim Zola has been spotted near a Iso-8 warehouse in Wakanda with a couple of HYDRA soldiers. Spide…

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    Brock Lee

    Forward: I only play MAA for Android, and this may or may not apply to the WP, iOS, or FB flavors of the game.

    You'll see a lot of people here discussing which heroes to level and when. Usually it is strength-of-hero based or class based for PvP bonus, or some other in-game based approach. I propose an alternate approach. I believe your first priority should be getting your first 8 heroes in your list to level 12 ASAP. Reason? Jet stroke conservation. At the time of this writing, getting my silver nut is still over 10k more flight deck deploys. Yours may be higher or lower. I'll use mine as an example here. Let's look at that in terms of taps & swipes...

    Assuming the Flight Deck as the starting point, the process of sending a hero on a fligh…

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    Team “The Summers’ Revolution”

    Hello all,

    This is going to be one of my teams for FB PVP 18, and its written for use as an offensive team, though with a little though, might work as a defensive team too (Notes at the bottom).

    We’re going to focus on the “Revolt 5” weapon, which can be won in Season 2, Chapter 2, Mission 4 challenge mode. Of all of the characters in MAA, I’ve found the only two who’s abilities proc with the Revolt 5, are Uncanny Cyclops’ “Uncanny Leadership”, and Havok’s Uncanny Coordination. Since the two of them share the last name “Summers,” we get the team name, “The Summers’ Revolution”

    The way it works, is when the Agent takes QA shots with the Revolt 5, each shot has a chance to proc Cyclops and Havok’s abilities. If C…

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    The Next 100+

    August 12, 2014 by Texgnome1

    So here we are at character release #100 - Star-Lord.  AWESOME!  If you had told me a year ago that we'd be here by now, I'd have called you crazy.  While Playdom hasn't increased their release pace to the level I'd like, I certainly have no complaints.  And while we've reached 100 heroes, I still think there are WAY more that need to be released. So I've put together a list of the "next 100". 

    First off, the very title is a bit of a cheat.  Because there are several characters NOT on my list.  I didn't include them because I 100% believe they're coming.  Some have been confirmed.  Some have been mentioned by the developers.  Some I just have a sneaking suspicion about. So Big Bertha (art shown), Blade (mentioned), Fixer (confirmed), Howard…

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    PRE-Season PVP

    August 12, 2014 by Jethrousmc

    Starts in 15 minutes...wonder what this will be like...enjoy yall!  

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    1970's Batman Alt.

    August 11, 2014 by Goldencahill

    This alt is really just an upgraded Batman with slight moveset changes. Animations would remain mostly the same. The pic is below, ignore the words. Tumblr sometimes...

    Class - Tactican/Infiltrator

    Cost -  60 CP Tact. / 75 CP Inf.


    Memories of Death: Chance to counter melee attacks with Combat Takedown and ranged attacks with Silent Strike. Chance to gain an extra turn after an attack is countered in this way. Loses a turn when an ally is defeated.

    Master of Combat: All allies are granted Combat Trained, making Unarmed attacks Stealthy.

    1. Combat Takedown  (Melee Unarmed)  Target:One Enemy  Hit: 100%  Crit: 25%  No Cooldown

    • Combo Setup -  Next unarmed attack deals extra…

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    Avatar Aang

    August 11, 2014 by Goldencahill

    Read this blog. I only hope I did this amazing series justice. I just hope you don't have to drink cactus juice to make it seem good.

    Avatar Aang


    Health: 3/5

    Stamina: 4/5

    Attack: 1/5

    Defence: 3/5

    Accuracy: 3/5

    Evasion: 4/5


    Elemental Master -  Reduces incoming damage from Elemental, Fire, Electric and Ice attacks by 50%

    Air Monk - Chance to dodge melee attacks and counter with Air Burst.

    1. Air Burst   (Ranged Elemental)   Target: One Enemy   Hit: 92% Crit: 27%    No Cooldown

    He simply shoots a blast of air at one enemy.

    One Enemy

    • Off-Balance - Cannot counter attacks.
    • Dizzy - 25% less accuracy.


    • Master of Air - Accuracy and Evasion increased by 15% (3 rounds)

    If Avatar Aang has Avatar State, becomes Paragon Exploiter.

    2. Water Whip   (Ran…

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    Welcome to one of my... most different idea pages.

    This idea is basically what happens when I play 8 hours of both MAA and Arkham City simultaneously. Prepare for Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman ideas as well as several alts that may or may not make sense.

    If anyone is interested in seeing how I would portray Batman, here's a link!

    I'm Batman

    Classic Batman

    Dun Nun Nun Nun Nun Nun Nun Nun BATMAAAAN!

    Sinestro Corps Batman (cuz its awesome)




    Classic Robin




    Catty Lockboxes (covers, reward weapons, and more)




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    So, I know the Arkham games were not the best portrayal of Batman, but to make him less OP without alts, I used the uniform in the picture below. Enjoy Batman!

    I built this version to play around Combo Setup and Pressure Points with a few other assorted debuffs for support.

    Cost: 90 CP

    Arkham Batman

    Class: Tactician

    Health: 3/5

    Stamina: 3/5

    Attack: 2/5

    Defence: 2/5

    Accuracy: 3/5

    Evasion: 4/5


    Death in the Family -  Chance to counter melee attacks with Combat Training and ranged attacks with Batarang.

