Pre-Season PVPEdit

Introducing Pre-Season PVPEdit

The Pre-Seasons will gear you up with high PVP bonus items and allows us to occasionally test out new features to create a better PVP experience. Pre-Season length may fluctuate, but will currently run for two weeks. Standard PVP seasons (like the upcoming Season 17 featuring Karnak) will still be the standard length of roughly 4 weeks.

Not all pre-seasons are meant to test for new features. Our goal is to give you a pre-season before each long PVP season to give more players a chance to gear up for the Adamantium League. Future PVP Pre-Seasons will be titled based on the Season they precede. For example there will be a "Pre-Season 18" right before "Season 18."

Pre-Season PVP AlphaEdit

Pre-Season PVP Alpha will feature improved matchmaking. Matches will be evaluated based on which league you are currently in, and a combination of factors, including level, rating, number of heroes and slotted PVP items. Good luck, Agents!


Adamantium Reward:
6 Top Tier PVP Armory Items

Vibranium Reward:
5 Gold

Diamond Reward:
5 Command Points

Gold Reward:
40,000 Silver

Silver Reward:
10,000 Silver

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