Screenshot-Restricted Ally

Screenshot of Ally Restriced.

Ally Restrictions means that the hero will not work with other heroes. Only the following heroes may be brought on the same team together. It was introduced associated with Doctor Doom's abilities revealed on December 21, 2013 Patch Notes.

Ally Restriction is indicated from the effect tooltip or "Ally Restricted" text on the bottom of the selected character before the combat. When one character with Ally Restriction is selected, other heroes that are restricted to this character will be removed. Unable to select the character with Ally Restriction where the other character is obligatory.


Name Effect Teams with Team-Up Bonus
Doctor Doom Icon 1
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 016
 There Is Only Doom!
Agent Male Agent Female
Kang Icon 1
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 022
 The Conqueror
Agent Male Agent Female

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