New Covert Task AvailableEdit

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  • A new set of Guardians of the Galaxy Simulator Challenges will be coming to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator as part of a new Covert Task. Finish each set of Guardian Simulator Challenges before they expire to complete this task and earn the Guardian Insignia. New Challenges unlock each week!

Guardian InsigniaEdit

  • Targets All Allies
  • 2 Round Cooldown
    • Honorary Guardian
      • Guardian Uniform Insignia
      • Proved Survival Training to all Guardians of the Galaxy
      • Affects Guardian Uniforms Only
    • Customized
      • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
    • Quick Action
      • Grants an immediate free turn after using
      • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • Rising Up
      • Has a chance to gain Focused, Fortified, Agile or Strengthened

New Uniform: Guardian Drax the DestroyerEdit

  • The first Simulator Challenge available is for Drax. Complete the Challenges to unlock the Guardian Drax the Destroyer uniform!

Drax is available for purchase!Edit

  • Bio: Arthur Douglas witnessed Thanos' first visit to Earth, and for that, he paid with his life. Yet his story did not end there; the enemies of Thanos created a tremendously powerful body to counter him, instilling Arthur's soul within it. Thus, Drax the Destroyer was born. Though well-known as a Guardian of the Galaxy, his true allegiance is to one purpose alone: to kill Thanos.
  • Class: Scrapper
    • Self Passive
      • Blood for Blood
        • Applies Marked for Revenge when attacked
        • Preemptively counters enemies with Marked for Revenge
      • Hunter's Senses
        • Takes 10% less damage for each application of Bleeding on attacker
      • Apply Pressure
        • Bleeding only persists for a single turn
  • Action 1 : Obliterate
    • Unlocked at level 1
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Melee, Unarmed
    • One Enemy
      • Disabled
        • The next action executed becomes locked out for two rounds
        • This does not lock out counter-attacks or trigger off of counter-attacks
      • Tenderized
        • Takes increased damage from Slashing attacks
  • Action 2 : Cry for Blood
    • Unlocked at level 2
    • Targets Self
    • Buff
    • Special Properties
    • Self
      • Rage of the Destroyer
        • Increases the Rage of the Destroyer starting with The Destroyer's Ire
        • Adds Bleeding, Critical Hits, and Healing to attacks as Rage increases
        • Removed after successfully attacked by a single-target attack
  • Action 3 : Hack and Slash
    • Unlocked at level 6
    • Slashing, Melee
    • Targets One Enemy
    • One Enemy
      • Hobbled
        • Attacks cannot be Stealthy
      • Ravaged
        • Takes increased damage from Bleeding
  • Action 4 : Daggerfall


  • Modified Star-Lord's "That's Just Rude" and "Show-Off" tooltips on Trick Shot to add neglected status effects triggered by those effects
  • "That's Just Rude" and "Show-Off" now do a pop-up when triggered, this effect does not occur when fast combat is active
  • Star-Lord's "I Have A Plan" will only have a chance to trigger if an ally is successfully attacked or if an ally makes a successful attack
  • Corrected an issue with the Radian Cannon that would allow Overwatch to trigger when the Agent has no Cosmic Energy

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