**The patch notes are for Challenges that will start tomorrow.**

New Simulator Challenge: Gamora SetEdit

New Uniform: Guardian GamoraEdit

  • Complete the Gamora Challenge Set to unlock the Guardian Gamora uniform!


  • Fixed an issue with the PVP Daily Roulette not always triggering after 5 wins
  • An issue was discovered that miscalculated the damage output of Agent Gear. Adjustments have been made to ensure Agent Gear does the correct damage.
  • Doom is now a fear effect
  • Doom now prevents resurrection effects
  • Doom can now be applied to bosses, epic bosses, and group bosses, however the damage dealt to bosses, epic bosses, and group bosses is lower than the damage that affects other enemies
  • Demise is now a fear effect
  • Demise will now prevent Doom from being applied for 2 rounds
  • Demise will now trigger Doom's damage before applying attack damage

External LinksEdit

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