    1. Combat Training (Melee Unarmed)  Target: One Enemy    Hit:98% Crit: 14%    No Cooldown

    Batman punches the enemy three times, once to the neck, once to the liver and an uppercut.

    One Enemy …

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    Description :                                           Goons : Hellfire, Beta Test Subjects Threats : Lowx2 Medx2 Highx3

    Green Goblin Tries to save                    Minboss 1 : Mystique                         Deploys :

    his Test Subjects with the                      Team-up : Avalance                           Any Infiltrator : 1 battle

    bizzare serum and tries to                     Miniboss 2 : Selene                             Any Hero : 3 Battles

    take the hellfire club                              Team-up : Emma Frost                       Phoenix : 2 Battles

    by force.                                                Boss : Venom                                     Ares : 1 Battle


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    Hi ! this is my second blog post and the title says it. this is about heroes who should be refactored.

    Let's Start by Classes 

    NOTE : This is only opinions bolded words are the ones I added. Cooldowns, stamina cost, HIt/Crit Chance and type are still teh same unless noted.

    Passives :Flying, Electron Harnessing

    Actions :

    L1                                            L2                                        L6                                                      L9  

    Kingly Fists # of hits : 2             Royal Flight # of hits : 1         Whisper # of hits : N/A                         Power Word

    Special Properties                     All Allies                                Special Properties                              # of hits : 2

    Deadly Crit…

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    Spartan 02

    The Most OP Character Ever?

    Version 1: The Not-So-OP Version

    Class: Blaster

    Base Stats








    • Overpowered
    • Immune to Stun, Cower and Exhaustion effects
    • Cannot get Weakened and Impaired
    • Guaranteed to get the first turn in combat
    • No Buffs For You
    • Does not tolerate the application of buffs on enemies
    • Will remove the buffs of all enemies at the start of each round
    • No Mercy!
    • Immune to Intimidated
    • Ready to unleash a deadly attack on all enemies at the second round
    • Counter-Proof
    • Counter-attacks and follow-up attacks against this character will hit his ally instead
    • Enemies with or who make attacks against this character will hit his ally instead
    • No Cheating Pl0x
      • Something like , except that only applies to enemies
      • O…
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    A call for allies

    August 8, 2014 by Ironjo28

    Well after clearing out some old low level allies i have room for about 40 more.I know i can just goo to the add allies page,but i would rather know what level my allies are. My ID:Ironjo28 level: 134. Anyone want to join the galactic confederation of international planetary alliances? and yes i just came up with that.See you on ISO.

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  • 5

    As much as we all love this game, there's one thing that must be said for Marvel: Avengers Alliance. And that it's not exactly clear on what everything is. Oh, the intro when you first start the game does a decent job of things, but for the vast majority there's simply a lot that the game has that can and often DOES go over the heads of newer players. And frankly I don't think anyone of the main chat enjoys seeing new players constantly ask the same questions over and over that, by all rights, they should know but the game fails to appropriately tell them. To that extent, I present you all with this little week and a half worth's of work, My video guide to Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

    In this guide, you'll find the following:

    1. Rundown of all th…
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  • 21

    Hey everyone, I'm back for another exciting blog, this time in regards to the Master Tactician of the Inhumans, Karnak.  Still debating on whether this guy will be a Scrapper or a Tactician or maybe even a hybrid (doubtful), but I am looking forward to seeing what he can do.  There could be some PVP changes in store for us as well, so i will do my best to detail them before I get into the meat of the blog.  If there is a Lockbox or a weapon quest attached to this PVP season, I will be detailing my progress towards achievment.  As always, comments are always welcome, but keep it clean!  Hand gernades and brickwalls, people.  

    Ok, so we are back with PVP!  Well, sort of.  We have a Pre-season up and running, which gives some minor rewards upo…

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    My Heros

    August 4, 2014 by Stratron
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    Holygrail 4

    Hero Roster

    August 4, 2014 by Holygrail 4


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    I had this idea a while back based on how I wished some characters in this game could have more moves, as not very character has more than four. I forgot about it, but now that E-ISO and A-ISO are in the game it isnt too far-fetched in my opinion.

    Functional ISO-8 is a type of ISO that sockets into a certain move like A-ISO, but instead of augmenting the move it makes the move multi function, with the option of using a different type of move instead. The multi-function would not go beyond two and would have all its abilities stated as if it was a move you could socket (sorta like in MAAT). You would only buy these in the store, or they wouldnt be in the store and they would be rewards. There wouldn't be any non-specific ones that you can bu…

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    Race game

    Imperfects Spec Ops

    August 2, 2014 by Race game

    What do you guys think about an Imperfects Spec Ops? This game is a classic and the characters make good villains. It's my first blog post, so, if anything is wrong, just point out in the comments. So let's start!



    "When an alien invasion attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D, new super-humans (?) appears too. They call themselves the Imperfects."



    Class: Scrapper


    Teleport: Has 30% of chances to evade attacks with teleportation.

    Drain: Has 25% of chances of draining HP from anyone who attacks her.

    Ivulnerability: Immune to Fire, Poison, Chilled, Bleeding, Water and Radiation Exposure.



    (One Enemy)

    Retractable Blades


    Bleeding (Up to 3 stacks)

    Combo Setup…

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