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December 9, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Undocumented Change

  • Blade-High Stakes High Stakes is now a Ranged action

October 28, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

New Hero: Blade

  • Bio – Eric Brooks was born an orphan. His mother was murdered during child birth, fed upon by a vampire. This act made Eric into a Dhampir, half-man and half-vampire. Gifted with all of a vampire's gifts and none of their weaknesses except for their thirst for blood, Eric swore to avenge his mother's death and became Blade. Trained as a vampire hunter, Blade hunts the undead lords of the night and seeks to kill the Lord of the Vampires, putting them all to rest.

Class: Scrapper

  • Passives
    • Danger Sense
      • Chance to dodge attacks from Bleeding attackers
    • Daywalker
      • Immune to Mind Control and Disoriented
    • Vampire Hunter
      • Successful attacks against Vampires have a chance to Stun
      • Chance to assist when an ally attacks or is attacked

Action 1: Bleeding Edge

  • Unlocked at Level 1
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Slashing, Melee
  • One Enemy
    • Bleeding x 3
      • Taking damage every round or after performing hostile actions
      • This effect can be applied 3 times
      • Lasts 3 Rounds

Action 2: Dead By Dawn

  • Unlocked at Level 2
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Melee, Unarmed
  • Special Properties
    • Drain Life
      • Attacking Bleeding targets restores health
    • Immortal Blood
      • Grants Quickening when attacking Bleeding targets
  • One Enemy
    • Tenderized
      • Takes increased damage from Slashing attacks
      • Lasts 3 Rounds

Action 3: High Stakes

  • Unlocked at Level 6
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Melee
  • Special Properties
    • Hallowed
      • 150% Damage to Undead, Vampires & Demons
    • Hemorrhaging Attack
      • Causes all applications of Bleeding to trigger
    • Stealthy
      • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
  • One Enemy
    • Incapacitation
      • Chance to lose a turn
      • Counts as Stun for actions that affect those targets
      • Lasts 2 Rounds
    • Fatal Blow
      • Defeats normal enemies with less than 30% health
      • Greatly damages bosses with less than 30% health

Action 4: Bloodlust

  • Unlocked at Level 9
  • Targets Self
  • Buff
  • Special Properties
    • Quick Action
      • Grants an immediate free turn after using
      • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • Power of the Immortals
      • Requires Quickening to Unlock
      • Consumes Quickening when used
  • Self
    • Burst of Speed
      • Take two actions this turn
    • Remove Debuffs
      • Removes harmful status effects from the target
    • Vampiric Thirst
      • Increases Accuracy, Attack, Defense, and Evasion
      • Attacks with Drain Life now restore Stamina
      • Expires next round

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