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Avengers Splash Artwork

The Avengers is a team of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and the main focus of Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

After a world wide event causes a blackout, villains from all over converge upon New York City. The leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., Col. Nick Fury, calls on the Avengers to investigate the cause of The Pulse, and stop whatever schemes various villains are hatching. The Avengers are aided by other heroes who are also fighting the villains.

See also West Coast Avengers.

In-Game Members


Agent Venom Icon 1
Ant-Man Icon 1
Ares Icon 1
Beast Icon 1Beast Icon 2
Black Knight Icon 1
Black Panther Icon 1
Black Widow Icon 1Black Widow Icon 2Black Widow Icon 3Black Widow Icon 4
Cannonball Icon 1
Captain America Icon 1Captain America Icon 2Captain America Icon 3Captain America Icon 4Captain America Icon 5
Captain Britain Icon 1
Crystal Icon 1
Dr. Strange Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 2
Falcon Icon 1
Hank Pym Icon 1
Havok Icon 1
Hawkeye Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 2Hawkeye Icon 3Hawkeye Icon 4
Hercules Icon 1
Hulk Icon 1Hulk Icon 2Hulk Icon 3Hulk Icon 4Hulk Icon 5
Hyperion Icon 1
Iron Fist Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Man Icon 1Iron Man Icon 2Iron Man Icon 3Iron Man Icon 4Iron Man Icon 5
Kate Bishop Icon 1
Luke Cage Icon 1Luke Cage Icon 2
Mockingbird Icon 1
Moon Knight Icon 1
Ms. Marvel Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 2Ms. Marvel Icon 3
Quake Icon 1
Quicksilver Icon 1Quicksilver Icon 2
Red Hulk Icon 1
Rogue Icon 1Rogue Icon 2Rogue Icon 3
Scarlet Witch Icon 1Scarlet Witch Icon 2
She-Hulk Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 2
Spider-Man Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 2Spider-Man Icon 3Spider-Man Icon 4
Spider-Girl Icon 1
Spider-Woman Icon 1Spider-Woman Icon 2
Squirrel Girl Icon 1
Storm Icon 1Storm Icon 2
Sunfire Icon 1
Thor Icon 1Thor Icon 2Thor Icon 3Thor Icon 4Thor Icon 5
Thing Icon 1Thing Icon 2
Taskmaster Icon 1
Tigra Icon 1
Valkyrie Icon 1
Vision Icon 1Vision Icon 2
War Machine Icon 1War Machine Icon 2War Machine Icon 3
Wasp Icon 1
Wolverine Icon 1Wolverine Icon 2Wolverine Icon 3
Wonder Man Icon 1
X-23 Icon 1X-23 Icon 2


Ant-Man Icon
Ares Icon
Black Knight Icon
 Black Knight
Black Widow Icon
 Black Widow
Captain America Icon
 Captain America
Captain Britain Icon
 Captain Britain
Dr. Strange Icon
 Dr. Strange
Famine Icon
 Famine (Rogue)
Havok Icon
Hawkeye-B Icon
Hulk Icon
Iron Man Icon
 Iron Man
Iron Patriot Armor Icon
 Iron Patriot Armor (War Machine)
Kuurth Icon
 Kuurth (Spider-Woman)
Mockingbird Icon
Nul Icon
 Nul (Luke Cage)
Pestilence Icon
 Pestilence (Beast)
Quicksilver-B 1 Icon
Red Hulk Icon
 Red Hulk
Scarlet Witch Icon
 Scarlet Witch
Skirn Icon
 Skirn (She-Hulk)
Spider-Man Icon
Taskmaster Icon
Thor-B 1 Icon
Vision Icon
Winter Soldier Icon
 Winter Soldier
Wolverine Icon
X-23 Icon
War Icon
 War (X-23)

Non-Game Canon

These Heroes are members in other media, but are not members in the game. Many others were formerly considered non-game canon, but have since been retroactively given either the Assemble bonus (classic Avengers members), Newly Assembled bonus (New Avengers members) or Keep It Secret (Secret Avengers members) and are thus now in-game canon.

