Chapter 12: Strength of FearEdit

The Serpent has risen. After feeding upon the fear and terror that continues to spread unchecked, a fully-powered Cul Borson now walks the Earth, threatening its very existence. Having eliminated the minor threats, the Serpent and the Worthy have turned their focus to S.H.I.E.L.D.

With pleas to Asgard going unanswered, Midgard must fend for itself or succumb to the Serpent.


Chapter 12 RewardsEdit


New Epic Boss: OdinEdit

Father to Thor and ruler of Asgard!

New Boss: The Serpent's Final FormEdit

Cul Borson, the Firstborn of Bor, assumed the throne of Asgard and reigned with fear, forcing his brother, Odin, to usurp the throne and imprison him within Midgard. Now the Serpent seeks to destroy his former prison with fear and the might of his Worthy.

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