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August 15, 2014 Patch Notes

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New Simulator Challenge: Rocket Raccoon Set

New Uniform: Guardian Rocket Raccoon

  • Complete the Rocket Raccoon Challenge Set to unlock the Guardian Rocket Raccoon uniform!
  • Class: Blaster/Generalist
    • Self Passive: Knowhere to Run
      • Successful attacks by Guardians of the Galaxy are guaranteed to be critical hits
        • Affects Guardian Uniforms Only


  • Resolved an issue with incorrect rewards appearing in the PVP daily reward.
  • Ammo Cells now grant an Extra Turn on actions that require Ammo Cells
  • Rocket Raccoon's actions are no longer Quick Actions, allowing him to benefit from his Blaster class bonus
  • Damage from Star-Lord's Trick Shot has been slightly reduced
  • Damage from Drax's Obliterate, Hack and Slash, and Daggerfall have been slightly reduced
  • Damage from Rogue's Brawl has been slightly reduced
  • Red Hulk's Bulwark now has a 1 Round Cooldown

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