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Organization: Test Subjects

Class: Blastericon Blaster
Health: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02  3
Stamina: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02  3
Attack: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02  4
Defense: Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02  1
Accuracy: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02  4
Evasion: Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02  1

BL-Beta Icon BL-Beta:

BL-Delta Icon BL-Beta:


The BL-Beta's increased power leads to an instability that can blow up a city block.
First Marvel: Avengers Alliance Appearance: Chapter 2 - The Iso Effect: Mission 5 - Mutate or Die
First Comic Appearance: None
Story Appearances
Season 1: BL-Beta Icon BL-Beta: Chapter 2 - Mission 5, Chapter 4 - Mission 6, Chapter 6 - Mission 4

BL-Delta Icon BL-Beta: Chapter 9 - Mission 2, Chapter 11 - Mission 3, Chapter 11 - Mission 5

Season 2: Unknown
Special Operations Appearances
Missions: BL-Beta Icon BL-Beta: Unknown

BL-Delta Icon BL-Beta: Spec Ops 1 - Mission 3, Spec Ops 3 - Mission 1, Spec Ops 12 - Mission 1

Other Appearances
Daily Missions: None
Simulator: None


  • Isotope Radiation - 1 hit attack
    • Splash Damage over Time that inflicts Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 031 Poisoned
  • Meltdown - Target: All, 1 Hit
  • Power Surge - 1 hit AOE attack
  • Unstable Power - 1 hit attack



  • The "BL" in "BL-Beta" likely stands for Blaster, as it is his class.
  • Task 17 of Spec Ops 2 ("Immoral Acts") required the defeat of 10 Beta subjects.
  • When a BL-Beta's Health is low enough, he will use the Meltdown Attack on his next turn.
    • This attack hits all allies and enemies in battle, and even Captain America's Shield Guard cannot protect all allies from this attack.

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