Daredevil Icon 1Daredevil Icon 2
Deadpool Icon 1Deadpool Icon 2
Doctor Octopus Icon
 Doctor Octopus
as Superior Spider-Man
Invisible Woman Icon 1Invisible Woman Icon 2
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1Mr. Fantastic Icon 2
Nova Icon 1

Honorary Member

Punisher Icon 1
Sandman Icon 1

Sandman Icon

Venom Icon

Team-Up Bonuses

Academy Heroes who are from Avengers Academy Hank Pym Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Quicksilver Icon 1Spider-Girl Icon 1Tigra Icon 1X-23 Icon 1
All-New Members of the All-New, All-Different Avengers Falcon Icon 1Nova Icon 1Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1
Assemble! Any pair of core Avengers members Ares Icon 1Beast Icon 1Black Knight Icon 1Black Panther Icon 1Black Widow Icon 1Cannonball Icon 1Captain America Icon 1Crystal Icon 1Falcon Icon 1Hank Pym Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Hercules Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Hyperion Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Kate Bishop Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Quake Icon 1Quicksilver Icon 1Scarlet Witch Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1Sunfire Icon 1Thor Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Vision Icon 1Wasp Icon 1Wonder Man Icon 1
Best Coast Heroes who are members of the West Coast Avengers Hank Pym Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Vision Icon 1War Machine Icon 1Wasp Icon 1Wonder Man Icon 1
Earth's Mightiest Heroes Founding members of the Avengers Hank Pym Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Thor Icon 1Wasp Icon 1
Keep it Secret Heroes who are members of the Secret Avengers Agent Venom Icon 1Beast Icon 1Black Widow Icon 1Captain America Icon 1Captain Britain Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Spider-Woman Icon 1Taskmaster Icon 1Thor Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1War Machine Icon 1
Mighty Avengers Heroes who are members of Luke Cage's Mighty Avengers Blade Icon 1Falcon Icon 1Luke Cage Icon 1
Newly Assembled Members who have recently joined the Avengers Ant-Man Icon 1Ares Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 1Havok Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 1Luke Cage Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Rogue Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Spider-Woman Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1Storm Icon 1Thing Icon 1Wolverine Icon 1
Young Avengers Heroes who were part of the Young Avengers Kate Bishop Icon 1Loki Icon 1Vision Icon 1


Alternate Uniforms

Avengers Uniforms

Black Widow Icon 3
Captain America Icon 3
Hawkeye Icon 3
Hulk Icon 3
Iron Man Icon 3
Thor Icon 3

Avengers: Age of Ultron Uniforms

Black Widow Icon 4
Captain America Icon 5
Hawkeye Icon 4
Hulk Icon 5
Iron Man Icon 5
Thor Icon 5
Vision Icon 2


Avengers Effects

Name Name Name
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 036 All For One Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 036 Avengers Assemble Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 036 Avengers Assemble!
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 Collaborative Effort Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 074 Cooperative Defense Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 073 Coordinated Attack

Avengers: Age of Ultron Effects

Name Name Name
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 Be An Avenger Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 In The Shadows Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 Fortunately, I Am Mighty...
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 Hulk Countermeasures Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 On the Side of Life Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 036 Pays the Bills
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 Together Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 036 We Have a Hulk


Icon Name Icon Name
Arc Reactor Charge Arc Reactor Charge Coulson's Revenge Coulson's Revenge
Marksman's Spotter Marksman's Spotter M1911 Patriot M1911 Patriot
Thunder Strike Thunder Strike


Icon Name Icon Name
Anniversary Cake Anniversary Cake Black Widow Valentine Black Widow Valentine
Hawkeye Valentine Hawkeye Valentine Iron Man Valentine Iron Man Valentine
Thor Valentine Thor Valentine

Avengers Alternate Uniforms

Avengers Black Widow Portrait Art Avengers Captain America Portrait Art Avengers Hawkeye Portrait Art
Black Widow Captain America Hawkeye
Avengers Hulk Portrait Art Avengers Iron Man Portrait Art Avengers Thor Portrait Art
Hulk Iron Man Thor

Avengers: Age of Ultron Alternate Uniforms

Avengers Age of Ultron Black Widow Portrait Art Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Portrait Art Avengers Age of Ultron Hawkeye Portrait Art
Black Widow Captain America Hawkeye
Age of Ultron Hulk Portrait Art Iron Man Mk 43 Avengers- Age of Ultron Thor Portrait Art
Hulk Iron Man Thor
Avengers Age of Ultron Vision Portrait Art

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