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The Asgardians are an extra-dimensional race of powerful beings who were worshiped by the Norsemen as Gods. Their origins are shrouded in myth, making it difficult to nail down the truth of all of the stories written about them. The stories told by the Thor comics show the repeat of Ragnarok again and again, with Odin trying to find a way to stall or trick the cycle, hoping each time that it would be the last.

The majority of the Asgardians all have some potential to practice magic, mostly but not limited to changing their appearances, transforming matter and wielding cosmic, elemental and paranormal energies. Though upon a world undefended by any known Sorcerer Supreme, all Asgardian races have the natural ability to harness eldritch energy (magic) far more easily than humans, drawing upon the ambient mystical might of Asgard itself and power-objects found therein, though their magical strength wanes beyond their native dimensional plane, if never fading completely. It has previously been stated by the Sorcerer Supreme of Midgard, Dr. Strange, that personal vitality is a key factor in one's ability to harness magic and since Asgardians are many times more durable than humans, they can manipulate far greater magics than most human beings who mastered magic. All known Asgardian races have super-human strength and are extremely long lived, not truly immortal like the Olympians but long enough lived to seem ageless.

In-Game MembersEdit


Angela Icon 1
Beta Ray Bill Icon 1
Destroyer Icon 1
Enchantress Icon 1
Heimdall Icon 1
Loki Icon 1
Sif Icon 1Sif Icon 2
Thor Icon 1Thor Icon 2Thor Icon 3Thor Icon 4Thor Icon 5
Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1
Valkyrie Icon 1

Warriors ThreeEdit

Fandral Icon 1
Hogun Icon 1
Volstagg Icon 1


Angrir Icon
Dark Thor Icon
 Dark Thor
Destroyer Icon
Enchantress Icon
Executioner Icon
Hela Icon
Kuurth Icon
Loki Icon
Nerkkod Icon
Nul Icon
Skadi Icon
Skirn Icon
Thor-B 1 Icon
Thor (Jane Foster) Icon
 Thor (Jane Foster)
Loki Icon

Wrecking CrewEdit

Bulldozer Icon
Piledriver Icon
Thunderball Icon
Wrecker Icon

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Odin Dialogue
The Serpent Old Dialogue
Cul Borson



Dark ElvesEdit

Draugr WarriorsEdit

The WorthyEdit

Angrir Icon
Greithoth Icon
Kuurth Icon
Mokk Icon
Nerkkod Icon
Nul Icon
Skadi Icon
Skirn Icon

Team-Up BonusesEdit

Asgardians Heroes who are from Asgard Angela Icon 1Destroyer Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Heimdall Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Loki Icon 1Sif Icon 1Thor Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1
Bitter Rivals Romantic rivals for Thor Enchantress Icon 1Sif Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1
Black Beauty Romantically linked Beta Ray Bill Icon 1Sif Icon 1
Deceptive Origin Enchantress once disguised herself as Valkyrie Enchantress Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1
Green With Envy Asgardians who are jealous of someone Enchantress Icon 1Loki Icon 1
It's Alive! Hero that has provided their essence to the Destroyer Destroyer Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1 or Destroyer Icon 1Loki Icon 1 or Destroyer Icon 1Thor Icon 1
Oathbrother Sworn Brothers Beta Ray Bill Icon 1Thor Icon 1
Odinsons Sons of Odin Loki Icon 1Thor Icon 1
Odin's Blood Biological children of Odin Angela Icon 1Thor Icon 1
Systkin Asgardian brother and sister Heimdall Icon 1Sif Icon 1
Warriors Three Heroes who are members of the Warriors Three Fandral Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1
What Is Love? One sided crush Enchantress Icon 1Thor Icon 1









Beta Ray Bill









Wrecker / Piledriver /
Thunderball / Bulldozer

Dark Thor





Icon Name Icon Name
Destruction Destruction Asgardian Tankard Asgardian Tankard
Odin's Staff Odin's Staff Odin's Cane Odin's Cane
Seduction Seduction Flashing Eye Flashing Eye
Swift Liar Swift Liar Screamer Screamer
Crooked Branch Crooked Branch Norn Stone Norn Stone
Loki's Sceptre Loki's Sceptre Staff of Mischief Staff of Mischief
Thunder Strike Thunder Strike Roaring Thunder Roaring Thunder
Mechanical Mjolnir Mechanical Mjolnir Custom Norn Stone Custom Norn Stone
Enchanted Odin's Steel Enchanted Odin's Steel Odin's Steel Odin's Steel
Tempered Asgardian Gauntlet Tempered Asgardian Gauntlet Asgardian Gauntlet Asgardian Gauntlet
Taste of Thunder Taste of Thunder Enchanted Crowbar Enchanted Crowbar
Huldran's Powerful Call Huldran's Powerful Call Huldran's Call Huldran's Call
Dread Axe Dread Axe Skeletal Cup Skeletal Cup
Zed Slugger Zed Slugger Hugin's Eye Hugin's Eye
Munin's Eye Munin's Eye

Gear SetsEdit

Dark Defiance
Icon Name Icon Name
Monstrosity Monstrosity Roar of the North Roar of the North
Hoarfrost Mace Hoarfrost Mace Barrowguard Barrowguard
Icon Name Icon Name
Frigga's Hope Frigga's Hope Algrim's Rage Algrim's Rage
Horn of Wisdom Horn of Wisdom Watcher's Blade Watcher's Blade
Elemental Set
Icon Name Icon Name
Coulson Special Coulson Special Flaming Sword Flaming Sword
Frozen Axe Frozen Axe Staff of Storms Staff of Storms
Smoldering Sword Smoldering Sword Staff of Tepid Storms Staff of Tepid Storms


Icon Name Icon Name
Asgardian Armband Asgardian Armband Brined Turkey Brined Turkey
Cold Iron Cold Iron Dark Elf Mask Dark Elf Mask
Glazed Ham Glazed Ham Golden Shield Golden Shield
Mead Horn Mead Horn Asgardian Tankard Party Tankard
Runestone Runestone Runed Metal Runed Metal


Icon Name Icon Name
Accursed Helm Accursed Helm Arctic Helm Arctic Helm
Everlasting Brazier Everlasting Brazier Frozen Cornerstone Frozen Cornerstone
Infinite Ice of Jotunheim Infinite Ice of Jotunheim Shivering Sphere Shivering Sphere
Uru Nugget Uru Nugget

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