Class UpdatesEdit

  • Infiltrators
    • Updated class bonus
    • Combat Reflexes
      • Counters single-target or AOE attacks
      • Increases damage done by 30%
      • While active, all attacks are Stealthy
        • Do not provoke counter-attacks
        • Cannot be intercepted by Protect abilities
      • Protect and counter effects do not work against Stealthy attacks
    • Infiltrators now gain the Combat Reflexes buff both when attacking and when attacked by Tacticians

Hero UpdatesEdit

Gambit - New Hero

  • Class: Infiltrator
  • Passive Ability “Wild Card”
    • Chance to assist when an ally attacks or is attacked
    • Grants one Kinetic Charge when Gambit assists via Wild Card
      • New Status “Kinetic Charge”
        • Increases chance to critical hit
        • Not consumed by Bo Roulette
        • Can be applied up to 4 times
  • Level 1 Action “Bo Roulette”
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Melee Attack
    • Grants Gambit 1 - 3 applications of Kinetic Charge
  • Level 2 Action “Ace of Spades”
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Ranged Attack
    • Causes Exposed (Defense reduced by 25%)
    • Kinetic Release - Consumes one Kinetic Charge to grant an extra turn
  • Level 6 Action “Ragin’ Cajun”
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Melee Attack
    • Kinetic Burst - Consumes all Kinetic Charges to deal extra damage
      • The more Kinetic Charges consumed, the more extra damage is applied
    • Exploits Exposure - Deals extra damage against Exposed targets
    • Deadly Crits - Deals extra damage on critical hits
  • Level 9 Action “Royal Flush”
    • Targets All Enemies
    • Ranged Attack
    • Remove Buffs - Removes beneficial status effects from the target
    • Causes Exposed
    • Deadly Crits

Invisible Woman

  • Improved Actions
    • Class: Infiltrator
    • Passive Ability - “Invisibility”
      • 25% Chance to evade single-target attacks
      • If an attack is evaded in this way: grants a bonus to accuracy on her next attack.
    • Level 1 Action “Force Spheres”
      • Targets One Enemy
      • Ranged Attack
      • Stealthy - does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
      • Deadly Crits - Deals extra damage on critical hits
    • Level 2 Action “Force Field”
      • Targets All Allies
      • Team Buff
      • Applies “Force Field”
      • Absorbs damage
      • Removed when attacking
    • Level 6 Action “Force Volley”
      • Targets All Enemies
      • Ranged Attack
      • Stealthy
      • Deadly Crits
    • Level 9 Action “Force Cage”
      • Targets One Enemy
      • Enemy Debuff
      • Applies “Force Cage”
        • Can only use actions that target self
          • If character does not have actions that target self, they lose a turn
        • Can’t Protect or Counter attacks
        • Can’t be hit by attacks
      • Subtle - Does not trigger most status effects
    • Uses “Force Field” as her default counter
  • New uniform - “Future Foundation Invisible Woman”
    • Uniform classes available: Blaster & Infiltrator
    • Uniform Passive “Reactive Shields”
      • Creates a shield when attacked
      • Does not overwrite other shields
        • For those who want more shield with their shield, this ability does not replace Invisible Woman’s Force Field
      • Uniform Passive “Share the Future”
        • Grants Reactive Shields to all teammates
      • Grants “Future Countdown” with two Future Foundation members
      • On round 4, grants “The Future is Now” - Increasing Attack and Accuracy by 35% for the remainder of the battle.
      • As of this update, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic and Thing have Future Foundation alternate costumes.

Emma Frost

  • Passive “Organic Diamond” no longer procs Diamond Form when another character Protects an attack
  • Organic Diamond no longer defends against psychic attacks. This should help Emma vs. Emma fights.
  • Several changes to Mental Anguish
    • Is removed after any action that is not a Quick Action
      • This means if someone rests, but gets extra turns later, they will not have to rest those extra turns as well
      • This also means that if someone takes damage from the Mental Anguish, they will not take additional damage on extra turns
      • Still cannot be cleared by using a quick buff such as Hawkeye’s Pinpoint Target
    • Now produces Mental Scarring if the target takes damage, making that target immune to Mental Anguish until their next turn
    • Now deals consistent damage against targets with different health
  • Unlock Potential now correctly removes debuffs only when first applied instead of preventing new debuffs from being applied


  • Stonewall no longer protects against attacks that can’t be protected
  • Toughness from Future Foundation Thing’s Tough Guy buff now caps at 20 stacks
    • This is to solve an issue where very high stacks were causing damage increase rather than decrease


  • Ubiquitous Power (gained by using Absorb Power on a Generalist)
    • Now increases Rogue’s stats more
  • Infiltrator Power (gained by using Absorb Power on an Infiltrator)
    • Updated to reflect the changes to Combat Reflexes
    • Increases damage done by 30%
    • All attacks are Stealthy
    • Counters all attacks

Human Torch

  • Fireproof no longer resists fire damage from Human Torch
    • This should fix infinite PVP battles of Human Torch vs. Human Torch

Mission and Item UpdatesEdit

  • New tier of Isotope-8 added in the store
    • Iso-8 “Crystals” require agent level 100 to purchase
  • Defensive Experiment from the Pawn now caps at 20 stacks
  • This is to solve an issue where very high stacks were causing damage increase rather than decrease
  • Deploy and boss reward loot tables have been updated with better rewards! They are also more likely to drop level-appropriate gear and items for the agent
  • Boss and Epic Boss rewards can now be spun repeatedly after the defeat of a boss
    • Currently each respin costs 5 gold
    • The player keeps all items won by each spin
  • Spec Ops 2 extended till Monday
    • Unstable Iso-8 was accidentally turned off. This has been restored and a link on the Marvel: Avengers Alliance app page was added where users can receive 50 Unstable Iso-8.

PVP UpdatesEdit

  • Updated matchmaking for PvP
    • Ranked matches in PVP should now match players that are much closer in Rating
    • This should usually fall within +/- 100 rating of the challenger
  • PvP Battle Reports now display the last 30 fights. (Up from 15)
  • PvP Battle Reports now show fights that have been initiated against you since you’ve logged in
    • Previously, the player needed to refresh the client to update the Battle Reports
  • PVP Ranked Daily Bonus XP now resets every night at the same time

User Interface UpdatesEdit

  • The tooltip for characters is now wider
  • A majority of Statuses now properly display the correct number of turns a status lasts
    • These were incorrectly reporting one more than the number of turns
    • The actual duration for these statuses has not changed


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