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This image appears when players idle for at least 10 minutes

When adding a friend in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, they become the player's Ally in the game. They appear on the player's Allies Bar at the bottom of the game screen. In the Facebook version, players can send and accept Ally Requests from their Facebook friends.

A player can have an unlimited number on their Allies List. However, only the top Allies based on level can be visited (50 on Facebook). Players have the option of removing players from their Ally List.

Allies Bar

Tony Stark Ally Icon

The Allies Bar can be seen while on the Flight Deck screen. Players can see their allies in this bar along with their allies' in-game information such as their Name, Level, Profile Picture, current PVP League Medal, and the availability of a Distress Call. The order of the players' allies are by Level, from the lowest-leveled player on the left to the highest towards the right.

By default, Tony Stark is the first Ally players will get in the game. He is at Level 20, and his Distress Call will call various heroes.

Daily Gifting with Allies

Main Article: Gifts

Players can send and accept Gifts from allies each day. Players can accept a maximum of 50 Gifts per day from their Allies before reaching the Gift Limit. Players can send gifts to their Allies by hovering over their section in the Allies Bar and selecting the Gift option or by clicking the Gifts tab in the top bar.

Visiting Allies

Players can visit their allies by hovering over their section in the Allies Bar and selecting the Visit option. Players will be sent to the last map that their Ally played.

Players can collect drops by clicking on structures to receive various Items. This is also the only way Distress Calls are obtained. Drops and Distress Calls reset at 6AM EST (11AM UTC).

Current Drops

Energy icon large
Shield point-icon Silver
Energy[1] 3x S.H.I.E.L.D. Points 3x Silver-icon Silver[2]

  1. Stores on the Energy Bar only.
  2. Increases up to 3x 720 Silver-icon , based on Agent level.

Previous Drops

Distress Calls

Distress call quest
Distress Call

Aside from various Items obtained from visiting allies, players can obtain Distress Calls from allies. Distress Calls can only be obtained in this manner.

Distress Calls can be used in combat to call in your allies' Agent or one of their heroes to help you in your battle against your opponents. For Tony Stark, he can summon a random hero, while the others summon an Agent. If the Agent is unable to use any Gear, may attack with Brawl. Only one character gets called in per combat, and only one Distress Call can be used per combat. The more allies a player has, the more Distress Calls they can obtain.

Only one Distress Call can be collected from each ally each day. Players cannot receive another Distress Call from the same Ally if the first Distress Call isn't used yet. Distress Calls cannot be used if the Agent has been KO'ed in combat.

There are Tasks in the game in which players are required to obtain or use Distress Calls. There is also a Villain/Hero that uses Distress Calls in combat.

In Strike Team, while the Agent is absent, heroes may use the Distress Calls.

Flight Deck Staffing with Allies

Main Article: Flight Deck

Players can hire their allies to become a staff member in their Flight Deck Remote Ops jets. This is required for players to upgrade their jets to the next level. The number of allies required varies on the level of the current jet. Allies that accept these requests receive a bonus amount of Silver as a reward, in addition to the optional gift the player can send to their ally for accepting the request.

Redeem Reward from Allies

At Story and Special Operations Missions Maps, players will often see a structure with their Allies' picture indicating a claimable reward. This reward is always 1 Shield point-icon S.H.I.E.L.D. Point. A player can claim amounts of these reward depending on the number of times the players' Distress Call was used by their Allies. 

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