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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Blizzard/Boss.

August 27, 2015 Patch NotesEdit

New Lockbox Hero: Blizzard

Bio: During his years working for Hammer Industries as a hired goon, Donald Gill had a troubled conscience. He had access to the powerful 'Blizzard Battlesuit', which could create blasts of intense cold, walls of ice, and other chilling effects, but he did not want to be used as a cog in a life of crime. He wanted to belong to a team and help those around him. He had been given opportunities to reform in the past, including a brief run with The Thunderbolts, but it was a recent encounter with Chase Stein which created the possibility of working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Class: Blaster
    • Passive:
      • Icing Up
        • Gains Cold Reception each turn
          • Reduced damage from attacks while active
          • One stack removed when hit by Fire or Energy attacks
        • Cannot occur while Burning
  • Move 1: Icebeam
    • Unlocked at Level 1
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Type: Ranged, Energy, Ice
      • Special Properties
      • One Enemy
        • Chilled (2 rounds)
          • Taking damage every turn
          • Evasion reduced
          • Cancelled by burning
  • Move 2: Crushed Ice
    • Unlocked at Level 2
    • Targets One Enemy
    • 1 Round Cooldown
    • Type: Ranged, Ice
      • One Enemy
        • Shield Breaker (1 round)
          • Removes and prevents new shields
        • Exposed
          • Defense reduced by 25%
        • Bleeding (3 rounds)
          • Taking damage every round or after performing hostile actions
          • This effect can be applied 3 times
  • Move 3: Arctic Attack
    • Unlocked at Level 6
    • Targets All Enemies
    • 1 Round Cooldown
    • Type: Melee, Ice
      • Special Properties
        • Frigid
          • Applies Frigid to enemies with Chilled
            • Quick Actions become normal actions
            • Executed actions become locked out for one round
            • This doe not lock out counter-attacks or trigger off of counter-attacks
            • Consumed by fire attacks, dealing additional damage
      • All Enemies
        • Grounded (2 rounds)
          • Flying characters are no longer immune to Ground attacks
          • Ignores most evasion effects
          • Ground attacks are guaranteed to be critical hits
        • Frozen (2 rounds)
          • Cannot dodge most attacks
        • Flanked (1 round)
          • Single-target attacks against this target grant a follow-up attack
  • Move 4: Iceruption

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