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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Beetle/Boss.

May 10, 2016 Patch NotesEdit

Adamantium Reward: Beetle

Bio: Janice Lincoln is the daughter of the superhuman mobster, Tombstone. She idolized her father, but Janice was encouraged by her father to pursue a safer life. Janice studied law and eventually became a criminal defense lawyer at a high-end law firm. While settling a dispute between Baron Zemo and Fixer, she volunteered to join them as a Super Villain. Janice was given a suit of beetle armor and a new persona to match. As a villain for hire, Janice sought to run her own group of Super Villains but was eventually captured and locked away in Ryker's. Agent Coulson decided to give her another chance working with S.H.I.E.L.D. as a form of community service.

  • Class: Infiltrator
    • Passive: Battle Preparation
      • Chance to follow-up on single-target attacks
      • Chance to follow-up on an ally's single-target attack
    • Passive: Cunning Mind
      • Counts as both an Infiltrator and a Tactician while in combat and gains the advantages and disadvantages of both
    • Durability
      • Chance to significantly reduce the damage of an attack
    • Flying
      • Immune to ground attacks
  • Action 1: Incinerator Ray
    • Unlocked at Level 1
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Type: Ranged, Energy
    • One Enemy
      • Neutralized (1 round)
        • Removes and prevents stat increasing effects
      • Impaired (1 round)
        • Attacks do 20% less damage and cannot crit
        • Cancelled by Restrain or Subdue
      • Melt Armor (2 rounds)
        • All attacks against this target ignore the defenses stat
      • Burning (2 rounds)
        • Taking damage every turn
        • Defense reduced
        • Cancelled by chilled
  • Action 2: Rapid Shot
    • Unlocked at Level 2
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Type: Ranged, Gun
    • One Enemy
      • Off-balance (1 round)
        • Removes and prevents Counter-Attack effects
      • Exhausted (1 round)
        • Cannot take extra turns
        • Quick Actions become Normal Actions
        • Free Actions become Quick Actions
      • Winded (1 round)
        • Removes and prevents Follow-Up attacks
  • Action 3: The Playbook
    • Unlocked at Level 6
    • Targets All Allies
    • 3 Round Cooldown
    • Type: Buff, Debuff
    • Special Properties
      • Quick Action
        • Grants an immediate free turn after using
        • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
        • Can only use 1 Quick Action each round
      • Subtle
        • Does not trigger most status effects
    • All Enemies
      • Disadvantage
        • Creates a negative effect according to the class and beneficial buffs of the target
    • All Allies
      • Combat Awareness (2 rounds)
        • Performs a counter against the next single-target or area attack
    • Self
  • Action 4: Bertha
    • Unlocked at Level 9
    • Targets All Enemies
    • 4 Round Cooldown
    • Starts Cooled Down for 2 Rounds
    • Type: Ranged, Gun, Explosion
    • Special Properties
      • Catastrophic
        • Can't be Protected against
        • Ignores most Avoidance effects
        • Guaranteed to hit
      • Combustible
        • Attacks against Burning targets are guaranteed to crit
      • Deadly Crits
        • Deals extra damage on critical hits

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